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  1. tweedledee


    Have you WhatsApp??? Pm me number I will send pics
  2. tweedledee


    Yes I have imp cyl here..what's it worth?
  3. tweedledee


    I will check later..think I have one
  4. ****** I'd love that.wrong side of the Irish sea
  5. Sad benelli won't address the issue in the first place.....I reckon they will now rather than let an outside company cash in on it
  6. deerhunter xl skeet vest green cloth/suede shoulder patches.worn £20 posted gmk skeet vest size 48 (2xl) black mesh /leather again worn £20 posted deerhunter lightweight camo jacket...xxl I use this in summer..turns a shower ...25£ posted deerhunter Brandon knit jacket 3xl unworn as new £25 posted Webtex black windproof tactical jacket in black xxl. 25£ posted Can send pics via email..lost a bit of timber so clearing out
  7. I have an early guerini,I took the chance before they were popular....it's an 06 model and I love that gun..still as tight as the day it arrived....the handling is so much better than Beretta..I was a Beretta man up until then
  8. Deerhunter ram in camo size 56 so one for the big fellas..selling due to weight loss.coat is perfect,all buttons zips etc working fine..can send pics on request via email....asking 75£ posted
  9. That many on the market I don't want to buy something that's poor
  10. Guys I'm after a new coat at not crazy money...anyone any thoughts on Verney carron or a laksen grizzly??
  11. I have a deer Hunter Montana in camo??? Reckon it would suit 48" chest maybe more
  12. Exactly..stuff this English tradition malarkey..if ya need it ya need it..keep in the sport
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