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  1. Hi How much do you want for them?
  2. Lisenfeld 6x42Spezial Scope Nice little German scope Optically good Reticule similar to S&B A7 usual German style. 25mm Tube has various marks but not crimped. £100 posted.
  3. Set of Sako or Tikka Optilock Rings 30mm medium to suit 56mm scopes in blued. £50 posted.
  4. The ultra is does not use the 525 action or woodwork the balance is totally different shoot a 525 then an ultra, you don't know what your talking about what a muppet
  5. me as well 222&243 i had a t8 before and even though i put wd 40 every time i used it lumps of rust used to fall out of it pile of junk.
  6. the only title i can think for him is 'smug ****'
  7. Its pretty simple with the 222 you start with a known good load and tune it to your rifle it can work with other calibre as well, basic stuff really. Why would you ask a stranger for a 22.250 load don,t you have any mates
  8. i have shot rabbits at 345 yds one after another using homeloads in a heavy barreled triple,if you want the load drop me a pm.
  9. In ten years time a leupold will be holding its money and still rated as quality, an MTC ,I doubt it.Was not that long ago when all the talk was about vipers being as good as a VX3
  10. Why is it then you are advising the op not to buy a second hand hmr as the barrel could be worn out? Also you are not "sure it happens after they have gone through enough rounds" you could say that about 22lr Don't take it the wrong way my point is the op could get himself a second hand hmr if that is what he wants and not have to be paranoid about the barrel. :blink:
  11. how much powder does a hmr burn? have you ever seen an hmr with a burnt out barrel? simple question, yes or no?
  12. I have never heard of a hmr burning out a barrel its only a rimfire *** :o
  13. Been trying to get some more Browning Midas chokes inv+ LM and IC ,Avolon guns website have them listed but it wont let me buy the LM i guess they are out of stock i can get the IC on a few websites but no luck with the LM. Anybody know a place that would stock the LM,or anyone got one for sale,if not i can get a briley to do the job, but i would prefer a midas to complete the set.
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