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  1. Saw a house last year with that covenant on. If the field out the back were made into a massive housing estate and the few acres of field the house owned sold as part of it the old seller was entitled to a load of the money you would make. Quite obviously, the house has gone unsold for a considerable time. If people want to take the risk of the land dramatically increasing in value then hang onto it!! I didn’t see anything in the paperwork about the seller giving you a load of the money back if the estate went ahead without the 2 field and the idea of the house
  2. Had no luck catching them Swan’s though 🤔😬
  3. It’s already been done I am afraid, besides I am not a good enough shot for full and full Old boy in my fowling club says he shoots Cyl choke and always has done and drops plenty ducks and geese.
  4. Just read that there is £32,000,000 turnover from the festival and the farmer who owns the land and runs it gives all the profits away to charity. That’s a serious amount of money that won’t be changing hands.
  5. How many folk on average are 15 stone and 6ft 5? If they turn up with 5-6 blokes tooled up your going to take them all down are you? There was an incident where this did happen a few months / years back. They threatened to pour kettle water on the blokes wife, he just told em where his keys were...
  6. Social worker me mate, I work in the emergency out of hours team and mental health, but work alongside some very good professionals and my personal circles involve lots of professionals in security, police and intelligence (Police, GCHQ, NCA etc). NCA have published about it look: https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/what-we-do/crime-threats/firearms Firearms being smuggled into the UK from Europe. If they can smuggle tons and tons of top grade class A drugs, there's nothing stopping them throwing a few guns in with their shipments. Theft from licenced fi
  7. If someone really wanted your shotguns and had contacted you online to “buy one” to the point you gave them your address and you let them into your home, do you think they’d need a fake shotgun ticket? More likely once you opened the door they’d kick your head in, make you tell them where the keys were and clean you out of all you’ve got. Not walk out with a single sporting shotgun. To be quite realistic however, criminals don’t need to bother with that nonsense. Most crime in the U.K. doesn’t involve firearms and if they did really need one they have access to t
  8. Like dropping the kids at school.
  9. Who’s dog was it barking? 🤔 The neighbours? 12 years of non-stop barking daily? I couldn’t have done it. One of our neighbours bought chickens and a rooster that made a racked at 5am every day waking up our mutual neighbour. A proper gentle Man, old school army and school teacher for the troubled kid’s. On the third day of being woken up the cockerel disappeared. He wasn’t woken up on the 4th day. He commented to me many many years later, after the neighbour who owned the chickens had sadly passed away from cancer, “You know ... he never did ask
  10. Unless your willing and able to move a dog on if it’s no good I don’t see why people would take a risk on a re-homed dog. The foundations and early experiences can be so important. You hear about people who re-homed a Gundog and claim it never required any training and was the most amazing dog they ever did have, but I reckon if someone who really knew what they were doing looked at it, it would be lucky to be average at best.
  11. Lloyd90

    value of life

    His argument is when you are POLICY MAKER (as he is/was) you make Policy's based on cold hard facts, that have to apply to everyone, not indivual cases. Policies such as who do you treat when the hospital's and ICU wards are over run (which we are facing as we speak!) and they have to decide who gets treatment and priority, and who they leave in the corridor knowing they are going to pass away. A young man or woman, in their teens or twenties, that is otherwise healthy is a priority to be treated, compared to a 35 year old woman with stage 4 terminal cancer, who if saved from
  12. It's a non-starter then I assume. If lead contacts the mod on a 410 shotgun does it just bounce off because lead is softer? Still worth having a 410 for TSS on ducks and geese as they appear to effective. Lad in my fowling club has a 3 shot OU (triple crown) in 28g, he is very impressed with it.
  13. Lloyd90

    value of life

    “One of the problems is that we were talking across each other… I was certainly not making any comments about her or her own health position. I was making a perfectly simple point as the context quite clearly shows. Every policy maker has got to make difficult choices and sometimes that involves putting a value on human life. "It’s a standard concept in health economics. Quality adjusted life years. That’s what I was talking about. Policy makers have to do that because otherwise they cannot weigh up the consequences of different policy choices. It does not mean that people are morally wor
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