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    Shooting ;) both clays and game.<br />Like to repair guns (more like playing? :D)<br />Coaching people to shoot.

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  1. Hatsan have fitted several different trigger units to their semi auto's so even if it is Hatsan and you find one it probably will not fit and may not work if it does fit. Sorry to be negative but I think you will need a lot of luck with this one. Tony Morris.
  2. Hi, Chances are you could do it yourself, I suggest using Zap-a-gap which you should find at model shops or on an auction site. Red is thin - very fast. Green is medium - still quite quick. Yellow is thick - slow. Green will possibly be the best, it is excellent for sticking fingers to things. Good luck with it, Tony Morris.
  3. Browning Choke Tube Chart April 2, 2019 This chart shows the popular Browning choke tube diameters from 20 gauge all the way up to 10 gauge. Common choke tube constrictions are listed for open bore to a more restrictive turkey choke.
  4. www.shotgunchokes.co.uk supply first class stainless steel chokes for Remington and a lot of other shotguns. Tony Morris.
  5. www.shotgunchokes.co.uk Excellent quality made in stainless steel. Tony Morris.
  6. PS: Your Medallist will have been made in Italy and could have been made by Zoli if a very early version or by Sabatti a little later so it will be worth searching for clues as to maker and the date code. 'Date codes for Italian shotguns' can be found by putting it into Google. Tony Morris.
  7. Good Morning, I suggest you contact Mike (sales@shotgunchokes.co.uk), his website www.shotgunchokes.co.uk He makes a lot of very high quality chokes for different makes, models and bore sizes of shotgun all in excellent quality stainless steel. I can't see Medallist listed on his website but best to ask him as not everything is on there and he is very helpful. Tony Morris.
  8. Tony Morris

    Mossberg 500

    Do you want Section 1 or Section 2? There are a couple of fairly low priced Mossbergs on Guntrader if you are looking for Section 1. Lowest price Section 2 on there is £270 but I imagine you have looked. Tony.
  9. Try T W Chambers Gunsmiths, they are showing stock of the later type CS453, let's hope this is the one you need. Tony Morris.
  10. 12G Browning Cynergy Sporter walnut gunstock wanted please. Please let me know what you have and how much you would like for it? Thank you, Tony Morris.
  11. Hi, There is more than one type of choke fitted to Bettinsoli shotguns, at least three different ones that I know of so it might be best to post a picture showing the side view so people can see what thread and where the thread is situated on the chokes you have. www.shotgunchokes.co.uk can probably supply chokes to fit. Regards, Tony.
  12. Look on T W Chambers and Co Gunsmiths website and you will find this: LT052 Operating handle - 12 Bore Price: £22.80 Tony Morris.
  13. T W Chambers (www.gunspares.co.uk) are showing them as in stock part number STO14 @ £11.90 each. Assuming this price to be correct it is very good value and their products are very well made. Good luck with it. Tony Morris.
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