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  1. Thanks for that, I will drop you a Pm later this evening, as I said though I am in the process of buying at the minute so no rush for a couple of months, (then I will want it the next day) only joking but I will want to move sharply on it as before I can sell mine I need it up Thanks barney
  2. Ok Thanks for that, I am in Telford so not worth him quoting when I am ready
  3. Whereabouts in the country are you ? Thanks barney
  4. Thank you all for your thoughts, my Dad had one built I said about 7 years ago I origanaly thought turns out it was 15 years ago that cost £11,000 just the shell with a roof and pit, pitched roof with steel beams to give a loft space, garage is 6.3 x 7 metres some old looking bricks and pan tiles on the roof, this was done by a local builder to a very good standard, they arranged everything and cleared all the mess after
  5. Hi, wondered if there is any builders on here that could give me an idea of a price for the above in Telford 7x7 metres pitched roof preferably minus the doors and electrics, could do with a price roughly in brick and block just to give me a starting guide, Thanks barney
  6. Yes mate its a large as per pic
  7. Anyone interested in a brand new Musto technical tweed tailored waistcoat ? £45 posted
  8. If you fancy hiring, I work for a firm that builds and hires mobile exhibition u its, I am sure we will have something to suit, hire or buy
  9. No I watched 2 of them in different places that didn't pose a safe shot, not seen Muntjac round here only Fallow Thanks barney Thanks for sending them, I can only download the 1 though Thanks barney
  10. I have tried that but to be honest I can't seem to find a call quite like it, it's a regular 3 barks then keeps walking then another 3 and so on
  11. Thanks to both who have replied, email address sent via pm Cheers barney
  12. Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get a fox call for my foxpro scorpion ? I am not sure what the call is, but I have seen a couple of foxes walking across a field giving 3 barks in a row pausing the another 3 and this keeps on for a while, I would like to try this on my Foxpro if someone can help, Thanks barney
  13. Another row of stitching up the side of each loop, as above ask mel b3 if his wife can do it if you can't
  14. After reading all these views, I am going to be blunt with my comment, I lost my best mate and shooting buddy Feb this year, he shot himself and turns out he had been googling depression and went to the doctors twice in a fortnight and 3 days before was given tablets, so his self diagnosis was right and rubbishes the above post, his illness was devastating and more for his Dad that found him, so please don't assume people devalue it
  15. Yes I fitted mine about 12 months ago expensive but good, easy to fit & don't even notice it's there
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