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  1. i dont think i would shoot so close to houses as well as the noise your shot can carry a long way the one thing i would say is make yourself known to the locals if your polite and can be seen to be safe they dont worry so much i always ask if they eat game if they do offer to drop some round
  2. paul p

    its quiet here

    hiya lazza when i saw the birds on it i thought it was because someone was shooting a few fields away you think why would they want old stuble when they have got drillings i shot on the drill each time i had a shot up they got but wouldnt leave and the line to it was constant the bad news is its not my field but my field borders it and there are two sity trees which they head for first so i might get a shoot the other didnt have much of a line to it so i think it would be five shots and they would be off if drillings dont look any good i will set up next to the sity tree and put a pattern out on the winter beans they should come to the tree as long as i keep them off the field if i do any good i will put a report in to pigeon watch
  3. paul p

    its quiet here

    i have been shooting today on some drillings two fields away there was a old barley stuble a lot of birds where on it so i walked them off then i herd a shot a few fields away so thought they where resting there set up on the drill which had a good line to it when i shot they got up but wouldnt leave it i shot a few as they came over they where full of old barley i packed up went to another farm that has stuble birds on that as well right next to it is two fields of beans looks like i will be shooting stuble this weekend not drillings the first field had constant movement from what i saw today you would expect a hundread birds i wil have to check to see if i can shoot it as its right next to his house ill tell you how i get on
  4. you done very well to get that amount before you got the tapes what sort of bags where you getting the only time i have any luck on crows is now when the birds are pairing up i put one or two out to the side of the pattern and the birds breeding nearby wil try to drive it off
  5. the reason why you should mate jills is if you dont they stay in season a long time and are prone to infection one way out of this if you dont want kits is to use a castrated hob ask any vet if it is good to leave a jill in season it drags them down talking of old myths they say leave a round pebble in the cage to bring them out of season
  6. up to a couple of years i kept ferrets but now i dont have the time if you are going to use them on rats as well as rabbits you wants small jills if they are two big they often get bitten as for what you should look for look at the cages are they clean if they are then there is a good chance there well looked after check that they are nice and acktive the eyes are clear and nose is not running and make sure they are well handled there is nothing like a ferret hanging on your fingers if well handled they dont bite if i were you i would get a book they make good pets as well but smell in summer
  7. i use a 686 and i put 32 gram cartridges through it all the time 500 hundred kilo gram is half a ton most guns are rated for over 3 tons if you keep to 2 34 quarter you will have no problems
  8. i have set up at that time before but i have found its best to let them have there first feed if you put them off the field as soon as they come from roost a lot of the time they dont come back they go to next rape field which is often not far away if on drillings and they have built up and there is plenty of movement to and from the field iwill set up early but still let them have there first feed dont make the mistake i made last year i set up at first light shot 37 but by 12 oclock it was dead so i packed up two days after my mate shot it he set up at 11 oclock shot till they went to roost he picked up 89 birds if i had sat it out i might of got a good bag my mate said he shot about 50 in the last two hours
  9. i agree the problem a lot of people have got is they have only got saturday or sunday to shoot so they find the birds they dont know if the birds have been on there a week or a day what i do is after work i put the dogs in the truck and go looking it gets the dogs out and you dont have to lose time on your day of shooting
  10. i have a 686 and i wouldnt part it from me for love or money
  11. i was wondering how many of you use real birds i had 24 flexicoy decoys a magnet and never done very well the magnet worked well a couple of years ago but the last few times i used it they ignored it now all i use is dead birds and have chucked all the gagets in the bin i just think if they dont come in to the real thing why should they come in to anything else and this year i have had few days of 80 plus the only thing i made up what did work was a pigeon on a line that glided down if any one wants to know how to make one call me on this number 07977809472 and i will do my best to help you
  12. last year i went to the farm supplier on sunday mourning the only cartridges he had was 30 gram 9 as this was all he had i had no choice i used them on decoyed pigeon and out to 30 yards they where ok but at close range they hamerd them
  13. i have a mate who is a full time pest controler he told me the best way to shoot any corvid is stake a ferret out on a line he has told me as soon as they see it they go mad but i dont know if it is legal
  14. my son is now ten and is keen for his first shotgun has anyone else been in this position i would like to get him in to pigeon shooting if only to carry all my gear has anyone got any advice on the most suitable gun i was thinking four ten single barrel
  15. the shooting times had a bit on pigeon shooting two weeks ago i agree the sporting gun is the best for pigeon shooting
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