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  1. Oddly I came on the site to say that I was giving up pigeon shooting and that I was hoping to pass most of my gear on to someone starting out. I haven't been on here for ages but perhaps some of the longer standing members will remember me. I made and sold Nemisis floaters for a few years. There are a few of those available. I don't have any flappers but I have pretty much anything else. I'm not giving it away but i will be a bargain. If anyone is interested PM me.
  2. Thanks for asking Frankcat. I don't think so, never noticed one! I can't actually check as I thought I'd sold it and I packed it up but sale fell through. I'm reluctant to unwrap it. Regards Brian
  3. Thank you to the gentlemen who made me offers for this . they were close but due to the condition and the fact that I am paying the postage I had to decline. I will now take £90, no offers. Thanks GH
  4. Having finally decided to give up rifle shooting my Hawke range finder is for sale. £100 or sensible offer, including postage. Paypal preferred Thanks GH
  5. That rings a bell!! just come back (this afternoon anyway) from the osteopath trying to get some relief from constant hip/knee(referred) pain from lifting said sacks of grain in my teens.Recent MRI scan shows multiple disc bulges and every facet is bone on bone!! Hey ho, off to the shooting show tomorrow..... GH
  6. All ammo now SOLD I will post pics ASAP regarding gun slip. Apologies for delay Thanks GH
  7. I will post all pics tomorrow . GH
  8. Send me your email and address and I'll tell you my payment details. Thanks GH
  9. I don't at the moment but it can be arranged! GH
  10. yHaving just sold both my rifles I have the following items for sale:- 207 .22 rimfire Winchester subs £15 41 PMC Zapper 22 copper coated high velocity rimfire £5 227 .17 17gr V-Max Rimfire £50 1x virtually unused Tri-pod sticks , still in sleeve. Extends to 5ft plus £25 1x well used Bi-pod sticks £5 + P+P 1x Hawk sport HD 4x12x50 AO Scope £25 SOLD 1x extra long rifle cover( I used it for an F.A.C gas-ram air rifle which was huge. Only used a couple of times so it is mint!) £20 A
  11. I suppose we should be grateful that some people manage to change the meaning and/or use of certain words because it also means that we(as in The English) can create new words instead of, like the French with 'le hamburger', for instance, having to assimilate anything new from our language. The trouble is that this means it's relatively easy to corrupt the use, spelling and meaning of a word and (sometimes) still make a sentence make sense. I know I've said this before ,but if you try and read manuscripts that were written in the 15th and 16th centuries, I am fairly certain that most of us
  12. I thought the blurred faces thing meant convicted= un-blurred, got away with it or under-age = blurred. Happy to be proved wrong! Quite often any 'new' progs actually only means new to that channel! GH
  13. Sorry, now sold! Thanks for looking GH
  14. I have a very cheap Rav 4 for sale . Tyres and engine good, body and exhaust not so good. Has two removable roof panels. Will be going for scrap when the MOT runs out on the 4th August so it would be cheap!. Offered as a genuine solution rather than just being opportunist. GH
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