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  1. I would get a 20 gauge (I have actually). Teaching the lady to shoot will mean you want easily available clay cartridges. You can turn up to almost any flat ground and buy 2 boxes of cartridges, pretty much any ground I have turned up to have both 12g and 20g carts. I’ve not been to any that have 16g or 28g unless they have a big Gunshop attached. 20g also lovely for a mooch about and a bit of dog training.
  2. Using google chrome. Just tried Microsoft Edge, same issue. Cleared all my cookies on desktop and still it persists 🤷‍♂️ Didn’t work
  3. Nope still not working on laptop. Have turned off add blocker for pigeon watch and still don’t work also. @Teal any ideas please?
  4. I bought one of those cheap £5 choke gauges. I have read they aren’t worth it as not accurate. In my silver pigeon and my Teague Mobil chokes it matches up exactly to the marked constriction. I tried it on my Maxus chokes yesterday. cyl showed up as Bore. 1/4 showed up as Cyl. 1/2 showed up as Cyl. 3/4 showed up as Cyl. Full shower up as 1/2. work that one out 🤷‍♂️
  5. Always have done never an issue before
  6. Yes I made a thread but further down. When I try to post it just refreshed and doesn’t actually do it, same as trying to log in
  7. Issues with pigeon watch using my laptop, I could type a reply to a thread but when I hit ‘submit topic’ nothing happened, page refreshed and remained on the draft post. I have logged out on my laptop and same issues trying to login to my account now. type in username and password fine. Hit login, page refreshes but stays on login page and doesn’t log in to the account. All working fine on my phone!
  8. I think you’d struggle to find a Semi auto with a 3” chamber that would fire Hull Comp X 65mm carts reliably. Like I said they are notoriously soft shooting. My 3 1/2” cycled 65mm 30g 6’s no issues. My mate had a couple of boxes of the old Gamebore clear pigeon 30g 6’s the other week, 65mm cart. As you say, you could theoretically fit 3 in the mag with 1 in the spout, if you were so inclined.
  9. Not sure why you’d get a 3” rather than a 3 1/2” on purpose? The ability to use 3 1/2” shells should you so need is always there. My Maxus is 3 1/2” chamber and shoots 3”, 70mm and 65mm (30g 6’s) fine. I have some Hull Comp X 65mm carts that are notoriously soft shooting, I will give them a try in the Maxus. I reckon it might struggle with them, but I would expect that.
  10. Let me guess… that bloke Tony put a gun in your hand with the arrow laser shot and told you all the guns were aiming low and you needed a gun with a high comb?
  11. I like the Maxus, very light weight but low recoil. I took a phone call yesterday whilst sat in the hide, as I did I saw a pigeon coming into my decoys. Guns so light I managed to mount it, line it up and drop the pigeon in my pattern with one hand!! Mind you I did miss some easy shots with both hands! 🤣
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