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  1. That's just the info I was looking for Cheers Ken
  2. Thanks for the ideas much appreciated Ken πŸ‘
  3. Thanks for the advice I'll see what I can find still interested to know if anyone has a beretta conversion and what its like handiling and noise wiseπŸ‘
  4. Thank you thats the type of thing I was wondering about. What gun do you have it on? Cheers Ken
  5. Yep I wasn't always a doctor and used to often just wear ear plugs and forgot a few times It's your left ear that gets hammered as the stock protects the right one Some folk are more susceptible to it than others it seems I'd have looked silly with my ear cans on dancing on front of the speakers in the nightclub mind you πŸ˜† It's the shock wave from the expanding gases leaving the barrel that's the trouble some will get transmitted from the breech to the air and by direct contact but its the shock wave that's the prob hence moderated gun would help
  6. πŸ˜‚ yes wearing double ear protection of earplugs and ear defenders together helps but still doesn't stop the blast transmitting through the skull..... The army now use skull caps for intensive shooting situations for that reason I know a couple of the lads on here have hushpowers and the topic has prob been done to death Mainly interested in the reloading angle and whether it's worth butchering my silver pigeon or selling it to fund the replacement option
  7. Just found out I've got good going hearing loss from misspent youth and shooting Thinking of options as don't want to deteriorate. have eardefenders like a cyber man now..... Ideally need quiet with range for pigeons and crows and hopefully steel shot to future proof. So either 12g or 20g. I know steel shot are fast but would still be quieter with mod I've shot a 20g mossy pump and that was pretty quiet but handled badly 1. Give up shotgunning last resort 2. Hushpower mod to my 12g silver pigeon o/u. Has anyone got one of these modded in 12 or 20g? 3. Hushpower or atec can on my escort 12g 4. Investarm o/u hushpower but not keen on fact it handles like a piece of scaffold and prob won't fit in the cabinet 5. Don't like the mossberg pumps due to stock and poi. I'm 6 foot 2.... Not adverse to reloading as quite low volume shooting Anyone got some sage wisdom and experience that may help? Cheers Ken
  8. Hi Mate, I'm up in Newcastle upon Tyne at the moment. I can give you the asking price-as long as the inside of the mod where it goes over the barrel has no rust spots on it (my RFD was trying to sell me a couple of used mods that looked like they'd rot my barrel!) Is there any chance you could get the mod delivered to my local RFD-I'm sure most couriers will pick it up from you and deliver it for a small cost? I will be back in Liverpool for a week or so so could potentially drive down-but I dont fancy spending the Β£70 in diesel and the 8 hours it will take me Cheers Ken
  9. Β£50 posted and I'll take them. cheers ken
  10. I wonder if there's a stiffer spring in the 3 1/2 inch magnum model that stops the lighter carts from cycling? I handled a couple of different semis that really didnt get on with 2 1/2 inch carts for whatever reason though-seemed to be length rather than load that was the trouble. I'm sure there's someone on here who knows the more scientific answer!
  11. Dont know whether mines a freak gun, but it's cycled everything-21g 2 1/2 inch clay carts to 32g 2 3/4 inch 6's. It may just be new, well oiled, and not had chance to be gunked up or fall to bits...... Ken
  12. I'm interested in the mod and bipod-pm sent Cheers Ken
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