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  1. i will proberly be band form this site after showing this and i saw it on dvla web site and it was c*n7 if it is a not legal dont complan to me!
  2. it work's for park deer/lager deer e.g red fallow and saka but roe deer take a long time to odd looking thing e.i. a pink salt lick and by the time they are use to it, it has disolved with the rain/moisture in the air if you want to attract them ether a pheasant feeded + wheat (with no guard) or a deer feeded with a roof on in and put sheep nuts in it it worked for me. (but i have to say they work better in winter when there is little food around and put a fenn trap+box under the feeded to get rats/squrrils. if you are going to build one for roe deer these are the rough measurments i u
  3. ok game are very good cartridges and kill cleanly but if you are shooting pigeons on farm land you should realy get fiber wad going back the price difference, i would say that generally if you buy expensive they are normally high performance e.i. high velocity, hard hitting,clean burning powders, have deep brass on them and for game at least fiber wad. e.g. Eley VIP's/grand prix hv Hull's high pheasant/sterling game rc's RC4 but the only thing i wound say would be that if you are shooting pigeons dont go a buy the best and most expesive (£7-9 per box of 25) because you dont need
  4. No sorry babbyc1000 im not looking to buy one but thanks to both for your help any way.
  5. it really depends on the land/range if it is short'ish ranges say 25-100 yards then a .22rimfire would be perfect but for further out say 100-200+ a 17hmr would be better as far as rifles go cz bruno, anshultz, or a sako with a sound moderator would be a very good choice and good scopes is needed buy the best scope you can buy. legals would be ether ring your police force up and ask for advice, ring the basc or even ask your local gun dealer, and it would be better to get your shooting pemition in writing. hope this helps regards deer stalker
  6. this may be in the wrong section, and it is an odd question, but want are the disadvantages or advantages if any of the two different types. i have both (for different cal of gun) and a cant really tell the difference. any input would help thanks deer stalker
  7. Eley vip 30g 5's for pigeon,pheasants,crow, magpies, squirrles ....ect Eley impacts 28g 6's for rabbits and for late/high pheasants hull stelling game 34g 5's or RC4 35g 5's (also very good for blowing drays out) (all of the above in fiber) ducks 36g 4's in steel geese 39g 1's in steel fox AAA or BB in magnum loads
  8. i have found cartrides of mind that i some times drop (climbing fences/gates/loading landy back up with kit) and find them weeks later yes the brass has gone very dull and some even rusted but they will fire just fine when they are dry.
  9. What is the best shot size in steel and load for inland duck shooting.
  10. Beretta Xtermer 2 put it though hell and it will still work with no jams and think of the load range 28g-clay loads up to 3 1/2 66g super magnums god they make your eye water!
  11. If you dont want to weight then skip to 1.50min or there abouts
  12. 30g/32g 6's for Partridge and 32g 5's for pheasants but if they are high and it is late in the season then 34-36g 4's and for a make hmmmm....... Eley VIP's and fiber wad is a must but some will let you use pdp wads but to be on the safe side fiber.
  13. First thing hi and to pigeon watch I not really suprised they are hard hitting you could use them high pheasants if they were in fiber and the only reson they dont do them in fiber wad is that they would lose sales on there more expensive cartidges.
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