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  1. great video only just down the road from me, my how things have changed, thanks for posting love watching bygones on the tv.
  2. i know its a heavy beast to carry, but luckily i can drive to most of my places, thanks for the reply.
  3. can anyone tell me if the charger i have is ok to use on the battery in the pic, thanks.
  4. thanks for all the replys, looks like i will be getting a head torch in the near future, oldpigeonpopper, my local beach is Dunwich in suffolk, will be giving it a go next week, heard plenty of whiting coming out with the odd skate and bass, used to be mad keen sea fishing, digging my own lug and collecting peelers, but got in to shooting and fishing went out of the window but with now working part time have more time to do both.
  5. now geting back in to beach fishing again, used to have anchor lamps years ago but they are all rusted up and hear people use head torches instead of tilly and anchor lamps, just wondered how long the battrys last in the head torch will they do a full night session like 8hrs and any one recomend a reliable make, cheers.
  6. thanks for all the advice, i took it to the gunsmiths and they just released the trigger mechanism and the bolt went forward after a good shove, they showed me how to do it if i get it stuck again, it was my fault should not have pulled the bolt right back when putting the forarm on, thanks for all the helpfull replys cheers.
  7. thanks for all the replys with give it a go and see if i can fix it, cheers.
  8. ive tried all that, the forarm wont come off at all and the bolt is jammed right back and wont budge, looks like a trip to the gushop monday moring i think.
  9. figgy, ive been thu all the youtube vids, i think i should not have pulled the bolt all the way back, as in the vids they leave the bolt forward, and now the bolt is stuck in the back postion, will have to take it back on monday, i exspect its a easy fix just dont know how to sort it myself, thanks for the reply.
  10. got a new franchi, and first time cleaning it i was putting the forarm over the stock and have pulled the sliding bolt all the way back, and try as i might the bolt wont move and go forward to allow me to slide the forarm fully home, will take it to the gunshop on monday, cant work why the bolt wont go forward, just wondered if any one could tell me what im doing wrong, first auto ive ever had so all new to me, thanks.
  11. pintail


    any one know whats the strongest weed killer i can to use to get rid of it, hell i regret the day i planted the damn stuff.
  12. i vote ukip, but cant take the risk labour might get in so its a tory vote for me this time.
  13. i thought it could be plastic build up but have used solvent and wire brush and can see the small pitting still there, dont know if theres a better solvent out there i can try.
  14. ive had a mk60 from new about 7years ago, on cleaning im finding slight pitting of the barrells abot 5'' away from the breech, is this normal wear and tear ? ive put about 8000 shells thu it, would appreciate any replys, thanks.
  15. pintail


    has any one got a link to a ppi company that would look in to it for you, there seem so many companys to choose from, and just wondered if any one has dealt with a decent company, thanks for the info Mungler, its got to be worth a try, cheers.
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