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  1. Don't hand your gun's to the police they'll be fit for nowt if you get them back, if they are shot guns you have try and get a mate or mates to store them for you, as for your med records ask the doctors for a copy of them which you are entitled to get free of charge, think they have to give you them within a certain time frame and then get MedCert or one of the others mentioned to do the pro-forma form.
  2. If you can scan you GP forms to attach to you e-mail that would be better I don't think a photo will be clear enough.
  3. Thats what I thought at the time especially as a mates was up for renewal about the same time and he'd had a heart attack 18 months before and all he got was the phone call, there's one good thing it might not be the same FEO as last time, Ive never seen the same one twice in the last 20 years of renewal's.
  4. It's just that 5 years ago when my SGC was up for renewal the FEO made a bit of an issue about me having had a heart attack in 1996, at the time some SGC holders was just getting a phone call just to see if any thing had changed with the cabinet location or any other changes, he said he came out to see me to see if I was fit enough to go out shooting despite the fact I was working full time as a carpet fitter, and delivering the odd lot of furniture.
  5. Hi, as anyone ever had any issues with renewing their SGC with their FEO after having heart by-pass surgery? Buckster
  6. Aye, only been at my practice for 59yrs , dropped my forms off this morning and might only get them back after Christmas/beginning of the new year.
  7. Hi, has it got a block end and is the lining ok ?
  8. She is one lucky dog, especially as it was on the M61 where she was hit.
  9. I bought a pair of CEN pro flex1e about 3 months ago, first time I used them the right one stopped working after ten minutes, put a new battery in still nowt, tried another new battery still nowt .Phoned them Monday morning and told them what was happening and could they send a new module out and I would put this in the post back to them as Id only had them 2 days and used them once, they said no you will have to take them back to the people that did the order and they will send it back and we will do tests and repair if necessary which is what they did, from impressions it took 3 1/2 weeks t
  10. Thats why Charlie Jacoby only had 30 mins on stage
  11. Also saw him in Blackpool a good few years ago,remember two women getting up and walking out saying he was too vulgar " he's not like that on the tele" 😂😂😂
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