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  1. have a look on face book market place in your area .
  2. try The Pressure Detectives on face book, quite a few blokes from up your way on there . atb
  3. yes and I can only apologise to Mikey for going off half cocked and for forgetting a previous post , Sorry Mikey!
  4. Hi Mikey ,whats he doing with them
  5. This , and I used to Telegrams asking if I was available for work , if it was a big job I sometimes got two or three from different firms for the same Job .
  6. derbyduck


    hope they get it sorted soon, Mrs Duck is wanting to talk about things on the news .
  7. Septemeber is the start of the season LOL 👁️
  8. Harry a bit effort needed ! I shove the turks head through at the end of February and a squirt of wd40 at the start of September .
  9. they gave you the same stuff that wrinklies get Harry ? you will have to get some slippers that zip up the front , my Mum in law was bad with it as well Harry.
  10. I had my jab today ,but what I carn't understand is there was two ques one for under 65s and another for 65s and over ! maybe I am being a cynic or could there be a genuine reason ,thinking about it when I had been done a young lady in the corridor asked if I was on my way out ? I replied yes but I hope I have a few more years yet .
  11. I get my flu jab tomorrow ,but I was going get the booster for covid on thursday , then my wife friend told me I need to have at least a week between the jabs , so what happened to getting both jabs at the same time that the coverment talked about ?
  12. yes you are right , sorry gun licence , 10 shillings or 50p a year for shot guns and air guns .
  13. yes 60 years ago when I was 13 yrs old , shot air guns under supper vision before that
  14. this^ in todays Blame and Claim culture where would this leave the doctor if he signed to say a patient was fit to hold a certificate and they turnout to be unfit and take lives ?
  15. Pete re the small tree work and green waste , if get hold of a chipper you could offer it to allotments in your area ,we have two guys that drop it off on the one I'm on and there's always a rush with the barrows to get it for paths and mulching, all the best in your new venture .
  16. This ^ , also any one can fill that in whether your a gun holder or anti shooting .
  17. its the same old same old ,the police where in the wrong for giving him his licence back and the knee jerk reaction comes We must be seen to be doing something ! instead of looking at their failings and sorting those out they put the blame on law abiding gun owners, in my opinion it should be made more difficult to get a shotgun certificate in the offset and medical reports and background checks should be done then .
  18. second dibs on the fuel if Steve don't take it LOL
  19. and Scottish perhaps . I did hear Bradley Walsh was being mentioned , he's been in a lot of stuff of late .
  20. I am not alone it seems, I have a phone that I can phone with , I did text once in reply to my wife texting I love you ,it was U2X .
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