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  1. Spoke to a jeep mechanic this week who tells me spares aren't an issue....
  2. The one we drove is a 5 speed auto,the latter has 8speed...it's maybe a little dated inside compared to the X5 and touraeg but it's seems durable..I'm after a donut all truck and seems to tick the boxes...
  3. Only do about ten thousand a year tops....it's the diesel..... Cabin quite quirky in some ways and seems great in others....rust doesn't seem to be an issue
  4. Guys I'm wondering has anyone out there owned a 2012 wk2 grand Cherokee and what's your thoughts on them...looked at one today and pleasantly surprised at how solid it is...understand the interior may not be European standard yet....it's the 3.0 6 cylinder..bags of torque and has the low box and should be good off-road......
  5. I have a set of 25 mm mounts of my 17 hornet..in Matt silver...
  6. I'm thinking brass myself..never had any issues with other brands....I will try and use them up and go back to gamebird...I will check an empty next time I'm out....must be brass rather than load at 30g?
  7. I'm a massive benelli fan and love my M2.....I bought a couple of cases of GB country 30g no 6 for decoying over the summer....my benelli never missed a beat till these....I've used down to 24 g with no issues but regularly have trouble on these GB....must give them a miss in future....
  8. One briley extended choke in modified 12g to suit Beretta opt plus...I used it in my benelli M2....30£ posted
  9. One Muller 12g invector + in u0 for sale in great condition..bought two off here recently and needed one for my auto....45£ posted
  10. Stone Leigh was the best venue....NEC didn't feel like a shooting show,much preferred the country location
  11. tweedledee


    Have you WhatsApp??? Pm me number I will send pics
  12. tweedledee


    Yes I have imp cyl here..what's it worth?
  13. tweedledee


    I will check later..think I have one
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