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  1. As part of my hgv cpc and the firm I work for trying to gain FORS silver I have the pleasure of a seven hour course on cyclist awareness in the first weeks of October. Part of which is a 3.5hr bike ride around the local area. The last batch to go through it were taken out by a charming young lady who had no experience in an hgv. When this was brought up her response was "nearly every cyclist you encounter will have no experience of an hgv. They are ignorant to the amount of space and time required to manoeuvre hgvs so by following me you will have a better understanding of the cyclists behavio
  2. I carry a Makita UC4051a 110v corded chainsaw in the van with me. It's done 6 yrs with me and was second hand when I bought it, can't recommend it enough. Bought my brother the 240v version and he scoffed but is now converted. Will handle a piece of seasoned 10inch ash no worries. Only point to remember with all electric saws WATCH YOUR OIL LEVEL, main cause of failure is getting carried away and with no petrol to run out you can easily neglect the bar oil.
  3. Yup. In my experience in the field as the wind has got up I've carried on dropping rabbits when my friends have started missing with the .17HMR, it's especially noticeable if it's gusty rather than a steady wind.
  4. First off I've tried all breeds and weights through it and never had a miss fire, squib, split case or stuck bullet. Reliability is A1. It is louder than both the .22lr firing HV and .17hmr but not much. A good moderator will bring the noise down but it will still have it's sonic crack, the ballistic tips tend to seem quieter than the hollow points. Having hit foxes with .22lr sub and HV at 70ish yards and watched them "walk on" before they drop I can honestly say that everyone that I've hit with either BT or hollow point .22WMR out to 120+ have dropped on the spot. There is always
  5. First calibre I bought. Recommended by the FEO that was sorting my application, still have it 20 years later. Taken plenty of foxes with it 100yrds no bother 150yds with a bit of thinking. Wife even hit one running off with a chicken at 90 yards.
  6. oneshot1979

    Bad break

    Had something similar to your mate happen to me but I caught 450mm 250mm X 6mtr beam with my head instead. Fractured skull, compressed spine, 4 dislocated ribs, multiple bruised organs, fractured pelvis and dislocated hip, Tibia and Fibula both sticking out of lower leg and jeans. Pulled myself clear of wreckage to make access easier for paramedics got my breath back from being winded then calmly assessed the damage, called the forklift driver some names and then sat patiently waiting for the emergency services. No pain for nearly 45-50 mins but when the shock wore off didn't I know about it.
  7. Got had by one of these several years ago. Felt like a really good nettle sting that just would not go away all day. Brushed it off and thought no more of it. 10 days later the itching in my arm woke me at just gone 3am. Put some anthisan on it and went back to sleep. Got up usual time and arm was red from elbow to wrist. By the time I'd got to work my forearm was the same size as my bicep. Bypassed work and went straight to A+E, told the triage nurse I'd been had by a spider 10 days previous expecting to be mocked but she turned on her heels and stormed off returning seconds later with an ID
  8. Bourbons. Stand up really well to the carelessly timed "overdunk". Rarely have a man overboard moment.
  9. Just to give some a little hope. My coterminous ran out last September. Had the renewal in way before the 8week request to Devon and Cornwall and was surprised to receive a random phone call shortly afterwards on a Saturday evening. Chap claimed to be a new FEO so a few security questions and a very friendly informal chat later asking if any of my details or circumstances had changed? He explained how busy they were and with long term ticket holders they were willing to do renewals by phone providing it was a straight forward renewal. ie: not asking for extra guns or ammo. He suggested that p
  10. As title. 1 Jay available for Larsen trap in North Devon. Usual circle of trappers have disbanded/given up, hell ones even gone all Packham !. Social distancing not a problem. Looking for a bird in return if you're successful.
  11. Original spring, removed degreased checked over and refitted. Work the action for good 5mins to compress and release spring to condition as such after so long stood up. It has to be the piston. It's the only thing that's changed. A little googling had suggested a slightly heavy piston would bring the performance up. The old nylon one was cracked up and worn beyond repair so fashioned one out of what I had available. Will have to source some nylon and try again. Iron sights were removed long ago and lost in the mists of time. Might look into the red dot idea. Once it's sorted the missus and eld
  12. So what are my options then? Would the piston weight really make that much difference?. Is there any other way if damping it?. Is there a particular scope that's better suited to the abuse? Could I convert to a gas ram. I know it's only an old BSA but it has sentimental value and if I can get it reliable would be a great thing to pass down to my girls.
  13. As the title says really. Decided to dig out a couple old springers from the cupboard for some plinking fun. One of them is a 74-78 BSA mercury that I grew up with and hasn't been used in over 10 years plus so first job was to strip down and inspect it. Gave it a good once over, new breech seal, deburr and polish up inside etc. Also got carried away and did away with the knackered nylon piston and with no new part to hand quickly turned up a phosphor bronze piston and fitted a new "O" ring. Reassembled with original spring and ran 20-30 lube saturated pellets through. Quick clean of the b
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