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    Shooting ;) both clays and game.<br />Like to repair guns (more like playing? :D)<br />Coaching people to shoot.

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  1. £10.50 does not sound much but it was more than one week's take home pay for most people in this area in 1953. Tony Morris.
  2. I have seen and handled this, it is a very useful Hushpower in excellent condition and cartridges loaded by roughshooter are very effective. Tony Morris.
  3. Contact Mike (www.shotgunchokes.co.uk), I am pretty sure he makes them. Tony Morris.
  4. WANTED: 12G Remington Wingmaster Model 870 pump action shotgun please. Thank you, Tony Morris.
  5. PM sent with questions. Tony Morris.
  6. I bought some guns from Keith, they were as described and I am very pleased with them. Tony Morris.
  7. I have 300 in clear sealed plastic packs of 100 (as they came into the UK) in boxes of 10 marked shot size 5, weight (usually was 32 grams)of shot not marked on the cardboard boxes, not marked plastic or paper cases, not marked plastic or fibre wads. I have not opened the plastic packs and will not unless I decide to use them. As I recall their game cartridges were paper cased, 32 gram with fibre wads and their Trap cartridges were shot size 7, 32 gram in plastic cases with plastic wads. They used to be delivered in wooden boxes containing 1000 cartridges (10 X 100 packs). Your postcode is 116 miles from me according to Google maps so not really a goer. Sorry mossy835 but I will not be selling them for £2 per box irrespective of paper or plastic, ducks or no ducks, it would cost me more than that to replace them with modern cartridges. Regards, Tony Morris.
  8. I have several hundred here but had not thought of selling them. Where are you and how much would you think of paying for them? Tony Morris, Herefordshire.
  9. That must be a bargain! Well done Mick. Tony Morris.
  10. Hatsan have fitted several different trigger units to their semi auto's so even if it is Hatsan and you find one it probably will not fit and may not work if it does fit. Sorry to be negative but I think you will need a lot of luck with this one. Tony Morris.
  11. Hi, Chances are you could do it yourself, I suggest using Zap-a-gap which you should find at model shops or on an auction site. Red is thin - very fast. Green is medium - still quite quick. Yellow is thick - slow. Green will possibly be the best, it is excellent for sticking fingers to things. Good luck with it, Tony Morris.
  12. Browning Choke Tube Chart April 2, 2019 This chart shows the popular Browning choke tube diameters from 20 gauge all the way up to 10 gauge. Common choke tube constrictions are listed for open bore to a more restrictive turkey choke.
  13. www.shotgunchokes.co.uk supply first class stainless steel chokes for Remington and a lot of other shotguns. Tony Morris.
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