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  1. Yes your right Fuddster I had to give the old grey matter a swirl ,I got laid off from Canary wharf at Christmas ,then went back down to start a new high rise near St. Pauls in the new year , remember walking into the circus cos the tube was shut down , and as you say a good riot !
  2. I walked into the poll tax riots back in the 80s and the police didn't mess around that day, the horse went in and stomped em' then the boys in blue belted 10 bells of smelly stuff out of em !
  3. The should be made to drink it as well as paying to clean it, scum ! why didn't the police go in and arrest them ?
  4. derbyduck

    Raccoon Dog

    and an artic fox was seen at Gladwin mark !
  5. first picture is two minutes later yer ****** lol
  6. IXL quite sort after ! iv'e one same as the white one .
  7. thank you, iv'e now found the perfect dunking biscuit ,but I think gluttony may follow !
  8. crackpots appearing from the start IMHO !
  9. yes and run by a bunch of over paid Tools !
  10. I work in Porthcawl for a month , it rained every day apart from the day we started and the other day it didn't rain it Snowed !
  11. just had a full Huttons blight alert for today and tomorrow ! its a mine field this veg growing malarkey LOL
  12. I was scrating about in some compost this afternoon and found two woodcock skulls one complete the other missing lower beak .atb DD
  13. for what its worth I compost the tops in 1ton bags ,same with tomato plants they all go in along with old cardboard, grass cuttings,it shredded mail and turned out plant pot and owt else that rots down , its covered over and left for a year or more, then put into an old bath and mixed up with my tiller and then stored in another 1ton bag to be used when needed for potting compost with a bit of growmore added .
  14. derbyduck


    yep that will be some thing to watch out for !
  15. derbyduck


    what I have noticed about most of the sheds on here is they all seem to have a wall at the back , i'll check tomorrow but I haven't seen a back wall in my shed for at least 10 yrs !
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