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  1. tweedledee

    Beretta 682 Skeet

    Brilliant gun....
  2. tweedledee

    Daystate Genus

    Not the company they once were!!!!!
  3. tweedledee

    A very lucky find.

    I think the older mirokus are built better..nice ring when they close
  4. tweedledee

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    There used to be a small dealer had a website with only a couple of pages..I think it may have been Somerset direction...he always had nice Winchesters and few handmade Browning's etc in stock..can't remember his name..would anyone else know him???? I made an enquiry about that 5500...
  5. tweedledee

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    I think they have a 32" 5500????? Bit long for my liking but it does look a real peach
  6. tweedledee

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    After a 30"sporter in mint condition
  7. tweedledee

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    Brilliant guns..currently trying to find another and I can assure you they ain't easy found..well good ones anyhow
  8. tweedledee

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    Caesar are fantastic handling guns but the Beretta will hold its value better....that said I still went guerini and don't regret it
  9. tweedledee

    Winchester winchoke

    Sorry it's imp cyl
  10. tweedledee

    Winchester winchoke

    I might have one..checcknlater
  11. tweedledee

    Bushnell 3200 10x40 mildot

    Bushnell 3200 10x40 mildot.target turrets in mint condition..hard to come across now.125£ posted
  12. tweedledee


    have a briley half extended in optima plus here.bought for my m2 but not going to use it.pm me interested
  13. tweedledee

    Muller chokes??????

    2 x u0 for a guerini select a choke
  14. tweedledee

    Briley chokes

    I will take the half choke .pm payment details plz
  15. tweedledee

    benelli super sport

    what choke are you after..have a full set here.id like an extended quarter or half