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  1. I think a number of people will actually join BASC or another organisation to have the legal support in case they are challenged as users of the new GLs in whatever form they finally emerge. At least in the short term. Very few could afford the legal costs of defending themselves against a fully funded anti group.
  2. The latest update is only to the interactive map showing where protected birds are NOT the actual licence GL31
  3. Take a look at the link , much of the content of the new GL31 seems to be based on this .https://cereals.ahdb.org.uk/media/1191562/11-15_Woodpigeon_factsheet_web.pdf they have selectively used this report and left out the content supporting covert shooting. Seems to me that some of the content could be used to respond if challenged while shooting under the GL.
  4. You could shoot on stubble if it was to divert birds from a growing crop under attack and therefore protect that crop, this was always the case I believe. iI would guess that shooting on a game cover crop next to a growing crop under attack would also be deemed OK Both of the above of course need to be conducted together with or after the failure of .non lethal methods
  5. As far as I can see it does not restrict shooting to peak breeding season but suggests it is only permitted if control outside that period is not effective. It also seems to put the onus on the grower as the prime user of the license to maintain non lethal method usage and records.
  6. Look in settings , general , keyboard , predictive is it on or off?
  7. Complete the relevant form , save it as a pdf and then attach to an email to the email address shown on the document. if it gets through an acknowledgement should be issued which is your proof of application.
  8. Check your junk folder that’s where my confirmation went. Don’t get to excited it only asks you to confirm your email and set a password . After that when you sign in you don’t get far. Even the help line is not available .
  9. I have registered , got my number and confirmed email. Signed in can see profile but that’s it.
  10. The NE CWM portal does not seem to be active for applying for new licences , it just hangs , so that will be useful later.
  11. TR1

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