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  1. Lloyd90


    I didn’t know you could get gay whales 😬
  2. It also depends if it’s barren land with no other shoots around (where any birds wandering off will be gone forever) ... ... or if it’s a small shoot bordered by 1-2-3 commercial shoots, where you just chuck down a bunch of feeders (although some don’t even need to do that) and still shoot good bags every week. It’s a bit cheeky but it happens a LOT. Bloke in my current syndicate said his last shoot was between 8 guns, they all paid £80 for the year towards feed and shot a bag of 60-80 driven every Saturday of the season... their “shoot” bordered a big commercial shoo
  3. Let’s hope so that would be a good outcome for the dogs involved.
  4. Yes they won’t allow it. The idiot however obviously hasn’t figured that one out yet otherwise they wouldn’t be advertising them as going to be KC Reg. This is one of the issues I raise when you buy “just a shooting dog” or a dog from someone claiming to have quality working dogs. The owner is clearly a ******, they might even own the sire and dam. No thought has gone into the breeding, they have clearly just used the closest stud dog they can... and the stud owner is a ****** as well.
  5. Well done Sam Bet your chuffed with that. Get any good pics?
  6. Cor this new forum makes it super easy to add photo's I'll take a little fold up step in my bag next time
  7. A man who gave 30 years of his life to serving the country and keeping innocent people safe. Cut down before retirement. May he rest in peace.
  8. Do you have shooting permission/ land that you shoot on? Most of the basic training and handling can be done down the local park with balls dummies. Just avoid all the annoying dog walkers and their out of control dogs that “just want to say hello”.
  9. I ran Ted today on a training day / mock trial at Upton Pyne, walked up partridge shooting with two spaniels running against each other, two handlers and three guns in the line, we had an A panel judge organising and running the show. There were some well accomplished handlers there with some who have run in the championships several years running. We had four runs over the day. After the first few dogs getting through their first goes, up comes Ted. Our first run we hunted down a crop field with the dog on our right getting a flush. The bird wa
  10. I’ll ask her, let you know how it pans out 👀🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
  11. Stick it in the Mrs mouth and she shuts up for 5 minutes!!! Sharing is caring 🤣🤣
  12. They are best buds these days Those last two are from some time ago ... we are getting our place boards delivered tomorrow, started a bit of sit and wait training tonight, he tried to move a few times but was getting the hang of it pretty quick, only did 2-3 minutes and lots of playing and fun cuddles thrown in
  13. Just Arnie casually picking something and bringing it over for a perfect delivery ... try and get him to do this when you want though!
  14. Absolutely loads! I will try and get some up later on if I remember... just on a training course at the moment, bloody work!
  15. Arnies training has been very limited so far as I am mostly leaving him be. He is about 4 months (ish) now I think, he has done a few retrieves in the hall way and delights in running downstairs to find something, bring it to you and then go off and bring you something else. He is a natural carrier and loves to bring it to you. That is until you take him outside of the house, where he likes to pick the retrieve and then proceed to do loop de loops around you with great joy and pride ... that is unless he just decides to drop the retrieve and wonder off to have a sniff of
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