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  1. Beretta Mobil extended chokes

    I’ll have to check the length of the Teague ones that are on the way Cheers mate - good luck today
  2. Beretta Mobil extended chokes

    Looking at what chokes are out there to fit a Beretta S687 - takes Mobil chokes. Looking for extended not flush.
  3. Wanted .243

    If I was you I’d bite his hand off. Trust me.

    Can a section 5 firearm not only be sold my a registered section 5 dealer? Then when it goes on your FAC becomes S1 if you have authority to possess? If so you won’t legally be allowed to buy one off an individual.
  5. Coins for sale

    Well done Steve, nice little find! Did it come with the day or something? My uncle used to work at the Royal Mint in the valleys many years ago.
  6. Beretta skeet vest xxl

    Damn you lol
  7. New watch

    I would love to know more about this please mate
  8. Interview

    Whilst you say you don’t want to mention who it’s for this will make a big difference to your approach: councils / government have very specific interviews they have to have so everyone gets fair chance, they also often publish what criteria needs to be covered and whether this needs to be evidenced at interview or application. Also just be confident - fake it until you make it really holds weight (just don’t lie and say you can do things you can’t) - I will often say if I haven’t done something etc but list similar things I’ve done and how I feel the skills and experience can transfer over into the new role. Good luck!
  9. New watch

    Seiko 007 or 009 are lovely! Althoufh, I have a 2005/2006 (can’t remember) Omega Seamaster 300 - they really are lovely perhaps look for a second hand one from a reputable source? Could pick one up for less than £2k.
  10. New Leupold’s at silly prices

    Leupold are some of the most faked scopes I believe!
  11. Can always buy an extra cabinet and have two also. Note secure really cos if thieves are trying to cut into them they’d have to cut into two seperate safes!
  12. Best hmr scope

    Do you just hold over for the bullet drop?
  13. Best hmr scope

    Is adjustable parallax the same as AO?
  14. Your house will just look silly if you go to extremes to have a metal door / gun room. How many guns do you even own? In years down the line when you want to move to another house you’ll want a cabinet that you can just unscrew and the room is undamaged and won’t look silly to potential buyers, whilst you can just go and bolt the cabinet into the wall of your new house.
  15. My first beaters day

    Not much of a friend, just delete him and ignore the idiot. People are so out of touch with where food comes from. They’d criticise you whilst off to get their regular kfc! Idiots!