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  1. What’s wrong with the chokes that come with the gun? Doesn’t the new Maxus come with 5 chokes and an additional 2” 1/2 choke specifically for steel shot? 🤷‍♂️ I just purchased a brand new Maxus the other day on the phone and need to go pick it up, hopefully tomorrow.
  2. What do you want the Police to do? There’s about 50+ protestors and 2-3 coppers on foot? Chase the person around in the water to the Benny Hill music? The people came out of the water, the Police walked over and arrested them. CPS now needs to prosecute them. I would like to see everyone associated with the stupid act charged the ACTUAL cost of repairing and fully cleaning all that stone. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets / benefit payments or money from mummy and daddy. Down with the system they say ... unless you want to cut their benefits! How can they afford to protest if they don’t get free money?!
  3. I also think beaters not being paid properly etc etc is just subsidising the guns shooting for cheap. However, if you want to be paid a proper wage, you have to do a proper job. That means knowing what your doing, having dogs properly trained and under control. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a shoot that didn’t have several dogs that just ******** off 100+ yards away from the handler (mine as well at times 😭🤣) ... weren’t trained and the owners weren’t bothered. Many a time you are getting people bringing along to family pet with no training, no introduction just to “see how he does”. I think if you want to really up the pay of beaters etc then they would have to up their standards, and many of them would be told to P off because they’re not worth a full days wage. Often you get people bringing along small children for a day out, old folks just wanting a walk. One shoot I went on paid beaters extra if they had a dog ... the amount of random dogs of any breeder the “beaters” could beg, steal and borrow for the dog was ridiculous 🤣😂
  4. As we can see, it’s better to find out what your specific FEO / Licencing authority want in this situation, but either way shouldn’t be a problem 👍🏻
  5. All those gold lines make it look like someone’s coloured it in with a gold sharpie. Without the gold It would be quite nice
  6. I think the beauty in some things is in their functionality. For me that’s just too dolled up. Id prefer to have a Ruger security 6 or a S&W 686 and the cash in the bank myself lol
  7. Best of luck how did the other one off him come on?
  8. Lloyd90


    All books that were noted provisionally sold were paid for and have been posted and should be with their buyers shortly. Apologies mate.
  9. Oohhhh what you got? You always get nice stuff ... maybe just a few more after that
  10. We did some training this Sunday. Ted hunted through some cover very well, he flushed a rabbit right in front of him and sat to the flush watched it run off. He then flushed 3 more and sat and watched all 3 off. We only did a quick session as I had to get back for the pup. But he had done so well we didn't want to do loads anyway. Stopped on a high.
  11. Arnies only training so far has been house training, and to be fair he’s been brilliant. Every time he’s taken outside he does a pee, and yday on day 2 the back door was open and he took himself outside, did a pee and came back inside with no prompts. He is having short periods alone in the kennel away from Ted and is getting better at settling on his own, although mostly he is being handled, cuddled and played with a lot. I do really like having a kennel / run that I can put him away in and know that he can’t come to any harm or trouble but also have him close by to get lots of contact when wanted
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