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  1. Hampshire and IOW sent out OK to shoot update today. Must observe social distancing rules.
  2. It is also important to understand how the score breaks down. Several factors are used to make up each side hip score (eg sublaxation) if the score is made up of several individual feature scores of 1 it is less of a problem than have a score of 6 from one attribute.
  3. TR1

    Samsung fridge freezer

    Thanks all for your suggestions . When new sensor arrives I will shut down unit and check all areas.
  4. I have an RS21 Side by side fridge freezer. The freezer is running more often than usual and for longer. Have ordered a new temperature sensor as that seems to be a common problem. Front display temperature stays as set but using separate thermometer shows freezer temp drops quite quickly after cycle finishes. Any suggestions greatfully received.
  5. Issued by Hampshire Constabulary Today , covers also IOW All organised sporting and recreational shooting activities have been suspended until further notice. With regards pest and vermin control and deer management by firearm or shotgun certificate holders, this activity should only continue if it is essential in preventing such things as crop damage or harm to livestock. If your occupation or employment is in pest and vermin control or deer management, you will need to be able to evidence your activity as being essential. The BASC website refers to gamekeepers and pest controllers who “require firearms to assist in crucial management” and further advice should be sought from this or other trade bodies or representative organisations.Unless the activity is taking place on your own land or tied estate and does not require travel between locations, our advice is that if you are not employed in pest or vermin control as part of your livelihood, employment or business, you should refrain from such activity. If you decide to engage in this activity or travel with a view to engaging in the activity and you are challenged by a police officer, you will have to show that your movements or activities are essential, and not unlawful under the new legislation. Holders should also be aware that if they do not heed this advice and are found in circumstances that suggest a danger to public safety or to the peace, this may result in consideration being given to the revocation of their certificate/s.
  6. A lot will depend on the value of the pension. Independent Financial Advise is probably the best route but can be costly.
  7. Is the picture of your actual boots please
  8. TR1


    Thanks triumphant59 , I assume yours is the non diff lock model. The adblue appears to be an issue as you say. At least should be sorted under warranty if it arises.
  9. TR1


    Thanks for that
  10. TR1


    That’s encouraging. GUstaff , did you use alder model 17 inch wheels , did they fit without issue. Seems that D49 rims are readily available but have a different offset.
  11. Hi , just reflecting on your Navara. Did you change to the older Navara  D40 17 inch wheels for the mud tyres. Did they fit without issue. I see lots of them on eBay and relatively cheap so may be the way to go.

    1. TR1


      The thing I find most frustrating is the Nissan dealers will not allow off road test drive. How can you judge the ability of the 4x4 system on a normal road. So you fork out £25k and hope all is OK.
    2. TR1


      Thanks for that
    3. TR1


      Does anyone use a latest version Navara whithout rear diff lock for off road use. I am looking at Navara and Hilux as options to replace my Landcruiser but finding it difficult to get real life feedback on suitability of either for relatively difficult use in mud etc.
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