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  1. I have a single barrel silenced Baikal .410 I would sell for £150 if your interested.
  2. Hi Kenny pm'd you, have ferrets and live within 20 mile of you.
  3. I have 3 male pups for sale, 1 black and tan £300 and 2 white at £400, they are pure German shepherd but no papers, ready to leave home on 07/09/10, East Lothian area.
  4. This thread brought a smile to my face, I remember years ago getting permission from a golf course to ferret, it was over run with bunnies, all my dreams come true, there were rabbits every where, and it all went pear shape, never caught a single rabbit...........because there were no warrens, no single burries...........nothing
  5. Any inspection welcome. Doesn't need a MOT till June 2011. Great car to drive only selling as I need a more practical car for work. I have owned the car for a year. Any questions just ask. The car is an 08 reg with 18300 miles on the clock and every thing works as it should. Would consider taking astra / 206 estate / focus or similar in part exchange no older than 04 plate and in very good condition. Priced to sell at £9000.
  6. Thats going to be a big job. where on earth can we find them.
  7. How about getting outside contractors in to run the country.......cheapest tender gets the job
  8. I'm going to do what's best for me, had a long think about the choice's and decided with the poling station 800 yards away there's no choice worth wasting the wear and tear on the shoe's for.
  9. Single barrel Baikal silenced .410, the usual rules apply shotgun cert holders only face to face, the gun is in East Lothian, price £150
  10. Glad you enjoyed your first day with us Nial, it is the first time we have shot in October and I found the course hard going with the undergrowth as thick as it was, I'm sure you will enjoy it more after a few hard frosts.
  11. I dont think them being 10 years old is any sort of an excusse, infact to me it makes it much worse, if they were capable of doing that at 10 what could they do now ? another top example of the law in this country has no intention of protecting people so its little wonder so many would like to get there hands on the scum.
  12. double barrel


    So an ancient recipe for haggis is found in england and this makes the haggis English..................Did they consider, it was stolen ? some theifing ancient toerag sneaked over the border and nicked it , or mabe it was just simply lost.........William Wallace was well known to be a keen visitor to England, mabe he droped it
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