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  1. tweedledee

    extended m2 benelli crio choke

    anyone got an extended choke in quarter or half to suit a benelli m2 with crio chokes???
  2. tweedledee

    Rapid seven forum

    anyone know of a vortex mod in 22????? pm if you have one.cant ask on the forum
  3. tweedledee

    theoben vortex mod

    anyone got a clean 22 mod as above???
  4. tweedledee

    Mitsubishi ends shogun production

    had 2...just sold my 06 model....hope to buy a fresh one before winter..may have to go to the mainland for one..hard to find here
  5. tweedledee

    Benelli M2 Essential

    yep I have one....fantastic gun.....
  6. tweedledee

    Rimfire Scope

    mtc are poor in my opinion....falcon would be my choice if a little heavy
  7. tweedledee

    204 moderator

    wildcat..tried an utra.....woeful
  8. tweedledee

    Anyone remember Les325

    he fell out with somebody on the forums and they threatened to tell his work about his constant access to the forums....think he worked in the nhs. personally never had any issue with him on the rapid forums
  9. tweedledee

    EUROVISION...heelllp !

    do we still have to endure this **** after brexit????
  10. tweedledee

    leupold or minox scope

    guys anyone got a leupold or minox with up to 14 or 18 mag..preferrably with a few aim points???25 25m tube preferred.thanks
  11. tweedledee

    Edgar Bros Optimate scope 5-20x50

    I think mtc are optisan not optimate...the opti mate are far superior
  12. tweedledee

    falcon or mtc evx

    if worry about the aim points in the falcon being hard to see.....i had one fantastic scope but hard to get an pinpoint in really low light at dusk or dawn.....
  13. tweedledee

    leupold scope

    guys anyone got a leupold with up to 14 or 18 mag..preferrably with a few aim points???
  14. tweedledee

    benelli m2 butt pad

    I would just like to let you know they are interchangeable and a massive thanks to mcavoy guns who supplied me with a 35mm technogel pad..the m2 now fits me much better..wonderful what 10mm can do lol
  15. why could that not be a 35mm pad???