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  1. We put up 3 on our shoot last year and none were used first year. Mallards laid but looked like magpies raised their nests and got the eggs. Will top up the straw and hopefully they get used this year. The corvids need a serious bashing!!
  2. thank you 🙏🏻 Thank you, good advice 👍🏻 Bracken is a common cover found in many woodland and especially ground for spaniel trials, hence it would be really good to have an area on my ground. Cheers 👍🏻 I was training in a different woodland today that is absolutely full of the below type of grass. Any ideas what it’s called?
  3. Yes I would of thought it was over time but that’s still a good average of 20+ a season. Awesome shooting
  4. Lloyd90

    Quality Sidelock

    AYA 117 🤷‍♂️
  5. What did you pay for that? Thats the exact type of thing I am hoping to pick up 👍🏻
  6. Query and easy one … can you plant bracken (assume you need to spread the spores?) from one area where you have it, to another area of woodland where you don’t have any? thanks 👍🏻
  7. Slow feed bowls I use then find then good 👍🏻 Can also pour a cup of water over the food, I don’t let it soak, slows them down a bit and keeps them well hydrated too.
  8. I wish I had ground with that sort of woodcock numbers 😍
  9. They don’t have anyone decent to rally behind us the issue. He’s the best of a bad bunch. Rushi is the Up and comer, he’s not be tarred by any big scandal yet, but currently they will keep Johnson going until Covid is dying off, as otherwise whoever comes next just gets criticised for more covid nonsense they can’t do a whole lot about. Just like no one wanted to take over half way through sorting Brexit out, no one wants to take over half way through Covid.
  10. If they had anyone decent to replace him with he would be gone. Mogg seems to have the 1922 committee under wraps and Mogg is backing the PM. The party donors however who throw mega money at the party will be nervous about his election prospects, they can’t pull the strings if they can’t win the election. He is hanging on by a string …
  11. Head shots only it seems lol.
  12. Yes, mostly inflated by people buying any dog that could as a pet, the gundog lads didn't drive prices up to that level, it was supply and demand, and the massive demand came from people who wanted a dog now that they were at home the vast majority of the time. That demand has dropped completely now, and there are LOTS of dogs out there available, some people are still trying their luck asking for silly money, others are selling pups at prices similar to what they were before lockdown. Many of the people asking silly money, you may notice, have pups well beyond the age that they should have left.
  13. Price drop to £550 or it stays in the cabinet, and I will just have to keep using it I suppose
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