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  1. They should have shot the bloke in the face second he pulled a weapon!
  2. There's nothing wrong with vegetable based dishes, I try to have one on the side of each meal I have, chicken and veg, steak and chips, it's all good Not sure why they have to specify veg as Vegan these days though. Was brocolli and peppers not vegan before?
  3. When do we start stock piling then? I’m going to pickup an extra 4 pack of beans in the way home
  4. Why don't they make good pets mate?
  5. Lot's of shoots now have game prep rooms on site. After shooting they are plucking/ skinning the birds, cleaning them up and placing them wrapped in trays like oven ready chickens. I also have seen one woman collecting all the left over birds from several shoots in her area and turning them into microwave ready meals, such as lasagne, curries etc. The shoots that have done this have no problem getting rid of their birds. BASC should be going around shoots telling them how to and helping them set up the facilities to be doing the same. Not only do we need to ensure they are all used, they need to get out there into the public domain.
  6. There we go, all done. Thank you
  7. They'll have the mark on them if they do. Some will, older ones won't.
  8. Any tips on changing profile pic? Keeps saying it's too large! Nice problem to have
  9. I think the recent election shows us that Social Media is the voice of the noisy minority, and the majority of people are sensible enough. BASC and shooting need to put out a positive image otherwise it's only going one way.
  10. How sad. We should just let them bully us out should we 😞
  11. My dog would flush them all at once he's good at that
  12. Just a nice little walk through some woodland by my house today, was a lovely little walk and I let Ted just run about as long as I could see him roughly. He mostly stayed close but I think bit of free running is building his confidence going through cover etc. He must have been running flat out for a big 30+ mins so that's good as I want to really build his fitness for next season. Also as we were walking back to the car, I saw a flash of white and noticed a Roe doe turn away from us and run off. Ted must have spotted it, as he had parked his butt on the deck! Phew!! A nice sight to see I am tempted to try and find out who owns the Woodland, and see if they mind me firing a starter pistol (or even the shotgun) in there, as it is honestly some of the best ground I have seen. I would even pay them to put a few birds down. Might have to have an ask around this summer.
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