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  1. have 50 vape refills for sale 3 100ml in a tub and are seeled 70 quid posted to your door .so you get 50 tubes
  2. rifle bags sizes are 52 inch x6 1 at 45 /3 at 47/ 3 at 50 4 at 51 colour mostly brown 3 needing sewed at toe bit nothing major any one interested can give pics thru whatsapp open to offers also cheers for looking
  3. are you interested 17 leather gunbags some unbranded and some with the name conway of london
  4. joblot of leather gun bags some new some used and some needing fixed at toe bit nothing major thick leather 700 quid for all
  5. have 3 used shimano reels for sale with 2 spare pools and 3 reel bags looking for 200 quid posted to your door cheers reels are ultegra xt 1200 and 2 ultegra xsa 1000 spare spools are 6000
  6. have 2 slabs of hull comp x shot 7.5 load 28grams lenth 65mm case plastic selling for 90 pounds pick up dundee
  7. selling my classic reloader in 22-250 ,selling for 30 quid posted cheers.
  8. gooseman243


    have for sale lee 4 hole press plus lee scales lee dies which are 22-250 and a powder measure .the press needs the we plastic square for it to rotate which i have orded it and the powder measure needs a tray and it needs the no2 shell holder ,as i have misplaced .good starter for some one doing the 22-250. looking for 160 posted to your door
  9. joblot 6 pair of new army green light weight trousers size 85/96/112 3 pair and other 3 pair 80/96/112 .all 70 quid posted cheers
  10. have a well used deben terrier finder for sale whats in picture is what you get cheers 120 quid posted
  11. have 14 boxes of clearleaf fag papers 40 booklets in a box selling all for 90 quid posted cheers
  12. gooseman243


    selling this boat and 2 petrol outboards johnson 4hp and a seab 4hp outboard trailer oars fueltank but needs fuel lines outboards been in sheed for a year selling 500 pounds more pics can get more pics thro whatsapp cheers can get more pics on whatsapp cheers
  13. gooseman243


    ferret finder sold
  14. gooseman243


    ment to be 130 posted mate for ferret finder
  15. gooseman243


    ferret finder and collar 140 quid posted cheers.
  16. gooseman243


    Have a brand new deben mk3 ferret finder and collar never been used also deben terrier finder which has been well used has 2 locates works great selling both for 250 pounds posted
  17. gooseman243

    bowman 12g

    any one no were a can get the stuff to get the reloader up and going were to buy the resizing ring and the other bits tried bowman but they have nothing cheers
  18. gooseman243

    bowman 12g

    was thinking that mate cheers fer yer help
  19. gooseman243

    bowman 12g

    just whats in the picture thats all i have mate cheers
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