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    The seven dwarves went to the Vatican to see the Pope. On arrival they were told one of them would be allowed to approach the great man and talk to him. The long straw was drawn by Dopey. Approaching the Pope, he dropped to one knee and kissed his hand. "Tell me, Your Holiness, are there any dwarf nuns in the Vatican? "No, my son, there are no dwarf nuns in the Vatican" came the reply. With that the remaining six dwarves started tittering. "Tell me, Your Holiness, are there any dwarf nuns in Europe? "No, my son, there are no dwarf nuns in Europe" said the holy man The other six dwarves
  2. 11900, blondie was almost there, and I'm a cool guy!
  3. A woman went into the vets surgery and asked how much he would charge to look at her parrot. "Fifty quid" he said. So she pulled the parrot from under her coat and laid it on the table. He took one look and declared "Your parrot is dead madam" The woman was aghast, and refused to believe him. "I want a second opinion" she said. So the vet brought in his pet cat, who looked at the parrot, shook its head sadly and walked out. The woman still wasn't convinced, and called for a third opinion, so the vet whistled and his pet Labrador appeared. The dog took one look, shook his head, and walke
  4. I recently saw "local partridge - oven ready - £8 per brace" outside a butchers shop, and a local (national) supermarket is selling the breast fillets of two woodies for £3-99, £2 a bird. I'm still giving woodies away to anyone who wants them, but rather that than waste them. I've recently found an outlet for bunnies, skinned and gutted, £1-75 each. The lady in question sadly only wants 10 a week, but it pays for the ammo. On the subject of game sale and prices, has anyone seen Woodcock offered for sale. I recently got lucky and bagged a brace, and very tasty they were too, but Mrs MAJ could
  5. In a hide in a hedge one day, when a pigeon landed in a tree to my right, a good 70 yards away. I judged it to be out of range so left it, hoping it would act as a decoy and bring more in. A couple of minutes later another bird flew in, between me and the one in the tree. I took the shot, and killed not only the flying bird, but also the one that was "out of range". I will straight away admit that this was a fluke, as I had no intention of going for the far bird. Even so, I wish somebody had been there to witness it.
  6. I have had some very productive days on clover, and have always thought that because it is being grown as food for livestock, any pigeons landing on it are fair game.
  7. Fox and beer bourgeois 1lb of fox meat, taken off the bone and diced 8ozs minced pork fat 1/4 pint beer 1 teaspoon mixed herbs 2 bay leaves salt and pepper 8 streaky rashers, de-rinded Marinate all the ingredients except the bacon overnight in the beer. Line a 1 pint terrine with the rashers, keeping two back. Fill with the marinade and meat mixture. Cover with the two remaining rashers and the bay leaves. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 350F / gas mark 4 / 175C for 1.5 - 2 hours. Cool and refrigerate. Keep for a couple of days to let the flavours permeate, and serve as a starter wi
  8. Paul Try contacting your local game dealer, and see if you can come to some agreement whereby you use his in return for some favour, monetary or otherwise. Also I've heard of one or two shoots who have purchased a machine, so perhaps in return for a days beating or something you could get to use theirs. Unless you're planning on plucking vast amounts of birds, you seriously have to consider the cost of the thing.
  9. MAJ

    New arrival

    Just taken delivery of my new family member, a nine week old Jack Russell called Dennis. He's as sharp as a needle, and game as anything (he can do three circuits of the sitting room hanging on the lurchers tail). He still has a full tail, which I like. I think J.R's look better balanced with a complete rudder. He also has however, dew claws. In the past I have always had these taken off my dogs after seeing a greyhound tear one badly whilst galloping on corn stubble. To have them removed now of course will require quite major surgery, so I'm wondering whether or not it's necessary. Any views
  10. What about the hips exercise! Looks like my mate doing his Elvis karioke after a gallon and a half.
  11. I agree with T.C on the coot, and I think the other egg in that photo is either a moorhen or water rail. The picture before that looks a bit like a moorhen too. When I was a kid we used to walk the river banks with a spoon tied to a stick, taking a single egg from each moorhens nest until we had enough to cook an omelette over a fire on the bank. Delicious.
  12. MAJ

    Nature's Bounty

    Haven't seen a single one yet. Usually I do alright as we are surrounded by horses, but the ground is still like iron. Had a bumper harvest of black-berries though, and stacks of sloe. A couple of good frosts and I'll be making the sloe vodka. Still shed loads of crab apples on the trees, and plenty of muntjac eating the windfalls.
  13. Sniper The electronic caller was going out at £150 on the day, and £160 if you ordered it to be posted to you. I must say the calls were very lifelike, especially the magpie. I picked up one of their flyers and I'll try to find it as it has their address and phone number on if anyone is interested. I'm pretty certain that it is in Ireland somewhere. I must say that I'm not sure on the legal aspects of it. Can it be construed as a tape? Apparently the sound is made up of syntesised notes. I'd be interested to hear from you legal eagles on this one.
  14. Sam I'm not asking you to give the retailer in Kent a free plug, but if you want to P.M me with their address I'm down that way soon and I'm in the market for some Clear Pigeon. Like you I'm paying about £110 for a thousand, and if I can get them cheaper I will.
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