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    Shooting, my main thing is accuracy, I hate people in our sport who risk injury to increase the bag when shooting for pleasure, for me its not about that. I do understand that people who are dealing with plagues of vermin have to live by other rules though, however a good clean shot should always be our first goal!! I also do bit of photography and fishing.<br /><br />My gun is a Beretta Silver Pigeon 28" Game which I will keep forever.I also shoot a SAKO 22LR Varmint with Bushnell Elite scope. A nice little rifle. My latest is the Remmy 700 SPS in 243 with the accuracy international folding stock with jewel trigger and harris bipod..Love it.<br /><br />My dogs are a LAB X and a ESS. <br /><br />I'm a married man with two kids and an engineering supervisor for a national security company, so if you need secuirty at any level send me a PM.
  1. http://www.guntrader.co.uk/GunsForSale/101115182951174 Please follow the link to the Guntrader Website where its advertised.
  2. Yes the xbox gets my vote! Justin lives... if anyone wants to add me..dont mind getting ripped up on COD now and then..lol
  3. Silver Pigeon Now Sold. Remmy 700 SPS with accuracy international stock plus scope is still for sale within the trading post.
  4. Many thanks, I'll let you know if its still around as it gets nearer the time. PM P.S I'd be happy to take a holding deposit if anyone was looking for the time to arrange a finance agreement , I'd say about 85 quid a month for 2 years with most banks.
  5. Hi all, all the toys have to go.... The rifle is the .243 Remington 700 SPS with heavy screw cut Barrel. Standard stock has been replaced with an Accuracy International folding stock. Standard trigger has been replaced with a Jewel trigger, and its a joy to use compared to standard. BARSKA SWAT 6-24X60 mm with 7 stage Illuminated Mildot Reticule, with flip up scope covers and high scope mounts.. a UK Google search will tell you more about the scope Harris Bipod LM Model S series, quick release extension. A-Tec Moderator- makes it sound more like a .22 Rim Custo
  6. Thanks fellas, the price is now 750.00 for everything...and I do agree with the season just over the horizon its an ideal gun for the game shoots or walking up. Light, well made and in excellent condition
  7. This item is still for sale on the next page. Price is now 750.00 for the lot. Please, only make inquiries if you have the funds to pay as I've already been let down after a 200 mile round trip. Thanks fellas, the buyer wont be be disappointed with this gun. The PM
  8. Hi, the gun is choked at 1/4 and 1/2, and the gun was bought new by me 4 years ago. Thanks for all the interest, I am receiving offers that are very close to the asking price so if the beretta silver pigeon is your gun of choice then I can assure you this is one excellent example that has been very well looked after. If required you can even shoot before you buy/ Many thanks PM
  9. Cranfield you never used be so grumpy all those years ago!! haha only kidding fella.. As Cranfield has pointed out, the fixed price of the Gun and extras is 795.00 sterling...my pound signs ******** Thanks mate I wasn't aware
  10. Last picture guys..anyone interested pm me.. Many thanks and thanks for looking
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