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  1. I probably don't need to tell you but don't rush it.
  2. Might be slow and clumsy but you can always count on them for a laugh
  3. I took my first Spinone there, 10 years ago. Very well organised and as you say plenty of Grouse.
  4. They usually have a Grouse pointing test end of March at Wemmergill Moor near Barnard Castle.
  5. I use them on a walk one stand one shoot, which isn't the best thing for an HPR, as they soon learn that when they go on point a spaniel or lab will run in and flush the bird. That said my two year old will still try his best and will point and flush birds for me, normally I let him down by missing them! They have a naturally steady style and work at a jogging pace.
  6. If you have the time and patience, they can be great. They love to work but can have a stubborn streak and want to do things their way. Males tend to work faster and further than bitches but both will go all day and still be ready for more. You may struggle to find one with working champions in their pedigree but I think most have it in them to work. My first one worked till she was 11.5, she literally worked till the day she died. I got a male to replace her and he's just finished working his second season and I couldn't be more pleased with him.
  7. I bought mine from a guy on here 11 years ago and I haven't had any bother with it at all.
  8. The VM engined ones are but the newr CRD, not so much.
  9. My Spinone's ten years old and still working as well as ever.
  10. You weren't charged, convicted or cautioned for any offence so I doubt if there's anything to worry about. I had something similar, two local scrotes, when nicked, claimed I was buying stolen video recorders from them and earned me a visit from C.I.D. The story was proved to be ******** and I never heard anything more about it, it's certainly never been mentioned on any of my renwals.
  11. I have two so I must like them. The .223 I got first had the floppy Houge stock, I quickly changed that for a Boyds thumbhole stock. I also fitted a 10 round mag conversion. The second one is in 6.5x55 and thats still as it came. Both shoot straighter than me, aren't too fussy about what I put through them and have never let me down.
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