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  1. looking for a Lyman 45114 mould if anybody has one lying round atb, marl
  2. met gent today cartridges sold
  3. Carts sold subject to meeting / payment
  4. I have the following cartridges for sale, surplus to requirements due to taking a different direction in my shooting12g 200 Gamebore black gold dark storm shot size 5 32g fibre wad £6512g 200 Gamebore super steel shot size 4 32g plastic wad £4512g 250 Gamebore super steel shot size 3 32g plastic wad (HP) £5012g 250 Gamebore super game shot size 6 30g fibre wad ( branded as Malmo super platinum ) £60All cartridges have been stored indoors warm and dry . cartridges advertised elsewhere Cartridges will be to collect only and I will need to see a valid shotgun certificate If one person wishes to p
  5. went last year, to pick up some black powder, got some other bits while I was there, good set up, would go back again. not to far from Skipton railway station
  6. have various Deerhunter jackets, only ever had one problem, many years ago the inner fleece on one of the jackets the zip went , would buy another Deerhunter.
  7. if by any chance norrie docent have them, then I will please
  8. yes please I will take it if still avialable
  9. I have a beretta 682 gold e with 30” barrels, I purchased it some years ago when most shops have a vast array of them with 32” barrels, for me personally I had a browning 525 32” barrels I liked the gun but it was a trap gun and was fine when I used to shoot quite a bit of trap, but much prefer a 30” barrel for a sporting o/u just seems to swing a lot better for myself. Everybody to there own but for me 32”+ is a trap gun
  10. I started shooting shotguns in the 80’s and was introduced with a lanber and Winchester blue lights along with the trap 100 and 200 Carts
  11. Think I paid £64 for a slab of 24grm eley ct20 fibre last time, I had the same itch to scratch, however do have a farm I can go across, shot clays with the 20 a couple of times but generally take the 12 bore as plenty of carts for the 12 and there cheaper, however the 20 is ideal weight for carrying all day on farm , so stops in cabinet until needed
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