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  1. Lloyd90

    Chokes for 12g Browning Medallist

    What chokes do you have? The cost of the gun is it worth spending that much on chokes?
  2. Lloyd90

    CBD Oil

    I seem to recall I saw it online (I even think someone put a link on here) ... but then again I think you can get all sorts of prescription only stuff online from who knows where with no idea what's even in the stuff.
  3. Lloyd90

    CBD Oil

    Even my father was asking about this today, asking what it does etc and he's always been very 'anti-drugs'. Hes getting on towards 70 and getting very agitated about his health, think he's getting proper anxiety, especially since a few close family friends have essentially snuffed it over recent months. We were surprised about the amount of people saying to try CBD oil , I've also been hearing it being talking about much more lately from various sources. Apparently a lot of big hype at the moment, 1) is it legal to buy here now? 2) what are the pro's and con's? I see even placed like Holland and Barrett advertising similar stuff, dosed about 0.00000001% 😂🤣 What % do you have to get to actually be any benefit?
  4. Lloyd90

    Gun dealers comision

    I took an old BRNO 22lr to two gun shops the other day as the mod took a knock and the rifle wouldn't shoot straight with that mod, It was a bit knackered anyways so I just wanted to get rid of it as a good friend passed away and I am going to have his guns. The shops put it like this. On a new 22lr CZ they make around £150ish (one of them claimed)... they would only sell the BRNO for around that, so to make it worth while they would have to give almost nothing for it. If someone walks in wanting to buy a 22lr and they only have the new ones they're likely to see one of those, so I thought fair comment for them to look to make a similar mark-up I suppose. You will however get much more selling it yourself privately, but then you obviously have to go through all the fuss of sorting it. If you have time and no issues with the rifle then this is the best way normally.
  5. Lloyd90

    dogs eating habits in summer

    I’d first try different foods, what food are you giving?
  6. Lloyd90

    A question of ettiquette

    How would it impact your reputation? The farmers asked you to shoot the pests... if someone (who don’t even own the land) starts hassling you then they’re an idiot. Its not their land and it’s not their decision who gets to shoot on it.
  7. Lloyd90

    Mitton hall Kennals

    I've spoken with them recently, they will do mine when they get another order in the area... Now hurry up and order yours lol
  8. Lloyd90

    Bars or Mesh

    That’s exactly what I was told by a good friend of mine the other day. Also stops people sticking their hands in and feeding the dogs stuff they’re not supposed to etc In the end I’ve gone for mesh as my pup will slip through the bars atm and I do fancy a cocker in the future
  9. Lloyd90

    A question of ettiquette

    Hate it when other shooters ‘challenge peoole’ ... seem to think they own the land 🤔
  10. Lloyd90

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    Give the tyres to a rugby club or gym for conditioning, tyre flipping or hitting them with a sledge hammer is good conditioning.
  11. Lloyd90


    Has to be seen to be doing something? I'd be grilling him to know what that means... Ask him "Why? do you have an agenda to stop people having a firearm that they have a legal reason to own?" Very off that ... I'd say get BASC to speak to their offices but they probably wouldn't do anything about it
  12. Lloyd90

    This is Barney Sprockett.

    Lovely mate Hope he grows into those ears
  13. Lloyd90

    Bars or Mesh

    Going to order a Mitton Hall Blenheim Kennel and not sure whether to get bars or mesh. I think the mesh is £1325 and the bars are £1525... normally with panels the mesh is the more expensive one... Anyways, some people have said on FB that they always get bars as some dogs can climb out of mesh, as the Blenheim is sort of self contained with a roof etc, that shouldn't be an issue, but if bars are much better for some other reason then I'm open to hear it... Anyone have experience of both?
  14. Lloyd90


    Haven't a clue what a 243 has to do with having a S1 shotgun, or why they'd grant a firearm on the condition you reduce the amount of ammo your allowed to hold... I'd have asked them to outline their reasoning in writing and spoken with the head of department for starts. I must have been very lucky as both South Wales and A&S have been very good to deal with the vast majority of the time
  15. Lloyd90


    What's the point in them coming to sit and look at you? If they have any info on you they'll come, if they don't it's not like they're going to come round and you suddenly start spouting off reasons they should take your licence away is it? What purpose or benefit does coming and sitting in your house for 5 minutes serve?