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    Shooting ;) both clays and game.<br />Like to repair guns (more like playing? :D)<br />Coaching people to shoot.

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  1. Hi, There is more than one type of choke fitted to Bettinsoli shotguns, at least three different ones that I know of so it might be best to post a picture showing the side view so people can see what thread and where the thread is situated on the chokes you have. www.shotgunchokes.co.uk can probably supply chokes to fit. Regards, Tony.
  2. Look on T W Chambers and Co Gunsmiths website and you will find this: LT052 Operating handle - 12 Bore Price: £22.80 Tony Morris.
  3. T W Chambers (www.gunspares.co.uk) are showing them as in stock part number STO14 @ £11.90 each. Assuming this price to be correct it is very good value and their products are very well made. Good luck with it. Tony Morris.
  4. Please note there is more than one type, they are not all interchangeable even if the same bore size. Tony.
  5. Suggest Mike at Mandel Chokes (www.shotgunchokes.co.uk) Tony.
  6. Hi, A RFD called Clive Hateley sometimes advertises these extractors and other bits on an auction channel. Hilton Shooting Services in Derbyshire, might be worth giving him a call. Tony Morris.
  7. www.shotgunchokes.co.uk would be where I would try. Tony Morris.
  8. Tony Morris

    mod wanted

    If you have bought one it is unlikely you can buy another unless you have a 'slot' to aquire a second moderator for this on your FAC. Tony Morris.
  9. I have also dealt with Paul and been very pleased with the items I have bought from him. Best, Tony Morris.
  10. There is more than one type and they do not interchange easily so it is preferable to compare side by side. Having said this if Mick Vokes has one he will know the differences. Good luck with it. Tony Morris.
  11. Sorry but I did not, best would be give Sam a ring, his number is on Gunwatch. Tony Morris.
  12. I think Sam means the hammers work well giving good strikes on the cartridge caps. I have seen this shotgun and at the money he is asking it is something of a 'steal', excellent value for money. If you meet Sam you will find him honest and easy to get along with, a very nice man to deal with. Tony Morris.
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