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  1. Used mounts and rings came for a tikka t3..bought these a few weeks back but have sourced a scope and went for 25 mm eyebell..Ring height is 10mm from mount not sure if that's medium or high2 sets of mounts, 1 set 30mm rings & 1 set of screwsFree postage to UK only£40
  2. tweedledee


    I have a F1 chrono here....used but working fine....
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/5WY35nc8EzSw7QSV6 This is the pattern of the deerhunter Pacha trousers
  4. I've no idea ,but I can send you pics if you have what's app?? Pm number if so
  5. Sorry my mistake I edited it after he asked me...
  6. Harris 25 c bipod in used condition..works as it should 45£ posted..pics via WhatsApp on request
  7. Guys,I'm decorating and having a spring clean,sorry have no pictures other than WhatsApp so if anyone wants pics pm me a number..first come first serve...everything in great condition...in middle of changing internet providers and not easy to post pics.. 1- Deer Hunter Brandon knit fleece in green3 XL..worn once 30£ posted..Now sold 2- Webtex black shower proof jacket..union jack arm badge in 2 XL 20£ posted 3- gmk black skeet vest,leather 3xl 15£ posted now sold 4- deerhunter skeet vest in green,dark green suede patches XL 15£ posted 5 - 1 pair of deerhunter camo,wa
  8. Lol..I was tempted myself but I'm really running out of cabinet space
  9. I read that the 101 based 5500/6500 sold so we'll back then that's why browning bought them over....I still maintain they handle as well as some of today's finest sporters.. P.s was this the one ivythorn had on guntrader??
  10. Lol....think about it...it's only dear the day you buy it
  11. Still a good investment..only loses ya money when you sell
  12. nobody able to date these by serial numbers??
  13. I bought a beauty 6500 fixed choke sporter last year,tho it is a deluxe with a bit of engraving.... Love the handling of them.....hard come across so if you find a good one hold tight.....as said before great quality,Japanese steel lol....I've bought and sold a few in my time now I won't part..
  14. Posted November 21 up for sale are my 12g Muller chokes..I have u1,U2 and an unused u3..these are for the older sel choke system not the maxis....I'm asking 140£ for the three posted rmsd
  15. Nope....folk been shooting 30" guns for years,why the need for a 32"???? Only a fashion thing as are chokes
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