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  1. I'd agree..why even consider it till you pattern it..plenty of folk overthink about choking
  2. I will take helikon trousers..can you wait till Mon evening for payment?? Off to bed now..pm details..thanks
  3. Helikon trousers is that them in the second pic??
  4. I'd reckon about as good a miroku as they ever made
  5. Just spotted this...would have sat nicely beside A lovely 6500 I bought few weeks back
  6. Message sent to mobile regarding bag +hidepoles at 22£
  7. Can't believe I missed this lol..just my luck
  8. Guys I've just nipped the foresight of my winny 6500 sporter....would anyone know the correct thread for a replacement??
  9. I have 2 but use one in a semi..would sell the other
  10. I get 3750 with a 32 grain 204... I believe all tikka rifles have the same barrel length even in the super varmint....tack driver....I feel sometimes I should have got something with the longer barrel to get more speed...that said it's more accurate than I am so all is good
  11. tweedledee


    Nice to see someone still shooting a 6500...classic gun
  12. That's what I'm after..do you have a spare?? Pm me
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