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  1. chrispti

    Large game meat hygiene

    Keep an eye on the ngo website. I did mine West Sussex
  2. chrispti

    Stalk and fox control

    Very useful... A good bit of kit for the money. Can see / id foxes out to 500 yrds with a pbir ir torch. Using a dragonfly ir, can see out to further on full mag. Shot a few recently ?
  3. chrispti

    Stalk and fox control

    A good evening out the other day... A nice stalk into a Roe buck, the wind changing direction half way into him made me push out from the cover of a ditch, which ran along a hedgerow, and out into an open field to keep myself upwind.... Lost sight of him momentarily in the long grass he was feeding in, but knew he was still in there....stalked to within 30yrds of him undetected and dispatched him with a clean neck shot. Having cleaned and inspected the deer, we had a look about the farm for any foxes.... Shot one just before dark by the main pheasant pen and another after dark, by some partridge pens, using the vulpine nv and pbir-x ir combo.... A nice productive evening and a happy farmer ?
  4. chrispti

    Mauser  M12 Max .308

    This is my rifle, any questions please ask away.
  5. chrispti

    Fox control

  6. chrispti

    Fox control

    Trying to catch up on the fox population on 2 game shoots before the poults come in. Everything has just shot up over the last few weeks making things quite difficult with the long grass and height of the crops now... Gotta keep at them!!!
  7. chrispti


    Le chameau condor.... Finally le chameau got it right!!! Theses boots are as light a trainers, fleece lined and 100% water tight with the ankle support of a decent walking boot. If you can stretch your budget, get a pair!!!
  8. chrispti


    Le chameau condor zip boots.... Very light and very comfy!!!
  9. chrispti

    Best off road tyre?

    Cooper sst pro are well worth a look.
  10. A few bucks I have had so far this year.
  11. chrispti

    Roe Buck

    My last 2 were in nice clean summer coats, the others not... This one was back in April, summer coat starting to come through.
  12. chrispti

    Roe Buck

    Butchered into steaks and mince. Mince will be used to make burgers and lasagna..
  13. chrispti

    Roe Buck

    Mauser M12 Max
  14. chrispti

    Roe Buck

    Cheers all
  15. chrispti

    Roe Buck

    A nice clean old chap. 7 pointer Took a while to get into a position for a safe shot, but got there in the end.