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  1. Thanks. Yes the definitely have, ive got a new permission to shoot on so looking forward to it soon
  2. Sure is pal. The orchard county, that’s where the rabbits are. Thanks Woooooo slow down, leave some for the rest of the guys lol. Great shooting mate
  3. My scope is a discovery scope 4.5-18x44 ffp, the camera in the scope footage is my iPhone 6 and the other footage is from a really cheap action camera called a eken. You can get them on amazon or eBay for in around 40/50 quid brand new with all the accessories. Comes with a remote which is handy Would agree with you, not as many about, but still a few
  4. Thanks, going to try and put up at least one every month
  5. Hopefully they bring the hades out soon in .177 and you can give them a go. Not sure if they would expand as much behind sub 12 for tho. Worth a try I had a bad super 10 and a daystate air ranger, and they both loved bisley magnums. The impact hates them.
  6. Yes the pellet goes higher with the different angles. I use the ChairGun app on my phone. Don’t know if you’re used to it, but it uses your camera on your phone to work out the angle then with your info that you have put in tells you how many clicks or mill dots to use for the different ranges. I go early and do the trees before the pigeons start to roost. It can be as much a three mill dots on the close steep angle birds. pellets falling out of the sky is something I have thought about. Small reason why I didn’t go .25 because they can carry a lot more energy. Where I am there’s no house
  7. Another video of me trying to shoot a few pigeon. Hope you all like it
  8. Great video pal, only started doing a bit of recording myself. Its a bit of fun. There is not enough roosting videos of youtube. We need more
  9. Nice video, what camera are you using? I do a lot of roost shooting and love it. You are correct about having two shooters in the one wood to keep the birds moving. It really works good. One thing I would say is not to overshoot the same wood. Easily done when using two shooters. If you have a good day in the wood, I would leave it two weeks. I’m using my air rifle at the minute and shooting the same wood every weekend throughout the winter as it has a silencer. So the woodies are not spooked
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