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  1. That's what I'm after..do you have a spare?? Pm me
  2. I need to get a black one before I can give this away
  3. Wood...it's a Reddy coloured pad...I'm after the black one
  4. Anyone got a hard remmy heel pad..want to change the trap style pad to a sporter type..ta
  5. Cana anyone recommend me a good trail cam? Think we are having guests during the night and want to see who is lurking about in the ungodly hours.....thanks
  6. Pity you're on the mainland..I've a 20 but too much hassle
  7. Guys anyone have a reloading press they aren't using anymore and would sell..pm me if you have..prefer hornady or rcbs
  8. Still looking..anyone??
  9. Have no idea....will Google it
  10. tweedledee

    Minox za5

    Guys I have a minox 2-10-40 BDC for sale....boxed as near new as you could get..I'm after 110£ posted rmsd..pics on request
  11. The grey and red ones???
  12. Franchi or as said benelli....mate bought a stoeger years ago ended up taking it back unfit for purpose...never worked properly
  13. tweedledee

    Cfe 223....

    I heard this was to be banned as the EU had it on a list....I bought extra last year when I needed some..not sure if it came to fruition..
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