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  1. Cheers mate 👍🏻 That’s why I’ve sacked off my days driven shooting this sat and am instead driving down to West Wales where I won’t shoot I will only be working the dog. The bloke running it is a very experienced trialler so hopefully all goes to plan
  2. Lloyd90

    Duck guns

    I've got a semi auto Remington 11-87 that'll take 3" carts and HP steel I believe but I do like shooting the old rough and ready side by side PS what do you use? 32g 5's ? Just read this off the web re gamebore super steel Gamebore 12-bore Super Steel is a high-velocity steel load that is available in boxes of 25. These 32g loads are a 2¾in cartridge that come in shot sizes 5, 4 and 3. The 4s and 5s are suitable for use in standard 2¾in chambered guns; however, the size 3 shot should only be used in high-performance steel shot-proofed guns, with barrels and chokes designed for steel loads. Read more at https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/uncategorized/duck-cartridges-80838#YKhJl3fdz7xpZzao.99
  3. Lloyd90

    Duck guns

    What's everyone using for their duck guns then? Are many using side by sides? I have an old spanish master SxS with 1/2 and FULL chokes which I believe I can use with non- HP steel no issue as per the BASC guidance.
  4. Apologies for the delay didn't see you had replied. I have not had a chance to drop it down the garage as yet as flat out on my placement with the mental health team and I need my mate to take it down in his van. As usual life gets in the way. I am hoping to drop it down there soon, the garage is sound and has a lot of experience so I think they are best to have a look not me.
  5. Not much to update, we have been doing some training up the mountain's of Wales, hunting through Bracken for balls, using a remote powered rabbit on a line to simulate a flush and the starter pistol to which Ted has been 100% steady. I think rough shooting isn't as hectic as a driven shoot as there aren't artificial numbers of birds with so many at once. Although I paid to join a driven shoot this year, I am missing this Saturday to instead drive down to West Wales where I have been invited on a days rough shooting instead. I hope it is good as I have been offered a spot on the syndicate for next year. It is a small rough shoot that has been setup by lads who want to train their dogs rather than just being focused on the shooting so we shall see how we get on
  6. Hope you make swift recovery. Surprising how fragile we are at times, a young lad of 25 from my home town went to bed on Sunday night normally, had a fit and died there and then. 25 years old, goes to bed and never wakes up.
  7. What if the deposit is more than you think the day is worth? Lots of shoots are asking for 50% or many 100% up front. Did you raise it as an issue?
  8. Name and shame as there were several shoots like this last year... we need to know if it's the same people over and over.
  9. Didn't one have his medals / titles stripped just the other week for cheating?
  10. Just look at any competitive sports ... if the people who are getting big pro contracts or making it as pro athlete's are using steroids or PED's then anyone who wants to achieve to that level will also NEED to take them. The benefits to recovery, enhancement, speed, power, all play into it. There are lots of athlete's using during off-season as some of those benefits will stick around once stopped for a while. Just look at the number of athletes' that claim to have asthma, or some other "normal" medical condition, so they then have an excuse when a certain medication shows up in their tests. Ephedrine was a prime example in cold and flu medications... "I had a cold and the team Dr prescribed me them for that... I never knew it would give me an advantage" was the line to give. Whilst we can say people are "forced" to take them... they aren't really forced, they could walk away from the sport, or they could compete without them, and lose. I think it was a massive sham when Lance Armstrong was caught doping and everyone pretended to know nothing about it and hung him out to dry. As if he had a massive advantage but the bloke hot on his heels was what some sort of superhuman?
  11. Yes ... it’s just the Russians 🙄... people between 10-20% increases in performance and we think the person finishing 10cm behind them from the U.K. or USA is drug free? 🤷‍♂️😂
  12. Sorry this is gone, we met this morning at the clay ground and I collected Great bloke to deal with.
  13. As I set off from home the weather looked good. That changed just as we all arrived on the shoot and we had a day of heavy rain. We did a few drives but called quits early as the birds weren’t flying well once it really started raining so we left them alone rather than shoot low poor flyers. Anyways, at one point I stuck my hand in my jacket pocket and found a puddle 😣... and some of the water was making it through both trousers (jack Pyle) and my coat (Percussion) ...so I am looking for advice on how to wash coat and trousers and re-waterproof them please 👍🏻. Also what do you do when your carts get wet? My cart bag was absolutely soaked and a load of carts were a bit wet as well. At present they are stacked out with space between them all on the counter top with a fan heater blowing across them all - is that ok?
  14. How much did you have to tip them? Did you ever wonder how the Dr managed to have both hands on your shoulders at the time?
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