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  1. Some blame me for being on here too much, but clearly it’s not enough 😢😢 Gutted to miss it!
  2. Just missed a Wingmaster on the for sale section by 2 hours 😢😢😢
  3. Yes I spoke to seller assume you bought it? Good luck with it mate Yes I spoke to seller assume you bought it? Good luck with it mate
  4. I’ll take this pm send Andrew with some enquiries please Lloyd
  5. Is that an RCBS Rock chucker? Fantastic bit of kit 👍🏻
  6. I’m just a bit worried that a older model can’t be used for duck due to steel shot and no 3” chamber. Although I think modern 870’s are back bored so might not be as good for fibre wads when general shooting 🤷‍♂️. Also read that the older ones may be lighter / swing better. Decisions, decisions. Did you buy new or SH? Where from please mate?
  7. They’ll try and cancel it.
  8. I had a pup for only a week and had serious issues and whilst no where near as long as with your amazing dog it absolutely sucked We waiting a good few months and got another and he has been a joy to have
  9. Will painting the wood make you shoot better? Youll only get upset when you bump it ...
  10. Would anyone be concerned about buying an old pump (1970’s ish Wingmaster) that is only 2 3/4 chamber, fixed choke and not steel proof? Considering an older one or to look for a newer model.
  11. Youd be lucky for £500 ... people asking between £800-£1200 a pup now - some knobs asking for top dollar for any bitch who they’re throwing the current in FTCH over and got forbid you want a “fox red” (yellow) one as it’s silly money. Paid £400 for my lab must be about 9 years ago now (time flies) a FTW x another good dog, the breeder had a litter to keep some back to run himself. Ive found many lads who trial and breed for themselves and sell the odd pup are charging much less than folks who’s bitches are little more than a pet, stick either any old dog or the current FTCH over and demand a high price.
  12. If your hitting 90% of what you shoot at don’t worry about it
  13. I shot a new to me ground on Sunday and scored 36/60 , top score was 44, with about 2-3 others in the forties. Looking back I would have been better off double barrelling some of the ones that I did poorly on, however at the time I fully believed I would smoke both targets so the fact I’d miss both hadn’t even crossed my mind 🤷‍♂️😂. If I had double barrelled some of them maybe if of ‘placed’ a bit higher, but then again it didn’t make any difference as it’s just a fun club shoot 👍🏻. How are you performing in the comps at the minute?
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