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  1. Bitten through my cords and in my beard, wife thinks I have crabs. Very uncomfortable
  2. Had seven on barley this morning but they are ignoring the wheat, to be honest they are pretty much ignoring the barley!
  3. It's tom doing one that has made it come to a head. Can't help think she brought some of it on herself though
  4. Blow up airhead. I used to sleep on a mat. It was horrible. The ideal is to bring enough bog roll so you craft a mattress. If not ( and why not) airbed
  5. jimdfish


    My scooter club the Manchester Lyons are having our do next weekend, we are going to have a band outside, what size generator would I need, std four piece band, drums, two guitars , pony bloke up front shouting, you know the type. Any ideas? The fish
  6. Lad from stockport is not representative of us lads from stockport. I would eat the teary streak
  7. When I exercise lily very hard she sometimes gets a nose bleed. Short lived . Five minutes or so and she appears fine. Any ideas? Jdf
  8. My wife and me work for the dwp. The wife was an ESA manager. There is a surprisingly large number of people who suddenly get better once sent for assessment. We also have people in with great lists of medical complaints asking if they catch or contract these will they get more benefits. There are a lot of genuine claimants, there are an alarming number of people who just can't be ars@d. Fat people, too fat to work do my head in. They eat their way to ESA
  9. The pictures suggest some kind of genetic mutation...... But that's enough about his kids, the rats massive
  10. jimdfish


    I got stung by a bee once ....... Five quid for a jar of honey
  11. Anyone near Manchester have any ferrets they need to work? My permission near knutsford has lots of new holes. If you want to net, ok, or we can shoot the flush. Normally shoot it on a Thursday. No dogs allowed unfortunately
  12. I was being sarcastic. Unites states etc. I am educated well enough not only to interpret a series of words that form a sentence ( United States of America ) but I also know how America is made up both federal and state. I also know Leonard rossiter wrote a book about sarcasm. Very good it is too
  13. Sarcasm, the lowest form of wit, sadly however it does pass people by. Casts by fly. That is exactly what I wanted. Thank you Thanks Jim
  14. Is that why they call it the United States then? I think your insurance is linked to plates and you take the plates car to car. Other than geography lessons can anyone clarify or tell me of personal experience
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