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  1. tweedledee

    Remington V3 waterfowl

    Rip off Britain!!!!
  2. tweedledee

    Benelli M2 or Vinci?

    M2 would be my choice
  3. tweedledee

    What Budget Scope for HMR?

    Likewise..don't use anything else
  4. tweedledee

    What Budget Scope for HMR?

    I'd recommend a second hand leupold.........no frills but will never lose zero
  5. tweedledee

    What Carts for Crows??

    Odd time I use clay loads but tighten up the chokes..ranger birds 32 no 6s for me
  6. tweedledee

    Limited numbers new Guerini Invictus 111

    I can't afford one anyhow I will have to make do with my 12 year old summit....like anything else they need to sell new ones so changing models is the easiest way....
  7. tweedledee

    Caesar guerini stock

    Anyone got a 12g summit sporter stock and recoil pad spare????
  8. tweedledee

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    I have a sako quad and the hmr barrel is in the cabinet.if I had a rifle I'd have sold it months ago...still ok for a little plinking though
  9. tweedledee

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    No lol I'm not that silly..6.50£ a box compared to 20£ for hmr....shocking price now
  10. tweedledee

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    Honestly I knew straight away she hadn't noticed...waited till I got home to see how she labelled them....I use mach2 and needed hmr to mark on my ticket..I reckon had anyone else with hmr had lifted them she wouldn't have queried it....
  11. tweedledee

    Semi Auto Club

    I've had 3x franchi raptors,2x franchi syntwood 712s,super X2 Winchester,benelli Centro,remmy 1100. I'm sure there are more,never tried Beretta and have settled with my second M2 benelli as I bought it new...the first was secondhand....used to do all my shooting with an auto and may well soon do again..price of over unders are shocking.....either that or I don't see the money in them anymore
  12. tweedledee

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    Not in that sense...she didn't check I had both calibres on my fac.
  13. tweedledee

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    I went to a local RFD last week for hmr ammo....I spotted couple of boxes of eley mach2 and took them as well...woman in the dealer marked them as 17rf and I honestly don't reckon she knew the difference....I knew what I was after as I have both calibres...
  14. tweedledee

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    Looks like hmr and 17hornet
  15. Guys I have an early summit sporter and recently I have noticed one part of my stock losing the shine..it's about an inch square and no idea what has caused it..does anyone know what guerini use to finish their stocks as I'd like to see if I could get it repaired??? Thanks