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    chesterfield/ derbyshire/ middland massive!
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    shooting ferreting fishing all country sports!!!!

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  1. top lad this one !!

    1. ill take him if you can get him to me.working home with experence mate ill pay petrol for you to comeand i will take for for a mossh round me land while you are ere mate as i dont drive.
    2. if you want to shear ya land with sum1 else and thay share wot thay have. i will have.pm me.
    3. thay just come round to see you and have a chat.
    4. you have ya own shoot let sum lads that want to learn have a go.all the best
    5. if you carnt sell n you will post in the end i will have it.
    6. he sed it is the best not it isnt the best.read it before jumping on his back.all the best
    7. do you want to swop for sbs for the auto mate??send to rfd??
    8. as long as he has ihis sim it is ok i have had loads of fone off peopel on contract you just put your sim in n its a pay ngo and he puts his sim in another,its the sim wot the bill gose to not the fone,
    9. shoot 6s always have on phesants with good results.
    10. looking to swop me aya yoeman sbs for a auto or p/x but not to much as skint at min.i payed 190 for it a few months ago and it is working fine clean gun i have only used it for pigeon n rough shooting,its a n/ej,the chokes are 1/4 and 3/4 i think or 1/4 and 1/2.i have tuk sum really high birds with it and a few lads on here have seen me do it.pm me if you want a swop p/x eather way.thanks
    11. is that ya bro or who eva ya sed or a pic of sum1 you found on the tinternet mate?
    12. me real dad was a boxer n me unlce his brother was a kick boxer but now me uncle trains boxers.i no wot your mean about the nose aswell lol :blush:i did judo and kick boxing a few years ago.
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