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  1. Come and watch if you don't belive me. Try some practice, you'll be amazed what can be achieved. I've shot HFT for the last couple of years and there are plenty of people who are better than me out there
  2. The S410 is an awesome rifle. They've sold thousands and with good reason. I was plinking with mine on sunday, picking off empty shotgun carts at 70 yards consistantly. I don't think you can get more gun for your money
  3. I was an alarm engineer a few years back. Soldering and heat shrinking will be fine
  4. I've had a Goldstar (Superstars brother) for around fifteen years now, over that time I've tried most pellets and had pretty good results with nearly all of them - its not pellet fussy at all. However, last year I tried some Webley Mosquito Express in it - unbelivable! Awesome pellet and the Goldstar (as does my AA S410) loves them. One hole groups at 30 yards are childsplay :o
  5. I've got the 687 Silver Pig III 28" Game MC and I love it! Fits me like a glove, fast handling and looks great too. I've used it for clays and rough shooting its never been found wanting. I've seen lots of other guns that look or feel great, but I've never regretted buying the Beretta B)
  6. Jim145


    I've got a lightning XL in .25, and had another in .177 (pretty much the same gun as the Supersport) Cracking gun, great value for money. If you get a .22 it will be less "jumpy" than the .177's
  7. Go to a shop and have a feel of them all - see which feels best in your hands. Your starting in a good place though, I've got an S410 carbine and love it! They've sold millions and its easy to see why! The HW100 is another excellent rifle, and if your using it for hunting the Rapid 7 is well worth a look - as is BSA's Super 10 (pretty much a copy of the Rapid)
  8. Domed pellets are the most efficient shape, so arrive at the target with the most energy. You'll find that at anything other than close range the domes will penetrate further than pointed due to this extra energy. I've tried every shape of pellet going over the years, but 99% of the time now I use domes.
  9. Jim145

    New rifle

    If your wanting to shoot targets then get a .177 All three are great rifles - I have an AA S410K in my collection, but if you can afford it get the Daystate - just look at the HFT scene every other rifle is a MK3, and with good reason.
  10. I've found the Prometheus pellets rather inconsistant. You'd be better with some quality lead pellets - AA Field, H&N FTT, Webley Mozzie etc
  11. He's not wrong you know! Great gun, I prefer it in HC guise
  12. RIP Tony. Loved Heart Beat (no, not the copper one!) when I was a kid. I never knew he served with the Ghurka's - quiet bloke, but obviously a bit of a hard case underneath. He'll be sadly missed
  13. There are more accurate, more complicated, more powerfull - "better" rifles, but for an influence to shooting the Meteor gets it. I agree though that the HW77 is up there, as is Webleys MKIII
  14. Jim145

    pellet advice

    Agreed, try a selection. Domes are generally the best shape though
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