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  1. Whys that? What’s so different about their tax?
  2. Yes but I’m over-joyed when I hit something!
  3. How did it pattern? Lol After months of selection and testing for aircrew, I found out I had a curve in the lens of my eye which medically bars me from all military service 😣
  4. Very hit and miss this, others I have read say the wad breaking up like that is a poor quality wad ... although no idea what effect it has on the pattern.
  5. Lloyd90

    Heart burn

    Where did you read that John? Think I may need to do the same 😞
  6. Apparently their demands now include a redistribution of wealth. Fat chance of that!
  7. What kind of work you using them for? Whats their style? Nice to see
  8. The real problem is the greedy organisers, stands are charged such massive fees to attend they have to charge high prices to make money. If the organisers would let traders on for much less, they would be able to give better deals and better stands would come. These days half the stands are absolute ****.
  9. Despite the extra income? Despite what you might think, local governments have had the money they receive from central government massively cut. There is no extra income, that extra charge is unlikely to put a dent in the amount they will lose from CG. Nobody wants to pay more taxes, but everyone expects to have top class public services. The Tories got absolutely slated when they tried to put charges for home care onto people's houses and make people pay for themselves, they lost loads of support with that idea, yet things like social care are enormously expensive and these days peoples' kids don't want to look after their elderly relatives, they expect the council to provide for their every need, an provide a top class service as well.
  10. Perhaps this thread isn’t the time or place for that discussion... RIP to those lost 😞
  11. They seemed like nice lads but I got fed up of looking at the back of his neck 😂
  12. Same, I’ve got one Brattonsound and one GDK, it’s nicer having just 1 key for the better cabinet but the GDK does the job just fine. Always get a bigger cabinet than you need.
  13. What were the first 3 like? Lol You reckon Sprockers worse than a cocker? The ones I’ve seen / the one my mate has are all dead calm, but no go in them at all.
  14. Looks rubbish! Dont have to charge up my current shotgun and don’t have to worry about it running out. Dunno who the lads in that video are, but they spend most the ‘interview’ or ‘review’ with the camera looking at the back of their heads.
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