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  1. Have had a bit of a muntjac "boom" recently.... Iv been on top of the numbers on this particular bit of ground for good few years, but all of a sudden they are are everywhere!!! One of my favourite venison, so an excuse to get the chest freezer filled back up in time for summer bbq's..
  2. I would pick the Oryx over the GRS. Neither GRS have any bedding as such..... they both rely of the ridgidness of the stock material for bedding.
  3. I had both... the bifrost, at first seemed too light and plasticky.... but it was solid and much more rigid than the beserk. They take a little getting used to, but I found them very comfortable for prone or bench shooting.
  4. Very minimal, almost nothing.... pretty much the same with most of the other deer Iv shot with the eldx so far... Would like to try some sako gamehead pro 130grn soon, they look pretty good....
  5. Hornady 143grn eldx performing flawlessly....... not had this caliber long, but I'm very pleased with it so far!! Much less recoil than my 308 and match accurate with factory ammo!!!! Shot a few roe bucks and muntjac also, at varying ranges......... so far I think this is a fantastic all round deer caliber 👍
  6. A ltd edition beretta 686 that I sold on here nearly 10 years ago..no 568 of 800..... I shot it so well too 😪 Did see it again on Facebook a year or so ago, someone Gloucester way purchased it I think.... so it's still about 👍
  7. I had an A-tec hertz, the baffles started to disintegrate at around 200 shots... Wouldn't have another 😔
  8. I worked for a skip company some years ago.... best haul we ever saw was from an elderly gent that had passed away and his bungalow was cleared by the council (assume there was no family) and they used one of our skips. The skip was full of ww2 memorabilia... german iron crosses, other medals, german mother crosses, mod issue pocket watch, loads of bits and pieces.... There was also a carrier bag full of old original matchbox cars !!!
  9. 😂👍 I was cursing the land owner when I got to my bit, thinking how the hell has he been "seeing quite a few deer about" in 6ft high grass !!! I suppose it really is a case of "you wont shoot owt sat indoors" 👍 👍
  10. After seeing the height of the grass, I honestly thought I was just going for an armed afternoon stroll!!!! Pleased it wasn't a wasted journey Cheers 👍
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