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  1. Can you post? Would take them if you can post also
  2. Where about was it? Worried about mine now
  3. With a gun that is 3 year old (2017) it should almost definitely be steel proof. If you take the barrels out of the butt stock the market should be On the bottom of the barrels where it hinges into the action. I assumed that both my SP from around 2004 and my Remington 11-87 are steel proof, however just looked and can’t see that symbol on either 👀😬 I have however fired 3” HP steel through my 11-87 with no problem.
  4. Due to the current crisis and being unknown if we can go ahead next year we are looking at ways of improving our shoot this year (once we are allowed out of our houses again). We managed to do some shrub planting before the lock down, so one of our woods that was very bare on the ground will have 50 plants / shrubs of evergreen type hedges/shrub that will hopefully grow well... but we imagine that’ll be a few years before that cover is well established. If we are able to get birds we will most likely release ex-layers this year and not as many due to the plan to try and reduce cost for a smaller season. Most likely netted in at the start of the season to reduce predation from owls and BOP, and stop wandering so much. We also also looking at other things we could do to improve the habitat? One of the lads has loads of wooden pallets, which I have suggested we use to stack or lean on each other to create pockets of cover around the place etc. Another plan was to possibly have two auto feeders set to spin off about an hour before usual shooting time, hopefully to become a bit like whistle feeding, so the birds learn the sound of the spin and pull into the woods. Can anyone recommend any other additional things they greatly improved their woodlands on their shoot? Oh we also get a few woodcock in our woods and surrounding hedges, about 6-10 lift off normally, we don’t shoot at them usually, until late in the season and only if you want it to eat. Any tips to improve habitat for woodcock as well?
  5. I hard that thousands of baby turtles managed to be born on beaches in India which are normally disturbed by humans. I hope it's true. Shows what a destructive species we are really. Human's dying in the thousands, and the rest of the world see's enormous benefit
  6. Maybe not getting disturbed by every walker and their out of control dogs? I hope theres a lot more wild birds this year cos I've got a feeling a lot of shoots won't put them down.
  7. I'd try and get a 28 gauge side by side
  8. Exactly, there are a lot of 'labour supporters' who will vote for them in a GE but won't pay to join the party, won't support local elections and won't get a vote in party matters. Where as these hard left have made it their mission to take over at these levels. If it carries on they'll soon have their hard left cronies back in the top spots and Keir will be fed up of it.
  9. He can’t kick them out. I mm talking about their activists taking over local party HQ’s, dominating in membership votes etc. Etc. He can’t kick them out as members of the party.
  10. Dianne Abbott has already left her position. Jump before you are pushed Abbott. It will he see how Starmer works out however, with Momentum slotting their puppets into as many labour positions as they can possibly manage.
  11. You seem to be a lot more open with what your allowed to do over the pond. I have seen some tie a bird to a reel of hose before, so it takes off, doesn't go far and then just lands again to be flushed. Thing we'd be in big trouble with some of those methods over here. Although birds being flushed and shot not long after being released isn't unheard off
  12. Most birds in the U.K. are ‘pen raised birds’ although have USUALLY (I stress that) been released weeks or months before the shooting season so have been living wild for a period before being hunted. With those birds, how long beforehand did you release them? Over here a lot of trainers tend to use rabbit pens or flight pens, so they have ‘wild’ rabbits in a big pen that the dogs can flush and be trained on.
  13. How old is she now mate? Sounds like she's coming along, but remember to learn from my and others mistakes. There's no rush. If I do get that pup off my mate I am going to try and avoid doing anything with it, apart from a couple retrieves so it will bring stuff back, and take it on walks so it loves being outdoors, and get it to run with Ted so it doesn't kind running through cover etc.
  14. Not all side plates are true side locks, some are added over and just cosmetic. That one in the other picture, is actually priced for less than this gun... Besides, after about 2 seconds of looking, it was apparent that the OP just added the wrong pics, as the other gun is also listed for sale by him...
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