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  1. No worries mate, put some pictures up when it's done.
  2. As others have said, nitromoors to get rid of the old varnish, I lay the stock on a plastic bin bag, apply the nitromoors then fold the bin bag over. This stops it drying out. Then put the stock into a bucket of soapy water and rub down with 0000 guage wire wool. This will help to raise the grain and get rid of any residue. Dry and rub down with fine wet and dry followed by dry 0000 wire wool until smooth. Personally I use Birchwood Casey Tru Oil to finish, there are some pics of my S410 done this way here if you would like to see the finished result. Cheers Dan
  3. 11 fpe is perfect with AA Fields. Any more and you are in danger of going over the limit with a heavier pellet (which the Police may use if they test you).
  4. You are still probably looking at over £100 for a cheap bottle or pump. Maybe you should consider trading in your PCP for a spinger. That way you won't need any charging gear.
  5. It cost me £3.50 to have a 7l dive bottle filled, filling the PCP probably wouldn't cost more than 50p. But do you really want to have to go to a dive shop every 50 to 100 shots? Better of with a bottle or pump.
  6. I believe the H&N FTT's are a fair bit lighter than AA's. Something like 14 grains for the FTT's and 16 grains for the Fields.
  7. I am fairly sure that shooting magpies in your garden is illegal. Not sure about clubbing them.
  8. Adam Hunting with air pistols in the UK is very much frowned upon, they are just not powerfull enough to dispatch quarry quickly and humanely, accept at point blank range (dispatching rats caught in traps). You really need a spring or pcp rifle mate. Powerful pistols like the HW45 put out about 5.5 ft/lbs but are just not accurate enough at hunting ranges (even 15m) due to recoil. They also cost over £200. For that you could get a good, full power springer rifle. Co2 pistols are fairly underpowered (2 ft/lbs if you are lucky) and are not an option. There are some PCP pistols which would probably be OK accuracy wise, but they are generally mega expensive, and still limited to 6ft/lbs max, as are all pistols. You could look at Co2 rifles, but in my opinion the power fluctuations due to temperature, and resultant changing POI make them a firm no for hunting. As a poster above said, why not look at a BSA Ultra, which is fairly short. Also, many rifles now come in carbine form, such as the awesome HW100 and AA S410. Or a carbine springer. Or one of the bullpupped rifles that come up for sale from time to time, nice and short. In terms of scopes (for rifles) I would suggest somehting like a 3-9x40 as a popular set up for relatively close range work. Hope it helps mate Dan
  9. Don't give up Bob. Sometimes permissions will just fall in your lap, you just need to take advantage when the opportunity arises. For example, this morning one of my clients came to see me for a motor trade insurance policy. We got talking about it and it turns out he will be salvaging and breaking cars. His "yard" is on a patch of land owned by a friend. I immediately mentioned that I was looking for land to hunt on, my client tells me his friend will be more than happy to let me shoot there as he is inundated with rabbits, squirrels and rats. Long story short, I am off to have a look at my new permission this weekend. You just have to seize opportunity when you can. Ask all you mates to spread the word, you will find somewhere eventually. Its not what you know, its who you know. Dan
  10. Manufacturing tolerances of barrels can vary from make to make (and even rifle to rifle). Two head sizes are offered, and it's a case of trying both to see which works best in your rifle. A 0.01mm difference is pretty damn small, but can effect the POI.
  11. Agree with Axe, would not recommend a Co2 powered rifle for hunting. The power fluctuations due to temperature change will effect the POI making it impractical for live quarry. If your budget wont stretch to a PCP, then springer is proposably the way forward.
  12. Would recommend a Harris bipod, they have several types. You will obviously need to fit a QD stud (or have one fitted). For all round use I would recommend the SLM model, it's around £70.00. Cheers, Dan
  13. Have you ever tested it for range, how much was it. I've seen some LED torches on the internet that mount onto the scope that look alright. Thanks everyone, HSH Range is around 100m. Beam is nice and tight (about 15 degrees) so you don't spook quarry as much as with a floodlight.
  14. I use a Surefire tactical weapon light that I bought from a member on the AA owners club forum. Put's out about 100 lumens (3 cell maglite's about 35 lumens) in a nice tight beam, but is relatively small and light in comparison.
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