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  1. Lloyd90


    There’s nothing wrong with a Lincoln, it’s just very comforting to know that any item you buy, whether a car, a gun or anything else can be sold for the same money that you bought it for. if you buy a nice second hand Beretta, Miroku or Browning and want to upgrade in future, or give up shooting, whatever it is, it’s good to get back what you paid for it. If you buy a new gun your unlikely to have that same benefit, but you get the alternative benefit that it might come with a warranty and it hasn’t been broken by the person who used it before you. all depends what you want...
  2. Lloyd90

    Royal garden party

    Gotta dig up our garden and dig a load of sand into the soil so it drains better, will have nicer grass and no moss hopefully!
  3. Lloyd90


    One like this be good https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/beretta/over-under/12-gauge/687-180119142628006
  4. Lloyd90


    I tried a browning 525, miroku mk60 and Beretta 687 - Beretta fit the best - I’d try and get an older model Beretta 686 or 687 - should be able to pick one up for around the £8-900 mark and if you want to sell it should get your money back no problem.
  5. Lloyd90

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    Not more complaining! Perhaps the many times more revenue that the wedding brings into the country should go to them and they can pay the entire bill from that?
  6. Lloyd90

    Dog damage trees ?

    Pit bull type owners encourage their dogs to bite and hang onto trees, it strengthens their jaws. Basically idiots thinking it’s funny to own those types of dogs and go around wrecking stuff and thinking it’s not their problem when a nice area is wrecked. Selfish idiots! Some people own those types of dogs and like to train them for stuff like that but do it without managing to wreck green spaces for everyone else. Putbull weight pulling and high jumps can be quite impressive. Athletes of dogs!
  7. Lloyd90

    Packham VS Richardson Rural

    For, I believe from what I’ve seen he counters Packham challenging his dodgy facts and presenting pro Shooting facts and data. Ive not seen them myself sorry, but that’s what’s going round on FB
  8. Lloyd90

    Packham VS Richardson Rural

    I’ve not seen Richardson Rural but apparently he counters Chris Packhams videos like for like challenging the false facts presented (I think) ... Now Packham and his team are trying to legally silence Mr Richardson from doing this and he is looking for support to defend himself. If anyone wants to support the GO FUND ME is attached. Perhaps BASC would offer him their support from their legal team? https://www.gofundme.com/5jtgpk8
  9. Lloyd90

    Which airgun and rat bait station ...

    The HW100 I used last night is 177, I had 2 and my mate had 2, I had one in the side of the head and he didn’t move at all, the second was facing me, the pellet hit it in the face just below the eye and went through the full length of the body, even producing an exit hole near the back leg, these were big rats too. That rat was hit and ran about a foot but was dead once we went over.
  10. Right two questions in 1 topic! 1) recently had my renewed and asked for FAC air rifle ... I want to buy a precharged air rifle anyways (have an AA prosport in 177 already), is it worth getting a FAC air rifle and what’s a good one to get? Love my mates HW100 but have ready lots of posts saying they have accuracy issues over 12 ft/lb. 2) my mate has chickens in an acre wood of Christmas trees, the rats take food from the chicken feeder and are well fed all day. Often we shoof a few but after 1/2 they ****** off for hours. We wondered if stacking 5-6 pallets and putting the chicken feeder on top would mean they have to climb up to get food and would be easier to shoot when up like that? At present there are a lot of nettles and bushes by the feeder and they disappear into cover within a few steps in any direction. Making them difficult to shoot each time. Most times I go up I shoot 2-4 but then don’t see anymore. There are loads about though and he sees loads even in daytime, they’re eating through a large amount of chicken food every week!
  11. Lloyd90

    Teague mobil choke. 12 bore

    Is it the 10mm or 20mm extension?
  12. Lloyd90

    Packing up sale.....

    Don’t worry mine has a flappy tail 👍🏻🤣🤣
  13. Lloyd90

    Kibworth shooting ground up for sale

    Wonder what their yearly income and expenses are.
  14. Lloyd90

    Anyone seen this....

    Well in that case BASC or similar organisation should be challenging the organisations legally for slander etc, if they want to make allegations like that they should provide concrete evidence... without challenging them itll juat get worse and worse