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  1. Thanks for all the tips, my bobcat is a MK1. I bought it brand new about 5 years ago and it does not have a separate regulator gauge or adjustment so in the past I have done the old fashioned method of trying every pellet I could and found the JSB king MK2 33.95gn to be very accurate but as I say now with the slight drop in power these pellets are not so accurate. I think I better call the SGC as they have been doing the repairs
  2. Just doing some calculations and to get the gun to the power level it was I need another 30+ FPS when you look at it that way the 4 ft/lb sounds quite a lot using jsb exact king heavy MK2 33.95gr .25. My main concern is that the accuracy is not as good as it was before the new Reg
  3. I’ve just had a new regulator fitted to my FX Bobcat. The gun has always run at 49 ft/lbs+ but the new Reg is running the gun at about 45 ft/lbs. Will a new Reg take time to settle in?
  4. I have an fx bobcat mk1 fac which is regulated and it is leaking air through the air bleed hole at the bottom so I replaced the 2 o rings that wrap around the regulator but still the air continues to leak, the more pressure I put in the faster the leak. Thinking of stripping the regulator down and replacing the internal o rings, but before I do, if the internal o rings were faulty would air still be coming through the air hole at the bottom of the block ?
  5. Hi all, just reloaded some 243 rounds and noticed that the heads slid into the cases very easy. ( i only neck sized the cases so i assume i need to adjust it a bit ) after i crimped the bullets i notice the heads still twist round in the case but will not slide in or out, i have not noticed this before so my question is, are these rounds safe to use ?
  6. shoot57


    No, Still for Sale
  7. shoot57


    For Sale MTC VIPER 6-24x56 SCB Ret all in very good condition, complete with rings, sunshade, flip up caps, allen keys, and large parallax wheel, all in original box £200 inc postage
  8. i have a browning 20 gauge with invector chokes, now in the instruction manual it would appear that i can use the 3/4 choke for steel but looking at the chokes they are all engraved with steel and lead shot info, all that is except for the 3/4 {2 notches} which is only engraved with lead info. in the past i have been told no more than 1/2 choke can be used with steel. so can i use 3/4 or not for steel?. by the way the cartridges are Kent Gamebore 24g 5 shot
  9. MTC Mamba 4-16x50 scb, in very good condition, just has one very small dent in the windage cap, no ring marks. Boxed with mounts sunshade and manual £160 posted
  10. Don't know if this is in the right section but here goes, i have a casio ex zr 100 camera and i have mounted it to my mtc viper to get some slo mo video and it works well but i cannot get the reticle in sharp focus, zoom in to far and i loose it all together and the other way the reticle is too small, so the question is how do i focus in on the reticle?
  11. Thats a thought, I used to use accupells in an fac .22 rapid 7 years ago when they were crosman and though theoben didn't recommend them they were the most accurate in my gun. i have had a look on the net and it seems that Webley accupells are made in .25cal and at about 27.5 grains would be nice to try. But here comes the question, Where the hell do i buy .25 accupells from? ...
  12. Just bought the bobcat and been testing some pellets and so far the most accurate one is the jsb exact, i would be interested to know what others are using in this rifle, also would like to know if the fx smooth twist pellets are actually good in the smooth twist barrel?
  13. For Sale, Falcon Menace 5.5-25x50 ffp scope B20 reticle, The scope is in brand new condition and is one month old, boxed with all extras £265 inc postage
  14. Hi Duffryn, My camera is a hero1 and i have settings 1 to 5 in the fov settings so which one is N ? ... thanks
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