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  1. Can’t stand this new layout

    I’m also using it on my mobile and can’t see much different at all! 99% is exactly the same
  2. Carpet Fitting

    £70 for the fitting? What did the carpet, underlay etc cost please? Just buying a house and my gf wants to re-carpet - they just think things don’t cost money 🤦‍♂️😂
  3. Dog walkers

    Someone will just take the signs down. Near me someone bought a field that has a footpath through it, the field has been just walked across for years (I even used to train my dog in there, but only because it was empty and had long grass). Anyways, the new owner built a L shaped fence going across from the gate, to one corner, and then running the entire length of the field to the other side where other gate is. Now essentially they lost a small part of their field due to this, however people could still pass through the footpath but couldn’t actually get in th field. The fence was solid with 3 strands of barbed wire on top. The new owner also dumped manure all along the edge of the footpath and planted. Within months there were thorns and nettles all over the fence. Nobody tries to go in the field anymore.
  4. A1 decoys poor delivery?

    You say it’s not like them, except they keep doing it to you mate!! Lol
  5. Rust removal

    If on the barrel would this remove blueing?? Saw a lovely gun recently but it’s got a rust spot on the barrel, and also on a gold in-lay pheasant by the look of it!
  6. Hawke Sidewinder 30IR Tactical 8.5-25x42

    Where you based please?
  7. Food banks.

    Thank you Yod. I was sure I wasn’t the only one who thought the only thing being plucked out of thin air was the rubbish spouted by Rocky ...
  8. Food banks.

    Rocky, you’d make a good politician, taking a large document and picking out the single sentence that suits what your saying. Let’s take a look just a couple of lines below ”Although commercial banks create money through lending, they cannot do so freely without limit. Banks are limited in how much they can lend if they are to remain profitable in a competitive banking system. Prudential regulation also acts as a constraint on banks’ activities in order to maintain the resilience of the financial system. And the households and companies who receive the money created by new lending may take actions that affect the stock of money — they could quickly ‘destroy’ money by using it to repay their existing debt, for instance.” So its not as as simple as you’ve made out at all is it? You paint a picture of banks clicking their fingers and billions of pounds enter their accounts. Now let us consider, what would happen if banks didn’t operate this way? Situation: You go to the bank for a mortgage - the bank tells you sorry, we’ve loaned all of our money out already - after all there are a lot of ‘homeowners’ out there lending for houses. Loans for cars, loans for holidays, all sorts. What then? Who would you lend off? You going to lend hundreds of thousands off your mate down the pub at a decent rate? Its not going to happen is it...
  9. Food banks.

    Your talking about fractional reserve banking, and you make it sound far simple (and much more conspire theoryesque) than it all is. You sound like a communist, take to the streets, storm the barricades etc. There are PLENTY of people who aren’t poor, who came from nothing. Im certainly not loaded but I’m doing alright, my Mrs has a much better job than me and for her age is doing fantastic. Something we’ve got in common, we’ve both worked our ***** off! I remember people in Uni telling me how poor or skint they were, how they weren’t given enough money off the government to live on. I told those people “those shops and restaurants up the top of the road have jobs going, they’re advertising for staff”, yet not one of them went and applied. They all sat in their flats complaining about the government and “the system”. I didn’t have any support off my parents when I returned to study - they couldn’t afford to, I didn’t complain about it, I instead had a job (for an entire year I had 2 jobs) whilst studying full time. We might not have the perfect system, but we have one of the best. There is opportunity out there for those who want it.
  10. BASC should be challenging them in the courtroom, along with all the other organisations if needed.
  11. Food banks.

    How did you respond? I hope you don’t mind me saying but It would appear from your posts and some of the Shooting you do that your doing that your doing quite well now?
  12. Food banks.

    To live in a country that has a benefit system, that supports people through hard times, that supports you and can help feed your kids if you hit a big struggle is a true blessing. People complain about our system. I’ve been to counties and seen entire families living out of a car or sleeping on the streets. Its a fantastic system (in theory at least) that you would think every person would want to protect and nurture. Unfortunately they dont. Thousands of people are abusing that system all the time, out for themselves and everything they can get! They feel no shame and blame others for all their problems, whilst feeling everyone else should pay for them. There are many many great things in theory within governments and societies, but unfortunately theory and reality are often worlds apart.
  13. Counterfeit Hearing Protection

    I’ve got a copy from Amazon, they look legit and they definately work. How would you even know they’re fake? I would t be worried about what Buze describes. I would be worried if they don’t give the proper protection and you end up damaging your hearing!
  14. A300 1st clean

    That the one you just got when we first went out shooting? That's not been a year already is it!!
  15. House buying

    Thank you very much, I will be on the lookout for this now.