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  1. Can someone explain why the energy support payment is going to all households with an energy supplier account. A lot of those who receive the £400 will still be on a fixed tariff (some for up to 2 years) and therefore not exposed to the price cap increase. Why does the government not leave the price cap as it is and pay the energy suppliers a sum which they have to use to offset the costs they supposedly are seeing.
  2. The Investarm fully moderated has ported barrels which are at risk of blocking with no fibre wads. Potential then to cause a barrel blockage with subsequent lodged wad.
  3. Whatever Shot type the wad needs to be fibre not plastic so that limits the choice.
  4. Yes on Hilux last summer. Due to redo in a couple of months with enough left from last year
  5. Good stuff , easy to apply and goes a long way. Just make sure you clean off chassis and prep well.
  6. Thanks for reply just had the first company to quote for just the roof replacement on a 4M x 3.5M Victorian style. Luckily I was sitting down when after the group discount he offered to sign me up today for £15K. Shortly after he left empty handed.
  7. If you don’t mind me asking what is the price for the roof conversion shown above. is it a total structure replacement ?
  8. I use 6mm sash cord , it is white and therefore easier to find if dropped. Also if you use a 3/4 tap washer as the stop the 6mm fits nicely to give good grip.
  9. I used the 28g 61/2 plastic wad for many years and found them superb on pigeon. My normal supplier only carries them now in fibre wad which I find have much more recoil and less effective on the birds.
  10. Check the highway authorities pothole reporting site to see if the defect has previously been reported. If it has then they cannot claim as a not known issue.
  11. TR1

    Rotary bag

    Looking for an original Croots rotary bag as used to be sold by Shoot Warehouse. Must be in good order Anyone wanting to sell
  12. TR1

    lk tv remote

    What’s actually wrong with the original remote. have found in the past that dismantling and cleaning the touch pads / board can sort many problems
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