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  1. This is understood. Thank you, their stock is on Guntrader. Thank you, the pretty Wilkes 28g was in for restocking and not for sale, sadly. GBS
  2. I have been tasked with finding a smart .410 or 28g (or possibly both) by a friend. At this time they do not want an Aya, Ugartechea, Yildiz or a belgian hammergun and their preference is for it/them to be British made. I am aware of what is available on Guntrader etc. Does anyone have anything that might fit the bill that they are considering parting with? Thanks, GBS
  3. That's very kind, thank you. I have bought three replacement handles for my two maul heads so this should satisfy my inner Neanderthal for some time! GBS
  4. Thank you for the responses, I think i've found suitable replacement that should be there, or thereabouts size wise. GBS
  5. I've broken the handle on my log splitting maul and need to find a replacement. I also have a spare maul head that I inherited some time ago. The sockets are approximately 46mm x 30mm and 46mm x 34mm. Am I going to have to buy something like this Faithfull FAIAM42 Ash Maul Handle 1066 x 54 x 40mm | Toolden and shave it down to size (and shorten the shaft) or is there an easier way? Lastly, I always thought hickory was the way to go but there seem to be ash and beech shafts available. Any to steer clear of? Thanks, GBS
  6. I think Phil Taylor at Bozard and Co had a very tidy CG 20 (Essex i think) a few days ago. GBS
  7. Thanks Agriv8, This is for a 2009 (current shape) Toyota Landcruiser. The option of a Toyota wiring loom is an additional £100 on top of £400 or so. GBS
  8. Thank you for this. Please can you elaborate why ScotchLocks are such a bad idea? I'm sure I could DIY it but it would be another thing to add to a very long list. I think this may be one of those things that its will be quicker and easier to pay for - happy wife, happy life! GBS
  9. Thank you for all responses, i have quotes of £430 - £880 so far. This is reassuring as they are the lower quote. GBS
  10. Thank you for the replies. I should have clarified, I am looking at companies online who offer to come and do a mobile fitting at your house. I'm slightly surprised at the cost but i think i had underestimated the work involved. GBS
  11. I need to get a tow bar fitted. Does anyone have any experience, positive or negative, of any of the firms that offer this service? GBS
  12. After Windswept's suggestion above, i googled Iron Pyrite Nodule and found this article which is quite interesting, if a little dry, and has a photo of something very similar. The Many Faces of Fool's Gold | American Scientist GBS
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. I don't think it is a sea urchin fossil - photo for comparison. GBS
  14. Thank you, i think that's spot on. I don't specifically recall but I imagine it was chalky being in the Wiltshire downs. This was also in the same field. GBS
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