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  1. why could that not be a 35mm pad???
  2. Golf gti

    have had a mk5 gti for the past 10 years....2 cars first one 05 and now an 08..id safely say they do mid 30s and touch 40 if drove really easy..mk6 is a little better
  3. benelli m2 butt pad

    can anyone confirm if the m2 essential and m2 comfortec butt pads are interchangeable ???????
  4. Muller choke issue

    sorry predictive text.....theres always a smart ****
  5. Muller choke issue

    been using Miller's for years with no issues
  6. Jeremy Corbyn

    oxygen thief!!!
  7. benelli m2 butt pad

    ta.will have a look
  8. benelli m2 butt pad

    guys anyone got a 35mm benelli m2 butt pad??? I need another 10 25m lol....little short for me with the standard 25 25m pad..thanks
  9. .204 Tikka T3X Which model??

    I have the t3x in 204..standard for me.plenty to lug about and it's accurate to boot....
  10. Caesar guerini essex

    shooting a plain summit for years and I love it.....plenty to go look at
  11. Best / Worst Gun shop in N.Ireland

    please do..like gb shells..hard to find
  12. Best / Worst Gun shop in N.Ireland

    any good pointers on who is cheaper with pigeon loads???? could do with buying a few
  13. Best / Worst Gun shop in N.Ireland

    yep.....dealt with him for years
  14. Best / Worst Gun shop in N.Ireland

    have dealt with them a few times.gentlemen...ive bought from the mainland before but my red never charged me....id like to hear what some if the ones left would charge to bring one over
  15. Which O/U do I buy, ATA or an old Miroku?

    old mirokus!!!!! at will never last like an old miroku