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  1. By no means an expert either but be aware that many started life with quite thin barrels and they will not have got any thicker. Also, I was advised by a well regarded stocker that altering cast can be quite difficult due to the amount of metal the trigger plate locks are mounted on. GBS
  2. I disagree. Webley may well have been the mainstay of the trade but they weren't cheap or of poor quality. They were popular, made in quantity and exported around the works so perhaps more like a Beretta/Browning/Miroku today. You can have the basic one or you can have a shiny one. GBS
  3. I think by 1920 Sumner was employed full time by Boss. I suspect this is Harry Kell (or his team at least). GBS Thank you. I am now itching to get out and shoot it. This one is a mere youngster in comparison with yours. Best, GBS
  4. It is a 1920 JD&son round action. The engraving is surprisingly crisp considering it is 99 years old. GBS
  5. GBS

    Duck guns

    Greener 'Far Killer'. 30", Full and extra full. 42g 3s for the geese. 1920s.
  6. Yes please. This will be perfect for my boy. PM to follow. GBS
  7. J Blanch, 16g BLE, 28" barrels with useful choke of 3/8 and 5/8. This gun continues to surprise me with its ability at longish range. G Being both a Greener and a 16g fan, I like this a lot!
  8. I have two, both 12g although one built for game (6 1/2lb) and the other for duck shooting (7 1/2lb). Oddly it is the 'Far Killer' duck gun that is auto safe. Absolutely fine to use as long as there is enough grip to the safety catch otherwise a cold or gloved hand can slide over the top. GBS
  9. I was considering the first. The second iwas a fleeting thought but it is very difficult to retain the balance and handling which then defeats the point or buying this type of gun*. Sadly i am not Stebbing and i'd be jolly cross at Grandpa for selling the Beesleys if i was! * Does anyone have any experience of having a really good sleeving job done? The sort of job where it isn't patently obvious that the gun has been sleeved the moment you pick it up? GBS
  10. No worries, thank you. I've tried contacting them. GBS
  11. Thank you but these are from a different lot in the September Auction. I am after June. Similar guns though. GBS
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