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  1. ive had 6 defenders, always been reliable, they just keep on going ..... 5 of the 6 were 200 & 300tdi's ...... awesome engines they are however noisy and not as comfortable they will go anywhere THE most fun vehicle ive ever owned bar none
  2. if work is so close then walk or cycle to work ? and share a car with your wife if oyu only need one for shooting ? i have a quad, drive it on the road but its not what they are built for, you will be getting through tyres pretty quickly
  3. sit to sit up (hup) to get in the landy anything other would confuse me let alone the dog
  4. if the dog lives in and you have central heating the coat can be dry .......... buy some 'tail & mane' from countrywide or a livery yard and spray that on it might help, also stop them picking up quite so many burrs, seeds etc ........ clipping out will ultimately only make the dog / bitch fluffier !!!
  5. he might not be so keen to dive in next time, which depending on what you want to do with him might become a bit of a problem, not too sure how old your pup is but i would try and keep him out of nettles for a bit if hes a real youngster
  6. if youre willing to travel a tiny bit further then try James Starkey, Jarailstar Gundogs
  7. earl of harrington has a day ticket stretch i think, some great barbel and chub fishing
  8. i shot about 20 in and around the stables at home last year and havent shot 1 this year, numbers definately down, not sure whether it was down to my cull last year or whether they had a bad winter
  9. got into the dog training section on here loads of pinned posts from new to the flock, plent of advice in there
  10. if its a old tractor then the fuel lines can block from the fuel tank, undo the line at the lift pump end and blow hard back up it to remove and debris that might be in the pipe or around the outlet in the tank then try it again
  11. now im confused ! surely it should work on a m2 / bird rather than a m/bird ? or am i missing something ?
  12. thanks i have a stable for the chicks, and 10 pen sections, wasnt too sure if it would be enough space for them......... sounds like it will be
  13. i am rearing 200 day old chicks for our shoot, how much space do i need for the rearing field / is there a rule of thumb 1 bird/m2 or similar ,,,,,,,,
  14. the_commoner


    theres a decent Orvis shop there
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