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  1. What is it? It's bloody gorgeous
  2. I read that they only made the Gold up to 29.5” and it’s the Gold E that has the 32” barrels? 🤔 What choke type is it mate?
  3. Is it the 682 Gold or the 682 Gold E? I think the E was a slightly different model.
  4. Just been invited on another rough shoot day on partridge for the 29th so hope to god this time he sits up and holds the bloody position and I can get him onto a retrieve
  5. Don't play up to it mate just act like things are normal and he will settle back into routine in no time
  6. I can’t wait to turn up to a formal ball dance in my thong and flip flops. I’ll tell them their traditional attire is ridiculous and they need to get with the times. Disabled shooters will will always be supported to enter the field and continue their sport. However, I can’t see why they can’t use a smaller gauge? Example a 28g OU with 21g of 6 shot is a very fine gun and cartridge and should provide for a nice light gun, with a soft cartridge. Semi autos are often heavy things and I can’t see how someone with a shoulder injury would benefit from lifting and swinging a big heavy gun all day, rather than a smaller bore which can still be very effective.
  7. Thats the real problem. They should have the book thrown at them.
  8. Lloyd90


    Whilst you can praise them for at least being consistent, I will continue to criticise them for being consistently terrible. Ignoring the referendum would honestly be disgraceful, it doesn’t matter how they spin it.
  9. Lloyd90


    They were a nobody party before the referendum and they will be a nobody party after the next GE. Once Brexit is over with they'll be in an even worse position. Brexit is their desperate bid to try and gain a bunch of MP's by getting other remain parties to withdraw their candidates in areas that are borderline.
  10. Surely it shouldn’t be that hard to remove? Take it back.
  11. Have written the date on it mate. I haven’t had a problem in ages but recently spotted tiny bit of rusting very light on one of the guns.
  12. Thank you I bought one of the sachets and have stuck it on the inside wall of the gun cabinet. Hope that’s right.
  13. If someone is however a bit loose in the mind and displaying the kind of anti-social and aggressive behaviour that the OP is on about, going to talk to them will just serve to tell them who later puts in a complaints to the Police or council. May as well just paint a target on your own back. To the OP, also request your GP / report it to your GP and say you have huge concerns about changes in their cognition and disinhibited behaviour. It could be signs of frontal temporal dementia - I have worked with a lot of people who ‘develop’ anti social or challenging behaviour and it’s from reduced blood flow or damage to the frontal lobe. Not guaranteed but could be. Again, ask the GP about fitness to hold a driving licence.
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