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  1. I demand a re draw it's not democratic to have just one draw we should have another draw !
  2. a mate of mine used to go round the pubs and stick the flip side of Cars on the juke box it was called asylum ! you could see guys smiling and joking, then it was like some body told them they where going to die ! he was a sadistic bartseward I seem to think Garry Olman wrote it ? frightening .
  3. thanks I couldn't listen to the extra 900 miles lol
  4. I would walk 1000 miles ! they should have walked backwards and done us all a favour🤮
  5. well she could count on them getting the numb bergers write lol
  6. Na that's acrylic and its not long enough and the diameter's too small, plus the colour sxxxe and it's made for them leek eating little chaps from wales LOL he's got no gonads !
  7. derbyduck


    I used to catch big Perch with them years ago ,pull the claws off and hook them through the tail !
  8. if it drops below zero I tend to put on another Tee shirt ! but joking apart I do find wearing good wool socks and underwear help, also the best gloves iv'e found are industrial work wear type having used macwets, sealskins, neoprene ,I had some silk lined leather with a fold over trigger finger that fastened back with velcro that weren't to bad but where no good when wet and made me nose sore if I wipe it with the velcro bit . atb DD
  9. Well things are looking up Swampy Is Back ! he must have spent the £60k back hander he got 10yrs ago .
  10. I'm with you on this one ! I carnt believe a Sweaty Sock asking on a shooting forum about scent to splash round his clock ! and a load of horses hoofs coming up with answers LOL a bit of toilet duck on each wrist should do it or some cheap blended whisky
  11. Gawd I had a shirt like that ! LOL
  12. as any one tried this for Boar ?
  13. she is being used and she aint that good at it ! she is a bit/ lot weired my opinion !
  14. I wont be there this weekend Ditchy 😏
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