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  1. Lloyd90

    Bucharest shooting range

    Last two stag dos in Poland we barely left the pub the whole time. We did have a short break when my brother in law went for an MRI but my cousin and I thought it better to wait in the pub that the waiting room 🤷‍♂️. He was fine just like we thought!
  2. Lloyd90

    Bucharest shooting range

    They’re likely catering to tourist who just want to fire 50 rounds from an uzi into a hill side to say they’ve done it. If you actually enjoy shooting you’ll likely find it a bit pointless tbh. Better off booking a round of clays or similar.
  3. Lloyd90

    Stolen springer

    Don’t scare us like that mate!!
  4. Lloyd90

    Paper cartridges

    Size 2.5 shot? Did he use them on grouse 😐
  5. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    Not a clue yet as it’s boarded. Will have to have a look in detail when my lodgers back, he’s more technical minded as he’s a plumber 👍🏻
  6. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    I remember once I was the only person at the gym willing to do a round sparring with this 6 ft 6 - 20 stone ripped monster ... I thought he’d be big and slow... I thought his lunch had cracked my skull 😂 I got cheered for lasting the round 😂
  7. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    https://www.fruugo.co.uk/title-boxing-heavy-duty-wood-beam-punching-bag-hanger/p-12634563-25457005?ac=google&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7IDiBRCLARIsABIPohgtEun2bVC6IG-I5ln3oGlct9WiUXL6maW5AInuuvrbLBSm6dH66xMaAlmLEALw_wcB this is the one I have seen, however I know there will be others. Think I better get on and cut a hole in the ceiling plaster board to see what it’s like above and what option would be best. There is a bedroom above the garage as it’s a terraced town house... I would assume (hopefully not wrongly) that this would be the joists would be quite strong?
  8. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

  9. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    Just found a ceiling hoist mount that’ll hold 150lb ... my bags 140lb RESULT!!! £30 for the mount and it’ll cost me £35 to send the bag back ... so a no brainer!! Quick question however... how much hanging weight can you put on a ceiling joist?
  10. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    What weight is your mate? Issue for me is the bloody garage ceiling is boarded and plastered as the garage is part of the house 😐
  11. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    The bracket I posted a link to mate, not sure if it's the right one needed?
  12. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    That's what my mate suggested doing which we considered. As I bought the bag online I have read that I am allowed to return within 14 days of receiving it, but will have to pay the return postage. Cheaper than paying to have the wall fixed I suppose lol! Considering sending it back and getting the 40kg bag 😞
  13. Lloyd90

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    I am concerned whether there would be any issues on the wall? It is the garage wall, but the garage is part of the house 😂 I don't really want to change the bag as apart from the obvious cost of sending back and having to pay handing on new smaller bag, the smaller one will likely be too light as I feared. If there is 60kg pulling down on the bracket, could the blocks on the wall split etc? This is the wall bracket - its the 2ft one so should hold 40kg https://www.fightequipmentuk.com/pro-box-heavy-weight-punch-bag-bracket.html
  14. Alright gents, I wonder if you can help, I have bought a heavy punchbag as used to do a lot of boxing, I didn't want a rubbish little bag as they swing about too much and its a waste of time. I managed to finally find a 64kg bag that wasn't ridiculously expensive. Now before I could find the bag I bought a heavy duty wall bracket, foolishly I forgot to check the max weight of the bracket before buying the bag as there was a large gap in-between. Having now checked the bracket states maximum weight of 40kg 😕 (oh ******!) Now is there anyway that the bag would be ok to have up on that? Or is it a real no-no and I should request to exchange the bag for a smaller lighter one? Thanks Lloyd
  15. Lloyd90

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Just a shame May won’t step aside for someone who actually wants to leave. Mid she just hanging in there to conduct damage limitation for the EU?