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    Shooting ;) both clays and game.<br />Like to repair guns (more like playing? :D)<br />Coaching people to shoot.

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  1. Tony Morris

    Beretta Semi-auto bolt wanted

    Please let me know if you do not buy it? Had I seen it before seeing your wanted advert I would have tried to buy it myself for spare parts. Regards, Tony Morris.
  2. Tony Morris

    Beretta Semi-auto bolt wanted

    On Guntrader there is a 301 advertised in Cornwall for £100 from a private seller: SELLER Type:Private Name:Stephen Address:Redruth, Cornwall Tel:07876-340 630 Could be worth a look if you are sure the bolt will fit. Tony Morris.
  3. Tony Morris

    .410 single barrel,sxs etc JUNIOR

    Muffin's .410 sounds like a good option and he is dead straight to deal with. Tony Morris.
  4. Tony Morris

    .17HMR Browning T bolt magazine required.

    Thank you, only just seen your post. Tony Morris.
  5. Tony Morris

    Browning b 26 liege 12 gauge

    The man said: "Let there be light and there was" The pictures are now on Gunwatch and it does look good so form an orderly queue. Tony Morris.
  6. Tony Morris

    Browning b 26 liege 12 gauge

    I really must go to Specsavers, I can't even see the pictures let alone any marks! Tony Morris.
  7. Tony Morris

    Remington 870 Wingmaster stock/forend

    PM sent. Tony.
  8. Tony Morris

    .17HMR Browning T bolt magazine required.

    .17HMR Browning T bolt magazine required please? If anyone has one please let me know? Thank you for your help. Tony Morris.
  9. Tony Morris

    410 single barrel shotgun project/ barrel only

    I am not sure about the law regarding .410 adaptors but a lot of RFD's are now taking them to be Section 1 and will only sell them on FAC or RFD. If you make one it should be fine as a piece of pipe but if you use it and it is Section 1 you could be opening a 'can of worms' also if you sell or give it away I think it will need to be proofed. Probably best to ask your Firearms Licensing Manager and/or the BASC. Only my thoughts but worth checking. Tony.
  10. Tony Morris

    Webley & Scott BARGAIN No3 Garden Gun 9mm

    Tamworth to Kettering is only about 51 miles and Mick will make you a cup of tea or coffee. Tony.
  11. Tony Morris

    Mossberg 500A pump 12 gauge

    PM sent, Tony.
  12. Tony Morris

    antler dog chew

    My advice will be obtain bones, antler is too hard and can break teeth which is not good for your dog or your pocket. Tony.
  13. Tony Morris

    Bettinsoli x trail camo

    I was under the impression 3.5 inch cartridges contained 63 or 64 grams of lead? Certainly the ones I have do and the 3 inch cartridges contain 50 grams as do RC50. Am I missing something? Tony..
  14. Tony Morris

    Mossberg WANTED.. .410

    PM sent. Tony Morris.
  15. Tony Morris

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    I agree, Daf will do a first class job or repairing the forend. Tony Morris.