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  1. I agree mate. Most of my permissions are sheep farms but the fox isn't considered a pest unless its taking lambs, and not many farmers round here have had a problem this year. If there's a good reason for controlling then fair enough but killing for the sake of it? Dumb urban cowboys give us all a bad name. By the way I keep lurchers, terriers and have rifles & shotguns but never kill anything for nothing. To the guy that said the only good fox is a dead one, you aint much of a countryman mate, are you?? If you shoot them all what's your next hobby going to be??
  2. Hope she hasn't cubbed mate or they'll be starving to death! Cubs should be dealt with too.
  3. Getting just like the HuntingLife forum, bunch of morons arguing the toss over nothing!! :good:
  4. How many shots per charge mate? & whereabouts are you?
  5. I had .22lr and .17hmr already so just added a slot for .22 air.
  6. About 50 full power shots per bottle. As for variation you'd better ask your FLO. Don't know whether you're under South Wales or Dyfed Powys mate, mine took about a week with South Wales Police.
  7. To my inexperienced eye the condition is good. No, I bought it 2nd hand just over a year ago & had it checked over in my local gunshop. Also had the auto safety put on.
  8. NOW SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! As above for sale due to redundancy, .22 calibre, it is I believe a Mk2 action in a new Mk3 stock. Its had little use since I bought it, but has proved very accurate out to 50yds. Comes with 2 cylinders and 3 magazines. Currently has a Simmons WTC 3-9x50 on top. £375 with the scope or £325 without.
  9. As above for sale due to redundancy, it has 28" barrels, Multichoke, SST, Ejector, auto-safety, and is chambered 76mm I think. Overall good condition & has been a joy to shoot with. £350. Would consider a p/ex deal with a cheap side by side.
  10. How much for gun only Paul? and will a 232bar charging kit do or would it need a 300bar?
  11. Would you consider moving to my area & then I could call round & buy it?
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