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  1. I'm just after something that would go in a bag I could throw over my shoulder....3or4 ft long....I'm after something easier carried than the full length poles I have....
  2. I use long poles at minute..after something that folds small and a bag to throw over my shoulder ..easier carried I hope
  3. Guys I'm after a set of hide poles....anyone suggest a good set with a carry bag????
  4. Guys after a Winchester 6500 sporter in mint condition.....pm if you have one thanks
  5. Deer Hunter ram coat in hardwoods green size 56 in perfect order....kept me dry in the wettest of days this winter..have lost weight only reason I'm selling....pics on request.....50£ posted
  6. Any spare Muller chokes for standard invector 12g..pm me plz
  7. Only reason I sold my 712 raptors ..too short...pity franchi didn't make spacers .no excuse in this day and age
  8. Think mine is the same..I paid 90£ approx for the 35mm pad so expect something the same...pricy
  9. I have a standard one of an M2....not sure if it's the same.....right handed
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