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  1. Thought more would see it here just browsing..I would never think of looking in wanted ads ..thanks gordon
  2. Just wondering if anyone out there has a sporting clay model in mint condition??
  3. It's in the manual...it's in Italian letters.. s and d I think but it explains the drop and cast with each shim...there's also a video on utube worth a gander
  4. Funny why it came fitted with a 10a fuse...must have been the one pit together before 10 am
  5. Many thanks....is your motor like this one??
  6. Mine ran a few clays the day I set it up..took the nephews shooting one night and it blew fuse....it will cock by hand and will cock with motor with no spring attached..as soon as you add the spring it blows a fuse so I reckon the 10 a isn't enough
  7. Guys has anyone got a pro magic pigeon trap??? Could someone do me a massive favour and check what size of fuse is needed...mine blew in the field and I'm almost sure it was a red fuse which would be a 10 amp??? Much appreciated if someone could take a look for me..nothing in Manual about it
  8. Seldom shoot clays now and reckon I'd be a lifetime shooting it done..just felt nice and fitted well.. they say the newer guns are a marked improvement on the first select models
  9. Guys anyone any views on the above...I handled a minter in a local gunshop and very surprised by the feel of it..comes up to my eye nicely and feels good I'm the hands..I know it's not a Winchester of old and resale maybe not the best but I would nearly try it for a while....anyone out there shooting one a few years?? How does it wear??
  10. They would be fairly loose ...unless it's dropping open like a stone????they can be tightened..great guns...
  11. Stick with makers that's been in the business for years....can't go wrong with most the European makers,tikka,saki and most of all cz...
  12. M2 essential stock and pad complete 50£ posted M2 right hand comfortech pad standard length 40£ posted Both mint..pics via WhatsApp
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