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  1. Hope your enjoying Steve 👍🏻
  2. The police aren’t allowed to publish the details of those sorts of cases. Data protection and all that.
  3. All the best Sam. He had a good life and you didn’t let him suffer. You can’t do much more than that for them.
  4. Yes she is nice have seen her a few times in person. Be interesting to see what she’s like next year when he starts her on game.
  5. There are LOADS of after market chokes that can take steel which are choker tighter than 1/2.
  6. My mates dad used to investigate Police complaints for internal affairs, he said a lot of criminals (especially males) would claim the officers sexually assaulted them because they knew it would cause the officer a lot of problems, after weeks/ months of investigations and reviewing CCTV, tapes, custody logs, they would gloat that it was all made up and be proud of wasting Police resources.
  7. Many grain free dog foods are hypoallergenic. Sometimes it’s just an odd ingredient though. I find CSJ tripe decent even for my dog with a very sensitive stomach. CSJ no grainer even better but few £ more. BARF can be very good if you have the facilities and time but it’s hard work if you want to go away anywhere.
  8. Hows she getting on? Hope all is ok 👍🏻
  9. If you PM me your phone number I will pass it to my mate, he’s in the Clumber society, has ran his own clumber in field trials, shot over her himself and his young clumber coming on is a lot better than most I have seen, I have high hopes for him. He will also be breeding his bitch again in the future. She is a smaller more mobile clumber than some of the big useless ones I have seen. Nathan is my mate that I am on about 👍🏻 His young pup is a cracker, he is aiming to be one of the few Clumbers to win a trial for a long long time, he will have his work cut out but she’s a nice pup.
  10. Not myself but have seen several in the hands of decent trainers. Have trained alongside one particularly which my mate bred to the only clumber stud to win an award at a trial. Anything particular you’d like to know?
  11. What happened next?!!!! Beautiful ground to work that type of dog.
  12. Those dogs are a pleasure to behold! Fit and ready to work. A lot of dogs on shoots are overweight and unfit. Many people spending money to pump these "high energy" snacks into their dogs would be a lot better off getting their dog as well conditioned as the dogs in this picture.
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