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  1. iv'e started to chit some Charlottes gawd knows what will come up after they are planted .🤔 If memory serves i'm sure there used to be potato women and potato kids !
  2. pleased to see he's putting them to use,better than them being stuck in a draw in my shed . atb
  3. I agree they have and also wagon wheels !
  4. a friend told me he has a peruque buck on his land,he's hoping it hangs about ,he said it looks like a unicorn.
  5. thats the greenhouse affect ,I think someone forgot to close the door.
  6. yes and don't for get the paddy they bribed to help them win ,I thought the Irish where under lockdown aswell !
  7. really ,with all the penalties and thier extra player how come they were only 5 points in front ? we was robbed ! and I hope they don't go putting that rough Whisky in that wee quake, its best suited to fine London Gin.😀
  8. OB, iv'e one in 12g bought it brand new and never used it ,it's got a hook on the end , not seen one with a reamer before , no plastic wads and cases back then.
  9. Hi iv'e sent you a PM.
  10. Iv'e a brass millbro and an original Deadshot , if your intrested pm me an email adress and ill send you some pictures .
  11. derbyduck

    Crab pots

    an old mate told me he used to do that on Jersey , he said if he found a hole with the lobster facing inwards there would be a conger eel in front of it ! so win win .
  12. Jack I'm sure there was one on facebook market place yesterday !
  13. derbyduck


    they used to ship to the UK I bought a multi choked barrel for my Remington 1100 pluss 6 extra choke tubes ,also bought other stuff like clothes and fishing tackle, but what brassed me off was the time they wouldn't send a Mincoata electric trolling motor because it was 3/8th of an inch to long, all they had to do was undo a grub screw and split the shaft, I bought a Browning two speed one cheaper and better, alot of hunters in the states won't use them these days because of shody chinese gear !
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