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  1. I was considering the first. The second iwas a fleeting thought but it is very difficult to retain the balance and handling which then defeats the point or buying this type of gun*. Sadly i am not Stebbing and i'd be jolly cross at Grandpa for selling the Beesleys if i was! * Does anyone have any experience of having a really good sleeving job done? The sort of job where it isn't patently obvious that the gun has been sleeved the moment you pick it up? GBS
  2. No worries, thank you. I've tried contacting them. GBS
  3. Thank you but these are from a different lot in the September Auction. I am after June. Similar guns though. GBS
  4. Not at all, the same lot has reappeared elsewhere with a slightly different description and i'm doing my homework.....
  5. Good afternoon, Does anyone have a copy of the bore and wall measurement information for the June 2018 sale? In particular, lot 1301? Thanks, GBS
  6. He thought he was invisible in the crook of a tree - 1699
  7. Does anyone have the above books? If so, i would be very grateful of a copy of the gun building records (numbers of shotguns and what configuration) for both DM-B and also JD. I'm after quantity of guns built per year since about 1980. Many thanks, GBS
  8. Wanted as above. thanks, GBS
  9. GBS

    Army & navy csl BLE

    Looking at this with the Greener cross bolt, pin locations and general shape of the action and stock it appears to be pretty similar. GBS
  10. I have two. A game model and a heavy 3" wildfowling one. No problem with the side safety. GBS
  11. GBS

    Heads up

    me too. if it looks too good to be true.........
  12. GBS

    Heads up

    theres a 30" beretta S687 on gun trader at £575. If no problems looks to be a very good deal. https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/beretta/over-under/12-gauge/687-160926092947828 I have no connection with the sale. GBS
  13. Does anyone have an opinion on the quality or fitness for purpose of the above two models of electronic ear defenders? I appreciate the Peltors are bulky but they appear to be a quality product whilst the Deben items look a little cheap. Little in it price wise. Deben - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Deben-Electronic-Defenders-Slimline-Stereo/dp/B004DN9NFI Peltor - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000Q04MRG/ref=dra_a_rv_bb_ho_xx_P3110_100?tag=dradisplay0bb-21&ascsubtag=5b9e3c13604e811a4753c8c4f25afc65_S Put me right if i'm worng. Thanks, GBS