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  1. blaser f3 briley chokes, 6 and a case for £210 inc post F805312F-32D5-4633-8EFB-EFB2C4749112.heic
  2. iPad pro as new, bought as a present in march, still in warranty comes with a expensive leather case and box, charger and instructions as new, haven't really used it, no scratches, well over £1100 new its the 256gb one also... https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-pro/12.9-inch-display-256gb-space-grey-wifi asking £750 for quick sale also i have a 3rd gen pen sell separate
  3. Last of the Brand new shun knifes for sale Google them https://premierknives.co.uk/chef-knives/kai-shun-classic/slicing-knife-9-225cm-dm-0704/ £115 https://premierknives.co.uk/chef-knives/kai-shun-classic/chefs-knife-8-20cm-dm-0706/ £125 https://premierknives.co.uk/chef-knives/kai-seki-magoroko-composite/utility-knife-6-0-15-cm-mgc-0401/ £110 https://www.mychefknives.co.uk/kai-whetstones/8080-kai-japanese-whetstone-double-grit-3000-6000-plastic-stand.html?gmc_currency=3&gclid=CjwKCAjw1_PqBRBIEiwA71rmtTfDJ1tU9kf3vmNIIaYd4fxxFxwHdX55A0cJIldoU3g5WoEM6UYAXhoC4IwQAvD_BwE £30 all plus a small postage fee, all brand new, make no mistake these are the best knives money can buy, i have these and wusthof, forget your global rubbish, you can literally shave with these call 07809880929 MCGC-0401 Dm-0712 Dm-0704 Dm-0706 Wheatstone ap-0316
  4. hi, I've got 4 brand new only used 2 twice chokes new design 2 x u2 and 2 x u3 with a case and a choke wrench for sale I'm looking for £240
  5. Blaser muller f3 chokes for sale £60 each inc standard postage... if you buy 4 I’ll throw in a free case. They pattern amazing and are light as a feather. Great condition. I ordered 2 chokes from Jim muller which were $180 dollars plus £22 import charge so seems a fair price... Only selling as I now have 23 chokes between all blasers and have just realised I can only shoot one at a time? won't let me upload pics but i have u0 u1 u1 u2 u3 u4
  6. ill give u a shooting lesson for it hahahahah
  7. muller blaser f3 chokes u1 u2 please ta
  8. guys send me a pm with your phone numbers and ill send you picture messages
  9. no idea what there worth so lets say £55 each delivered for the jackets and £40 for the black vest
  10. hey guys, ive got 3 jackets near on perfect condition.. as follows musto winter waterproof jacket used in excellent condition all jackets are 48-52" chest musto waterproof jacket as new musto clay vest, used like 4 times, as new
  11. ta gordon... ill see if i can find him
  12. hi guys, I've got a grade 9 laser f3 and the wood is awesome, just don't think laser have finished it to its full potential, im super picky and i can see little pits in the finish .. i love light honey and black shiny finishes and want to get someone to do it... i remember years ago i sent a guy on here a stock... and this guy used to do some pretty amazing things with wood... can you guys recommend someone please ta
  13. Blaser chokes from a blaser. Used for 5 months so as new. In box. Cost £85 each... will fit into all blazers except mine for some reason. Pattern amazingly. Sell for £50 each or all for £225 posted.
  14. do you include a case for the reasonable price or £123456
  15. ddanby111


    as above.. wanted a good clean straight gun. cash waiting
  16. still for sale lads, open to offers... bump
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