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  1. Wow that is some expensive roofing.
  2. What would be the approx cost per m2 of the solid tiled style replacement roofing.
  3. How many households fall into the average use band. just been forced to EDF after Utility Point failed. Still waiting to find out how much we will be ripped of for on the standard tariff. We use more than the average so bound to see a huge increase from our UP fixed tariff.
  4. That explains either heavy hit or miss at close range with 20b. so can choke be opened out?
  5. What choke is the Investarm o/u hushpower. Can the choke be opened up without causing problems at the baffles?
  6. Could it possibly be an old 2 way switched circuit using a 3 core and earth ?
  7. TR1


    While they will fit you need to consider the effect on the speedo which will be inaccurate (over reading) and road holding. Also if that tyre size is not a standard fitment for the vehicle type then your insurance would need to be notified or may be invalid in the event of an accident. Take a look on wheel-size.com , you can search by vehicle make / model.
  8. I would think that with nearly 3inch larger diameter you would have all sorts of rubbing issues. That is without a big speedo error.
  9. Do will still get a discount from above. Cannot seem to find code
  10. TR1

    Security scam ?

    Just received message on mobile that my Pigeonwatch password has been released due to a data breach. any Mod confirm this is a scam ?
  11. Thanks for that , the rifle is still under warranty so I am reluctant to change things at the moment. I am sure in time your suggestions will get done.
  12. I appreciate this is an old topic but I have just picked up a Remington Express XP. I have a few question which I hope some of you may be able to help with. 1 With the standard 3-9 x 32 scope the target is a little blurred at about 15metres. Is there any adjustment to improve this. 2 The sound moderator appears a little in the scope , is this normal. 3 The scope has no manufacturers logo/name , any idea who makes it. 4. The scope has a reticule focus adjustment which does not seem to do anything , reticule is sharp image no matter how the adjustment is set. thanks in advance
  13. Promax is good , always have a tube or 2 in stock. Much cheaper online from many suppliers
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