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  1. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    Ok. Land has been sorted with people and guns are half way to being sold. Thanks for all the interest and ta ra Big thanks to all the decent people ive met through shooting over the years (some of who are now lifelong friends), and a big up yours to the people who turned out to be simpletons.
  2. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    right folks, got enough names on the list and more than enough offers. Thanks for all the interest. Rob, ill only come out the day you do hahah. (not too far away then
  3. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    thanks for the interest folks. Ill be in touch as soon as ive decided on what im doing and how to go about it.
  4. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    ive a cz.22lr bolt action with mod and a cz.22lr semi auto with mod, both with glass and can be tested (as long as you dont start enjoying the semi auto 10 shot mag ) ill list these in the next few months once the land is sorted. Both top guns and used and tuned all the time. working tools here im afraid, nothing fancy.
  5. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    thanks robbie. this is land that needs a serious looking after and im glad to have the interest from people who are able to give it the time it needs. Ive got a local regular crew qho i shoot with and they will have first dibs on the bassis that they can manage it. Ive got a list of PMs already, but please keep them coming as the right person isnt always the first.
  6. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    thanks dude. Im at that stage where my engery is zapped and i cant commit as much as id like. Im handing in my tickets as soon as ive milked the guns for what i can get. Maybe its an age thing haha (wouldnt mind, but ive amassed a nice set of shooters now)
  7. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    Thanks chaps. Ive found some smashing new hobbies and would you believe it, but marine fish cost an arm and a leg. Im really into fishing so its not like ill be bored.
  8. MM

    The big "im packing up".

    i went to derby once.....it was shut hahah. Sad to see the back of it all Sparkie, but its about time i passed the reigns over i think. Perfect chance for a voluptuous 19 year old redhead who has problems mouting her horse... and needs a hand hahah
  9. Well. Its come to that time. Ive been shooting quite a few years now thanks to guys such as MagMan and the likes, but ive decided its time to hang up my guns and concerntrate on other hoobies such as fishing and whatever. So, with some experience behind me and some very, very hard earned permisions, im considering leaving the hobbie and finding another way to waste my time. Ive around 1200 acres to shoot over and they are made up of pasture, forrests, crop and rough ground, all located on the wirral. These pockets of land will not available for poaching from me, as the relationship with the land owners is one that is based on trust and hard bloody work. If you think you can just walk in and take them, please think again. The farmers ive been dealing with are, as im sure you are aware, are....welll,.... farmers. They dont take well to strangers. What i am willling to do over the next few months is take people out with me and see how they are on the land, and how they manage to cover what i show them. Its not an easy job, and needs weekly attention, but the hard work and time you are willing to put into it will be well worth it. I should add that there is also land for ferreting. Again, this has all been hard fought for and will need the right person. So. What will you need? Well, i started with a .22 air rifle and a crappy old shotgun. It would be hard work to manage this land now with these (trust me, i know), but i would say at least a .22 lr (opne ticket ideal) and the ability to use a shotgun or at least have someone at hand who can guide you. This would be your perm, nobody else's, and this is at the request of the land owners. I will be seeling all of my guns, from air rifles to cf, to shotguns over the next few weeks (if its ok with the site owner) and taking a list of pms to take people out with me for a guided tour/shoot. Ive been biten by the marine fish bug over the past year, and with the older i get, the more id rather be sat watching a goby sift sand, than sat in the rain waiting for pigeons. If the admin can see fit to open my PM's for me as they are restricted. Im not bothered about where you are located, but if you live in Derby, it might be a bit of a rush when the farmer wants you there that day. Common sense is required here. So, for an orderly queue and ill do my best to get back to you as soon as ive made a decision. Regards, MM/ Martin.
  10. I've had a few pms from members asking if ill be collecting razors clams on the spring tide, and would I mind taking them. Ill be doing my annual collection this weekend if anybody else wants to tag along. I don't come on here these days, but it would be nice to meet up with the crew who have come with me previously (any any new to it). Bring a bucket and a headlamp. Wellies are advised. SUNDAY 2nd march. Leasowe Wirral. If interested, pm me for exact meeting point. Mart.
  11. If anybody (1 person) wants a bit of rough shooting on BOXING DAY, let me know. Cant put this in the right section as im not allowed to view it. Also, reply on here as im not allowed PM's. WIRRAL MM
  12. MM


    a previous thread was deleted.
  13. MM


    Hi al4x. As much as i can tolerate banter, to be called cheap and underhanded is something i wont put up with. Although, i will accept an apology.
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