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  1. I bought a pair of CEN pro flex1e about 3 months ago, first time I used them the right one stopped working after ten minutes, put a new battery in still nowt, tried another new battery still nowt .Phoned them Monday morning and told them what was happening and could they send a new module out and I would put this in the post back to them as Id only had them 2 days and used them once, they said no you will have to take them back to the people that did the order and they will send it back and we will do tests and repair if necessary which is what they did, from impressions it took 3 1/2 weeks to get them and another 3 weeks for the repair.
  2. Thats why Charlie Jacoby only had 30 mins on stage
  3. Also saw him in Blackpool a good few years ago,remember two women getting up and walking out saying he was too vulgar " he's not like that on the tele" 😂😂😂
  4. Been to Iceland 3 times and been fortunate to see the lights on each occasion.One bit of advise I would give is if you are booking a coach trip in Iceland to see the lights is to book it for the beginning of your stay, then if you don't see them that night you can fit another trip in usually free of charge.
  5. sorry to be a pain,its for a mate he wants to know if its leather and is it the the one in the pic
  6. What size waist will it go to please?
  7. Yeah done Iceland-Norway with Royal Caribbean from Southampton in first week of Sept 2014, 10 days which was a bit to long for me.Had Holidays in Iceland before which are good but the scenery in Norway is absolutely stunning,also got to see the northern lights after leaving Akureyri Iceland to sail to Norway.
  8. Ive got 4 magnetic upholstery hammers like the one in the link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magnetic-Steel-Upholstery-Tack-Hammer/dp/B001RLCHBQ all have lost the magnetism, does any body from PW collective know how I can re-magnetise them?TIA Buck
  9. Been to Iceland 3 times lucky enough to see them every visit.
  10. Done, There's some people in the place that I live complaining about the church bell ringers practising on a Monday nights for an hour.
  11. Got mine from here https://www.butchersequipment.co.uk
  12. 2 Beretta optima HP chokes, flush fitting. Full and full £30 each + £4 signed for postage, or collect Chorley,Lancashire
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