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  1. Absolutely perfect for my needs 👍 CZ527 American.
  2. I have to say I’ve been using one of these for the past few months on a .22 hornet and it’s a cracking bit of kit!
  3. Will they be more greyhound size or whippet please?
  4. Nice little Barbour coat, fit is age 8/9 my lad grew out of this pretty quickly although there is a very small hole in the elbow of one arm. Was an expensive coat when bought new. £15 plus £3.20 postage.
  5. A Passion for Angling, cracking book and even better tv series, really gets the imagination going, 3lb roach, 20lb pike
  6. I’ve been using one of these for years...bloody brilliant👍
  7. I see these are £380 new, thought I’d see if anyone is selling a mint used one before going any further. Thanks for looking
  8. Let us know how you get on with the Pard and the 30mm tube Hawke, if your impressed I may well treat myself to a 007. 👍
  9. Not to highjack but is the hornet a cz? If so what rail did you use for the Pard?
  10. Great scope, got one on my hornet, didn’t realise they worked with NV add on....that’s good to hear that they do. 👍
  11. That’s a good price, I’ve been looking at one but they all seem around £188
  12. Are you single loading? I tried the bob sled but the round was catching on the chamber edge 🤔 and I’ve just read that you shouldn’t single fed by dropping a round in the chamber.....would like a Calhoon sled but can’t find one. may have to sort the single feed problem before trying the 40gr Vmax
  13. I’ve had success with the Sierra 45gr SP but they were out of stock 😣
  14. No problem, I’ve bought another box of 35gr from Reloading Solutions, they work so will stick with them. Was just going to try a comparison at distance. Thanks again for taking the time to look. Rob
  15. Fantastic thanks for taking the time to look.
  16. Have got some Barnes Varmint Grenades I could trade?
  17. Might be a long shot but has anyone got some 40gr vmax for the .22 hornet (.224) ? Am currently loading 35gr for my 527 American but wanted to try the 40gr without ordering a box of 100. I have ordered a box of Sierra 40grain Sp for comparison. Thanks for looking.
  18. Unfortunately I that is a bit tight for the space I have.
  19. Hi, I don’t suppose anyone local to Surrey is looking to get rid of their Brattonsound RL5+ extra deep cabinet? let us know if you are please? cheers
  20. Okay forget that I’ve now put a wanted add up for Brattonsound RL5+ extra deep cabinet to match the one I have and will work around that.
  21. Yeah missed off a zero..., and there I was thinking 3 replies I’ll be spoilt for choice..lol
  22. So I’ve been trawling the net this afternoon for a large 14ish gun cabinet that is wide but no deeper than 300mm (preferably slight less), does anyone know if such thing exists?? If they do I’d be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction. cheers.
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