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  1. Take a look on wheel-size.com to be sure
  2. https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24238/S400/ hope this helps
  3. That’s great but without some manufacturer document showing the unladen weight I would guess your plea would go unheard. Then it’s down to going through legal route with the inevitable costs involved. Shame the law and motor manufacturers can’t work from the same basis but I guess it’s only the driver who will suffer so no problem.
  4. I am aware of the unladen weight being difficult to obtain , Toyota have never provided me with the info for latest Hilux and ignore the issue. Referring only to kerb weight as you suggest, which is 2090kg for the InvincibleX. So when you get a ticket from a speed camera (which has taken the N1 class from the DVLA database) how do you provide the DPV data to the authorities to defend the speeding fine?
  5. So 86inch where on the v5 is dual purpose vehicle identified ?
  6. How is a dual purpose vehicle identified on the V5
  7. Charlie what did they cost / what load if you don’t mind telling. I am looking for supply local to Basingstoke
  8. Most later pickups are classed as commercial and first registered N1 on the V5. This determines road tax rate at £265 BUT also that commercial vehicle speed limits apply. If you find any registered as M1 (PLG) then higher road tax applies and normal speed limits.
  9. TR1

    Valve Rubber

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183153804146 would something like this do
  10. I think the nearest you will find is 225 50 17 which gives approx 3 mm difference in tyre diameter. This results in approx 9.5mm rolling circumference. wheel-size.com will give you all the parameters by vehicle.
  11. My understanding is . Speed cameras refer to the DVLA database by registration. So the vehicle classification M1 (car) or N1 (lgv) is determined by first registration. LGV has the benefit of lower road fund license but the penalty of lower speed limits.
  12. TR1

    Tyres set of 4

    Bridgestone Dueler H/ T 684 Size 265 65 17 112S Approx 7mm tread depth at centre of tyre. £120 collection GU11 postcode
  13. I believe this is correct and automatic speed cameras work from dual data base which references vehicle class , N1 being commercial and therefore lower speed limits. If the same vehicle was first registered as M1 private not N1 commercial then normal speed limits apply. Problem here is that normal road tax is applicable which may be higher than commercial @ £265.
  14. I will even throw on a cleaning kit , that should winkle out a buyer.
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