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  1. Guys I have a week's holiday in the loch Lomond area shortly and wondered if anyone could suggest any gunshops or clay shooting venues I could visit for a nosy???
  2. What model sx2?? I just bought a sporting clays model...had one years ago and loved it
  3. Back to stoneleigh..don't support the nec....simples
  4. I'd be interested in both Winchester signature??? Can u pm a price please
  5. I'm sorted guys.thanks
  6. Irrespective of how u feel about Tommy Robinson he has brought to light the problems of grooming gangs....how anyone can turn a blind eye to that is unbelievable....wake up folks,these are our kids,both the system and government have let them down rather than upset certain communities
  7. Anyone got a u0/u1 in 12g??
  8. Possibly I tried to buy more upmarket guns and never **** as well with them either...
  9. Honestly I was at the top of my game back when I had that auto....it was a fantastic gun allbeit heavier than the sx3 which I've always said wasn't as nice....would love to spend a day decoying with one again to see if my thoughts have changed over the years
  10. Guys anyone hanker after a gun you sold years ago?? Ya wanna laugh?? I used to do all my shooting with a Winchester super X2 sporting semi auto,I loved that gun and sold it to a mate about 10 years ago...I'm currently trying to track another X2 to put in my cabinet just to see how I get on with one now...
  11. I'm the same,other stuff seems to take precedent now....I must be getting older..this time 10 years ago I was shooting 6 days a week...
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