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  1. Have some boxes of grass leaf cigarette papers 20 quid posted
  2. Will swap for lee electric melting pot cheers
  3. Selling this r wheatley fly box comes with about 100 trout fly's all new selling for 55 pounds posted to your door
  4. have a nash powerpod gt pod plus 3 delkim plus alarms red yellow blue plus 2 redwolf alarms 7 fishing dvd selling all for 165 pounds posted pm for pictures cheers
  5. Have 6 fishing lines lure flash viper flyline w/f9f floating .john norris pro2 3 off size wf-6 ptf15 and 2 off wf_7 ptf15 all floating ivory new 55 quid posted
  6. Have some reloaders for sale 1st pacific 366 spares repair needs full bottom bit needs .2nd think it's a old redding press think every thing is there .3rd are 2 lee load all 12g only 1 set of powder and shot bushings 2 tins of Winchester ball powder 540 and a tub full selling as job lot 300 quid but open to an offer pick up dundee cheers
  7. Brand new with tags seeland marsh jacket size 48 that's a size 38 chest uk bargin at 110 pounds posted to your door
  8. gooseman243


    selling this decoy set up plus some home made goose decoys seat camo nets 2 arm pigeon magnet minus the 2 arms net poles selling for 80 quid pick up dundee cheers
  9. have 50 vape refills for sale 3 100ml in a tub and are seeled 70 quid posted to your door .so you get 50 tubes
  10. rifle bags sizes are 52 inch x6 1 at 45 /3 at 47/ 3 at 50 4 at 51 colour mostly brown 3 needing sewed at toe bit nothing major any one interested can give pics thru whatsapp open to offers also cheers for looking
  11. are you interested 17 leather gunbags some unbranded and some with the name conway of london
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