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  1. off road tyres

    Do you leave them on all the time or swap em over with normal road tyres?
  2. Air Rifle Law?

    I wouldn’t leave anything valuable in a car unattended if I didn’t HAVE to... air rifles these days can run into several hundred pounds, why would you leave on in your car all night?
  3. TOYs R US and Maplins on the ropes.

    The city centre planners are too busy putting the rates up a few years ago a business I worked for enquirer about opening a shop in a town centre that was absolutely dead, 3/4 is the shops closed down, only ones left were Iceland and charity shops. The council wanted over £40,000 between rent and rates/council tax just to open it up. Then they wonder why the whole street has closed down and no one can afford to open up anything new.
  4. TOYs R US and Maplins on the ropes.

    Times have changed, you used to go into stores like Maplins and the staff were brilliant and knew exactly how to help you. These days you go in and the staff in lots of stores barely have the ability to breath and move at the same time, some of the people I’ve had try and help me in these types of stores were so terrible that I genuinely thought they were learning disabled and employed to give them a chance. Then if you can find someone else there’s plenty that can’t be bothered to do any work and just clock watching until they can leave! Why go somewhere to talk to staff that either 1) don’t have a clue, or 2) can’t be bothered to help you / are rude I can instead go online and look up exactly what I need for any scenario on helpful forums and chat rooms, being given advice from people who have a genuine interest in the area, who enjoy the puzzle of fixing stuff and helping others. I can then go online and buy the parts for a fractions of the price that the stores want. Recently I broke the cover of the wind screen wiper on my car. Halfords wanted £70+ for one and the staff there took ages to even acknowledge my existence... Went home and found one on eBay for about £2 with free shipping and it clipped right on Just look at many reviews of gunshops. Lots of reports of staff being rude, giving wrong advice, telling customers they don’t actually want what they asked for and pushing other stuff on them etc ... I once asked a shop in Wales for a box of 87gr BTHP 243 bullets - the staff member went on several times telling me they weren’t legal for deer and it was a 100gr minimum only. I told him I believe that was only in Scotland, but he rudely repeatedly told me I was wrong and I didn’t know what I was on about ... I never went back to that shop. Now I can just buy the bullets I want online and avoid that scenario.
  5. If you had a driverless car and you saw an object or person in the road up ahead, would you apply the brake yourself? (Which defeats the point) or would you think “I don’t need to, the car will brake itself!”
  6. Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50 VMR-1MOA

    Pics don’t work mate - I clicked one it redirected to airgun bbs then failed to open
  7. Ive always thought he was much scarier looking than that ... rumour has it “The Grufallo” was based on him lol
  8. Lots of people are terrible drivers anyways! Can’t stay in their lane when on round abouts or turning, speeding excessively, hitting curbs etc number of people you see on their phones as you go to work is insane anything that makes people pay even less attention when driving is surely a terrible idea
  9. Leather brown gun slip - new with tags

    I’m sure you’ve got a shop where you sell all the gear you buy 😂😂 Rumour is he has a team of Asians watching the forum at all times for a bargain ...
  10. Nothing last time

    Trust me people who rush back often end up with the long term damage. Hope you can manage to take 2-3 weeks to properly mend mate.
  11. Nothing last time

    What they say at the Hosp? Be fine when healed with full use? I hope so mate
  12. Nothing last time

    How’s your hand?
  13. Winchester SX3 3.5" 12 gauge

    Oh right, fair enough 😂😂😂 a lot of people wouldn’t have mentioned it so fair play lol
  14. Browning 525 Top Lever Sticking

    Good luck mate
  15. Browning 525 Top Lever Sticking

    Did it have that issue when you bought it? who did you buy it off and what did they say about it? Did it have that issue when you bought it? who did you buy it off and what did they say about it?