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    I am based in Germany,a land of very rich hunting tradition,which is great to experience , but onwholly expensive.I shoot all sorts of cloven hoofed game , wild boar being my favorite.I really really miss pigeon shooting and rabbit shooting in the Uk though, we get no where near the quantities here that I used to experience whilst working with three counties pest controll.Long netting and lamping foxes are also sweet memories of the pastsadly.Great to have found this site, it stirs loads of memories!

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  1. the only danger is that they can slip, I have a cracked stock on an old sxs because of this
  2. Traztaz

    Help please!

    Seals piston head and regrease
  3. Traztaz

    Help please!

    Not nitrogen filled. I read it can be done with a stirup pump a d appropriate valve
  4. Traztaz

    Help please!

    I am currently in Sutton near Mansfield. I have just serviced my brothers hw90 and presumed he had a charging kit for the gas ram.... He doesn't and now I am very stuck for what to do next. Local gun shop can't help out....is there a member out there that can help me"? It's his birthday and I would really like to get it up and running again asap
  5. This is a good bit of kit and mostly immediatly available, will work with all triggers as it blocks the firing pin and replaces the bolt shroud. Any further info required please feel free to contact me.
  6. Traztaz


    Colditz is miles from there mate, its near my hunt in Torgau
  7. Traztaz

    Wasps, HELP!!

    Will try ant powder. Just put it on the bush?
  8. Traztaz

    Wasps, HELP!!

    Problem fellas, I am in Germany and no way to call anyone to get rid of them as they are protected..............can you believe it, bloody protected!!
  9. Traztaz

    Wasps, HELP!!

    Guys I come on bended knee!! Both my son and myself have an allergic reaction to wasp stings, we are over run with the blighters at the moment. Son was stung day before yesterday( ended up in hospital), yesterday while having my neighbors round for a BBQ one was stung in the mouth. I located one nest of wasps, in the earth, dealt with that, I have about 10 coke bottle wasp traps up, have caught hundreds, but still they come. I suspect there is another nest, and think it is in a massive bramble bush at the back of the house..................no way to get in there. What to do?
  10. It has 2 functions. Add stability to thread if rifle is dropped. Stop unwanted debris getting in there between mod and barrel. It should not touch barrel. This an upset harmonics
  11. Gerber are far better than Leatherman. I smashed so many of those during my time in the military, then got a Gerber and still have it, the Gerber is about 12 years old now
  12. ................. Very happy to see and hear that all is now well. Keep us updated as to how you are getting on. Satisfied customers are happy customers. ATB Traz
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