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  1. They believe they would fund it with the funds from North Sea oil, which the fight for independence mob claims is the property of Scotland and the English / U.K. are stealing it from them!
  2. If fresh it’s fantastic. If not, it can be awful. Not many foods can have such extremes, so I’d say it can be hard to get right. Last had liver and onions / mash in a nearby pub that does fantastic food, my mate had the same, his was fantastic but mine was awful. Very very strong.
  3. 3-4 pheasant and maybe the odd woodcock, hare or something else wild thrown in for good measure are some of the best days I've had out shooting, just me and my spaniel Sad to see lots of people who previously paid deposits / agreed prices are claiming their suppliers jacked the prices up at the final hour, saying they wanted £10+ per poult.
  4. I am in the local government pension scheme, I therefore don't have a "pot" to pay into as such, but can make overpyaments which the scheme will open up as a seperate SIPP if I want to.
  5. I've met a fair few in Social Care but women seem to last longer than men To be fair, once you get so old most of em are glad to go
  6. Are they on open field? Could be picking at the insects etc in the pig droppings. Get loads of pigeons by me go on the dung heap picking off insects. The crows etc will likely be having a feed from the food troughs.
  7. John I hope you make it mate, If you do, you can come to my retirement do and I'll buy your drinks all night!!
  8. Thank's mate, Just did a check on HMRC website, it says: I am on track to received the £185.15, and that's the most I can get. So seem's the two missed year's won't have an impact and tgherefore aren't worth me paying. thank you.... mind you, by the time I am 68+ it will all have changed!! You need to continue to contribute National Insurance to reach your forecast Estimate based on your National Insurance record up to 5 April 2022 £87.24 a week Forecast if you contribute another 19 years before 5 April 2057 £185.15 a week £185.15 is the most you can get
  9. I think I read that the option to pay off old missed payments is only available until 2023? I have just checked mine, I am currently 32 and in full time employment. # Its says: You have: 15 years of full contributions 35 years to contribute before 5 April 2057 2 years when you did not contribute enough 2022-23 Your record for this year is not available yet 2021-22 Full year View 2021-22details 2020-21 Full year View 2020-21details 2019-20 Full year View 2019-20details 2018-19 Full year View 2018-19details 2017-18 Full year View 2017-18details 2016-17 Full year View 2016-17details 2015-16 Full year View 2015-16details 2014-15 Full year View 2014-15details 2013-14 Full year View 2013-14details 2012-13 Full year View 2012-13details 2011-12 Full year View 2011-12details 2010-11 Full year View 2010-11details 2009-10 Year is not full View 2009-10details 2008-09 Year is not full View 2008-09details 2007-08 Full year View 2007-08details 2006-07 Full year View 2006-07details 2005-06 Full year Is it worth me repaying those 2 missed years?
  10. I was under the impression (from his post) he would pay out the £4,000 but only receive £250 PA increase. If it is £250 increase for every £800 repaid then yes that will be a lot better, and the original maths would be off. Apologies for the mixup.
  11. Huh? I thought his maths was right. He owes 5 years of NI payment, the payment costs £800 per year that was missed. 5 years x £800 = £4000 payment. You need to pay out this £4,000 to get an increase or £250 per year in pension. £4000 divided by the £250 you benefit by = 16 years to recover the initial outlay of the £4,000.
  12. Coming on a cracker Going to be good fun he is!
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