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  1. I get 3750 with a 32 grain 204... I believe all tikka rifles have the same barrel length even in the super varmint....tack driver....I feel sometimes I should have got something with the longer barrel to get more speed...that said it's more accurate than I am so all is good
  2. tweedledee


    Nice to see someone still shooting a 6500...classic gun
  3. That's what I'm after..do you have a spare?? Pm me
  4. I need to get a black one before I can give this away
  5. Wood...it's a Reddy coloured pad...I'm after the black one
  6. Anyone got a hard remmy heel pad..want to change the trap style pad to a sporter type..ta
  7. Cana anyone recommend me a good trail cam? Think we are having guests during the night and want to see who is lurking about in the ungodly hours.....thanks
  8. Pity you're on the mainland..I've a 20 but too much hassle
  9. Guys anyone have a reloading press they aren't using anymore and would sell..pm me if you have..prefer hornady or rcbs
  10. Have no idea....will Google it
  11. Guys I have a minox 2-10-40 BDC for sale....boxed as near new as you could get..I'm after 110£ posted rmsd..pics on request
  12. Franchi or as said benelli....mate bought a stoeger years ago ended up taking it back unfit for purpose...never worked properly
  13. tweedledee

    Cfe 223....

    I heard this was to be banned as the EU had it on a list....I bought extra last year when I needed some..not sure if it came to fruition..
  14. It's anyone a cocking/ charging handle for a remmy 1100 lying around..managed to lose mine this morning whilst out decoying.....thanks
  15. A certain dealer advertised arranging to sell ammunition and a pick up service the day directly after Boris asked people to stay indoors except for essentials..shame on them...all over their Facebook page if you don't believe me....***** guns..greed for money....no one should be out..hardly an essential...numbers are creeping up and they only concerned with money and going against order to close and not to trade!!!!!!we as shooters are meant to be responsible!!!!
  16. tweedledee


    Just sold one earlier
  17. Winchoke sold just the pair of Muller's now.ta
  18. Sold pending the usual..thanks
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