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  1. have various Deerhunter jackets, only ever had one problem, many years ago the inner fleece on one of the jackets the zip went , would buy another Deerhunter.
  2. if by any chance norrie docent have them, then I will please
  3. yes please I will take it if still avialable
  4. I have a beretta 682 gold e with 30” barrels, I purchased it some years ago when most shops have a vast array of them with 32” barrels, for me personally I had a browning 525 32” barrels I liked the gun but it was a trap gun and was fine when I used to shoot quite a bit of trap, but much prefer a 30” barrel for a sporting o/u just seems to swing a lot better for myself. Everybody to there own but for me 32”+ is a trap gun
  5. I started shooting shotguns in the 80’s and was introduced with a lanber and Winchester blue lights along with the trap 100 and 200 Carts
  6. Think I paid £64 for a slab of 24grm eley ct20 fibre last time, I had the same itch to scratch, however do have a farm I can go across, shot clays with the 20 a couple of times but generally take the 12 bore as plenty of carts for the 12 and there cheaper, however the 20 is ideal weight for carrying all day on farm , so stops in cabinet until needed
  7. Thanks but already purchased some dies and cases
  8. Just purchased a .44mag marlin micro groove rifling , looking for idea for reasonable rounds to reload, ideally with lead swc or round nose bullets would be idea as one of the ranges I use don’t like jacketed ammo so doesn’t need to be full .44mag power , any help or tips appreciated
  9. Nice to know things have changed, not been for a while the entrance road got to bad, although last time I went it had improved some what, the prices tend to be on the steep side and used to be a member until they made it not worth while for me. The last problem I have is the competitions, I shoot for fun not competition as do the people I shoot with had it on a couple of occasions in the past where I have gone not knowing it was competition day, shooting a stand to have the competition shooters whining that we are shooting on report and the sign states sim pairs well that might be but I ain’t intrested in the comp so I will shoot them as we like
  10. 2 yr warranty I was told when I purchased mine
  11. Got the 20b version, for the price it’s ok shoot reasonable with it, not in the same class as beretta or browning but it’s not marketed to be, for a cheap gun I can’t really complain the only real disappointment is the cheap choke key
  12. Had guns with barrels from 26” to 32”. Very little in it between 28&30” however I do prefer a 30” just seems to swing and balance better to myself. It would depend on what you are shooting as well, for example if it was Dtl or abt then I would go for a 32” barrel as there not a great swing required , general sporting or general rough or game shooting I would go 30. Everybody to there own basically what feels right to you
  13. Made in turkey. I have the 20 bore 30” version light gun, for the money can’t complain not on the same quality as my beretta or Winchester but can’t complain for the money it cost
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