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  1. That looks good James, so simple ,are you adding any tin to the mix ?
  2. To be honest I do'nt know ,the only time I took the lead out was when I stripped it down to do a shadow grass camo on the wood work, but what I did notice was the 36 inch barrel was front end heavy till I put the lead back into the hole where the stock bolt fits , it made a big difference to the balance , someone was selling a H.R 8 bore recently and that would have the same wieght forward isue I would think . atb DD
  3. I have Harrington & Richards 10g 36 inch barrel, that has a 3lb plug of lead in the stock , which helps with the balance and recoil , just to add it was in the gun when I bought it .
  4. scare tactics ,they want us to stop eating meat and then tell us we've got to become vegans, use no animal products , wear syntetic clothes and shoes that are made from oil derived products , anyone seen an oil cracking plant ? I have and you would not want one in your garden belive me !
  5. well done that brings back old memories has Ditchy said , that's a big old hob (old name for the Devil) great stuff, the old knees and back rule me out on that sport these days ! ATB .
  6. Jim I aint getting into a contest to see who can waz the the most distance , if you have shot and seen any ducks with Rice breast you would know that is not Rice Breast ! all the best .
  7. watched it last night ,quite good .
  8. the op s pitcture does'nt look like rice breast ,with rice breast the parasites are under the skin and buried deeper and alined into the muscle tissue , these are on top of the muscle and are all in diferent diretions.
  9. how long after it was shot before you skined it? because it look like fly magots to me ,it do'nt take long for em to get fly blown at this time of the year !
  10. I worked in a jack testing shop , and unless you have the facilities for testing after resealing any Jack I suggest you leave it to a company that can test it and issue a cert !
  11. derbyduck

    ENG v DEN

    Pickford would have saved that coal if the lineout had'nt jumped up like a bunch of morris dancers, he did manage to get a touch on it , but one goal in six games he's letting the side down and should be floged before the start of the next game perhaps ? 🙄
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