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  1. Lloyd90


    Which one is the 2nd generation? Is it before it had the wifi that can connect the video to your phone in the field?
  2. Going up Northumberland on the rabbits this year mate don’t take as long 👍🏻🤣
  3. Part of the issue is that the elf employed only had to answer to themselves, it’s their money and they do as they like with it. The LA’a if they make an obvious 5 minute decision get blasted for not having accountability, a fair bidding process and a paper trail. Just look at the face mask issue. It’s no surprises that entrepreneurs that own manufacturing companies are involved with the Tory party. It’s blindingly obvious that they would be. The country is going through a major pandemic the likes we haven’t seen for god knows. The people
  4. That's the thing, I was wondering if expected to swap them over, but I don't think so, as the centre piece and those balls are firmly wedged in there. I think they are missing from the 12, as expecting to change them everytime would be ridiculous. I will send it back in that case. Yes the back parts make it centred in the barrel so you get an accurate idea. I have ordered one the same as yours, a MK2, and will send this one back I think.
  5. Yes, but before that there wasnt a marking for steel was there? I thought it was just normal chokes.
  6. Bit odd that they wouldn’t put 3 ball bearings in each one? Nuts that you’d have to swap it over. Surely that’s not right 🤔🤷‍♂️ Anyone else any idea? On the plus side, the 20 bore version worked, Just seems a bit temperamental
  7. On further tests, the laser also doesn’t work with the 20 bore attachment on. No idea why, everything exactly the same and works with the 12 bore attachment.
  8. Hello, Quick query I need help with please. I have picked up an arrow laser shot mk1 off eBay, I got it for a good price and it’s come with what looks like both 12 and 20 bore adapters. Only issue is the 12 bore one doesn’t appear to have those ball bearings in the tube, which I assume keep the tube central in the barrel? Just tried it now and when I rotate the laser I get different POI’s from the laser, obviously because it’s not maintaining true centre. I assume the missing ball bearings are the issue? thanks Lloyd
  9. A good dog can’t be a bad colour 👍🏻 Colour be the last thing on my mind. What’s the pedigree on them Shotgun Tim? Best of luck with em 👍🏻
  10. Are the older ones not good for steel? Guns that are Mobil choke unlikely to be proofed with a Fleur De Lys id have thought 🤔
  11. I think crates are fantastic. Especially when you can put a canvas of blanket over them to keep the dog settled and it learns to switch off. Ours have to learn to switch off in the crate, in the dog box and in the kennel. What’s brilliant about the crate is that you can take it places with you if your staying away, set it up with the blanket over it and the dog can go in and switch off. Our friends didn’t crate train their cockerpoo because he “got upset” when they locked the door. The dog will settle in their own houses when left alone but when they go
  12. Now that’s a different game altogether 👍🏻 Hope it comes good will be a good boost to your lines
  13. Its easier for most people to sit back and complain about work without doing anything about it. Most people just like to moan. Re the NHS and council (and I imagine most of those other organisations), they not all work shy good for nothing people. I’m in the Local Authority working out of hours now doing all sorts of emergencies, child abuse, mental health, homelessness, anything even slightly involving Social Care all in the middle of the night when you have extremely limited resources. A good portion of the team are fantastic. Everyday see people go above and be
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