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  1. Ideally parts 1 - 4. thanks, GBS
  2. Are you removing as much loose soil as possible from the trap area and the tunnels to either side? This prevents soil being pushed ahead of the mole and triggering the trap. I try to smooth off the tunnel floor where the trap is set by pushing down the soil with a fist or spade handle. GBS
  3. And I had a bit of fun trying to photograph the rabbit warren Inside the barrels.
  4. I’ve now measured the barrels. The good news is that it is in proof. However, that’s where the good news ends. Wall thicknesses are mid-low teen thousandths of an inch. So, it will need sleeving. If anyone is interested in taking this on as a project, and is under no illusion as to the cost, please let me know. It does need to go to someone with the motivation, and means, to carry out the work as the longer it lies around the more risk there is that someone mistakenly shoots it. GBS
  5. What would you like to judge? I’ll try and take a photo to show what you’re after. GBS
  6. Thank you for all of the replies, i'm impressed that there is some enthusiasm for the gun. The problem lies as follows, assuming (and this is the big one) the barrels are OKish, then it will still need: Barrels - dents lifted, rib relaid, lapped, and browned. Action - re-jointed and thoroughly serviced. Stock repaired (cracked through the hand but quite neatly), refinished and re-chequered. It is a very nice piece of walnut. This would be the bare minimum of work required and would cost, i imagine, using a small independent 'smith, the thick end of £2k. At the end of this you still have a gun with a broken stock and pitted barrels that is unlikely to be worth £2k to anyone else. I'll measure the barrels later and try to get an idea of how bad the pitting is. I don't have the appetite for this project but if anyone is serious about carrying out the work then this is infinitely preferable to scrapping it. GBS p.s. I am aware of James' work and, if I did the work it would probably go to him. He is about to start re-stocking a gun for a friend who would lynch me if I distracted him at the moment! A couple more photos:
  7. I have a pretty little 16g Damascus backlock ejector that I suspect needs to be scrapped. It is loose, has a cracked stock and pitted barrels and, whilst good, probably doesn’t warrant restoration. Does anyone have any experience of what could be kept? Could the Damascus barrels be cut for knife making? Could parts of the action be removed and surrendered and the lock plates and action lump retained? I assume it would be ok to keep the stock. Perhaps I am being silly and it just needs to go but the workmanship seems to me too good to bin. GBS
  8. Thank you for the comments on the gun. The plan is to use it for everything over the next five years assuming lead shot is phased out. There was a really flat light the other evening which made photographing the, usually difficult, metal parts quite straightforward. GBS
  9. This was the view from the 'butt' and the birds came at all angles from dead ahead at eye level, high and wide to both sides, just lipping over the wall and high driven.
  10. Left Dickson's in 1920. Pigeons from a flightline and crouching behind a wall. A bit like budget grouse....... GBS
  11. GBS


    Their confusion between date of transfer and date of notification.
  12. GBS


    I recently acquired a .22 following a wanted advert on here and notified my police firearms department accordingly. Yesterday, I received a call from the police reminding me that travelling to purchase a gun is entirely non-essential and shouldn't have taken place. A gentle rap across the knuckles. Fortunately, this transfer was actually made just before the lockdown started but be aware that the police are monitoring transfers during lockdown. GBS
  13. GBS

    Inexpensive .22LR

    Sorted via a PM on here. Many thanks, GBS
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