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  1. Hi due to uncertainty in my current syndicate, I am looking for either half gun or full gun in a stand one/beat one around Northumberland . Budget is around the £500 mark Fully insured and safe shot. More than Happy to help with working days and feeding. Please pm if you have a place
  2. MB1

    V-max 6mm 58gr

    Brought than change rifle caliber, full box of 100 £27 posted or £25 collected from Ne15
  3. I know it’s near the start of the season and all the hard work has nearly been done but are there any shoots still looking for a gun/ half gun around the northeast area. Not after massive bag and more than happy to help out with any feed days etc. About £600 max. Cheers
  4. Probably a long shot as there seems to be a lot of syndicate has been kicked off this year and plenty of guns looking for spaces but if anyone knows of any that are looking for a gun/ half gun around Northumberland area. Not after massive bag and more than happy to help out with work days etc. About £600 max. Thanks
  5. Hi, what the rough location? Am interested. Cheers
  6. Where are you based? Got some full body pigeon one you can have for free.
  7. What sort of syndicate? Just for airguns or are you will to pay for a pheasant shoot which you could shoot all year?
  8. Anyone got any pigeon they shot and don't want, just for fox bait so condition and smell not important, can pick up anytime, pm me and we cam sort a deal out.
  9. Does anyone know if natural England have sign the new shooting rights for the north end of lindisfarne,
  10. the timing belt where still being used in 2004 engine in some of the Spanish built soft top jimny, which this was All can can guess this being a early 2005 models it was in some storage area for a few month then register on a 2005 plate.
  11. Listing for my mate who has just brought a Defender so his jimny is up for sale, 05 reg Suzuki Jimny 1.3 petrol engine, this has been modified for shooting / lamping, It has been made into a pickup with shooting rail, sump guard, snorkel, 1 inch wheel spacers, nobbly tyres and rock sliders, In the back it has a lockable storage box/ seats, rotating lamp tow bar and rear step. Approx 66000 miles but this is still being use weekly so it will go up, the timing belt was replaced at 60,000 miles and has 11 months mot. Body work is in good condition but please bear in mind this
  12. MB1

    .223 brass

    Thanks for the offer but now sorted
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