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    shooting, shooting & shooting oh and did i mention shooting!!
  1. ridge off, clean ridge & roof, rebed ridge in new mortar, replace any broken tiles £290. if you were closer that would be my price
  2. you got any pics & will they fit a l200
  3. thanks all for looking but ive put she on fleabay now so fingers crossed ATB Dennis
  4. thanks for the comment/bump £225 for the year
  5. vouch for these remmys all day long. fantastic gun
  6. another pic. shine on all pics is due to rain not paint job. LOL
  7. agreed mine is on limited mileage (4000 per year) I think this makes a big difference to price
  8. Aviva best price for me £274 fully comp they beat all the comparison web sites by £30 ish
  9. give a guy a break i only just got she. ive had no fun in her yet
  10. jesus christ on a cracker now u got me all thinkin & stuff :wacko:
  11. 2.5ltr petrol starts 1st time every time
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