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  1. Thanks for asking Frankcat. I don't think so, never noticed one! I can't actually check as I thought I'd sold it and I packed it up but sale fell through. I'm reluctant to unwrap it. Regards Brian
  2. Thank you to the gentlemen who made me offers for this . they were close but due to the condition and the fact that I am paying the postage I had to decline. I will now take £90, no offers. Thanks GH
  3. Having finally decided to give up rifle shooting my Hawke range finder is for sale. £100 or sensible offer, including postage. Paypal preferred Thanks GH
  4. That rings a bell!! just come back (this afternoon anyway) from the osteopath trying to get some relief from constant hip/knee(referred) pain from lifting said sacks of grain in my teens.Recent MRI scan shows multiple disc bulges and every facet is bone on bone!! Hey ho, off to the shooting show tomorrow..... GH
  5. All ammo now SOLD I will post pics ASAP regarding gun slip. Apologies for delay Thanks GH
  6. I will post all pics tomorrow . GH
  7. Send me your email and address and I'll tell you my payment details. Thanks GH
  8. I don't at the moment but it can be arranged! GH
  9. yHaving just sold both my rifles I have the following items for sale:- 207 .22 rimfire Winchester subs £15 41 PMC Zapper 22 copper coated high velocity rimfire £5 227 .17 17gr V-Max Rimfire £50 1x virtually unused Tri-pod sticks , still in sleeve. Extends to 5ft plus £25 1x well used Bi-pod sticks £5 + P+P 1x Hawk sport HD 4x12x50 AO Scope £25 SOLD 1x extra long rifle cover( I used it for an F.A.C gas-ram air rifle which was huge. Only used a couple of times so it is mint!) £20 All prices subject to sensible offers. The ammo is pick-up only and with sight of F.A.C. I will post the rest free of charge except where stated. I'm based in Hodnet, north Shropshire so grab a bargain or two and give me a PM for any other info you may want/need. Thanks for looking GH
  10. I suppose we should be grateful that some people manage to change the meaning and/or use of certain words because it also means that we(as in The English) can create new words instead of, like the French with 'le hamburger', for instance, having to assimilate anything new from our language. The trouble is that this means it's relatively easy to corrupt the use, spelling and meaning of a word and (sometimes) still make a sentence make sense. I know I've said this before ,but if you try and read manuscripts that were written in the 15th and 16th centuries, I am fairly certain that most of us would have difficulty understanding them. Yet, this was written in English! Our language is changing, like it or not. For better or worse! It's a fact And yes, it p's me off just as much as most on here have said! GH
  11. I thought the blurred faces thing meant convicted= un-blurred, got away with it or under-age = blurred. Happy to be proved wrong! Quite often any 'new' progs actually only means new to that channel! GH
  12. Sorry, now sold! Thanks for looking GH
  13. I have a very cheap Rav 4 for sale . Tyres and engine good, body and exhaust not so good. Has two removable roof panels. Will be going for scrap when the MOT runs out on the 4th August so it would be cheap!. Offered as a genuine solution rather than just being opportunist. GH
  14. I use screw-in adjustable bank sticks(as in fishing) painted , as they often come in chrome. You may need to modify what you already have though, But as I'm not familiar with the pro-flaps setup I can't say how. GH
  15. Thanks for your input guys. Everyone I've spoken to on this has said pretty much the same so I have made an appointment to have a fitting with a view to altering the stock whether it means bending it or not. Thanks again GH
  16. I purchased a Silver pigeon 1 in 20 gauge recently. After shooting it for a while I seem to be unable to consistently mount the gun so that I look straight down the rib, often being aware that I can 'see' the left side of the barrels. I normally shoot a Lincoln which has a degree of cast and suits me well and I don't'see' the barrel at all. The stock of the pigeon is straight grained. As I understand it this could make bending it risky and difficult but, to my mind, preferable. My question here is basically, would I achieve the desired outcome by having an adjustable comb fitted? I would really appreciate any opinions on this. Thanks in advance for your time and input. GH
  17. I really hope colour makes no difference. I've just changed from a green Rav to a silver one. I didn't notice any change when I pulled into the field in the silver one,The pigeons didn't even move from the other (unshootable) end! The old green one is covered in moss and has nearly got its own camo and I have used it as the hide, sitting in the back with the door open and a bit of net draped round to shoot over. Saved a lot of time packing up! GH
  18. Thanks OB! Forgot to add that bit for those using phones. I recently drove to Sheffield and back a couple of times so no problem with getting it home! Ravs rarely break down... GH
  19. N reg Rav 4, 1998cc, 4 good AT tyres(done less than 12000 miles) MOT till 3rd August. Engine sound and pulls well with no leaks etc. Cam belt and water pump kit fitted last year. I have used it as my shooting wagon for the last 5 years and she hasn't let me down. The bad bits are, poor paintwork with a few dints ,scratches and a few rust spots though nothing serious. Worn bush on drive shaft which causes a bang on the floor pan if the clutch is engaged quickly. Heat shields rattle on start-up but quieten down enough not to scare the rabbits off. She has done 133K+ but still lots of life left in her. She would make a great shoot wagon for someone or she may, with a bit of TLC, get through another test. £350 ono Thanks for looking. PM me with any questions or offers.
  20. Personally I'd recomend a Rav4. Had one for 5 years. Never let me down although I'm thinking of changing it soon. GH
  21. There are worse grammatical errors made constantly and consistently than the misuse of an apostrophe s. Like the confusion around 'off' and 'of', 'ov' and 'have and the old nutmeg....there and their. I think though, that text-speak has lots to answer for and there is the consideration that English is an evolving language so changes in grammatical rules will change from time to time. I wonder if someone from the sixteenth century would cope with 21st century writing! My understanding is that an apostrophe s indicates 'belonging to' OR an apostrophe anything indicates missing letters ( don't, isn't etc). So, in this case autos and auto's are both correct! GH
  22. If you consider the fact that dogs cannot digest grain of any type! That is why they can have bloated-looking stomachs, produce gas and loads of poo. It slows their digestive tract down so much in an effort to get some goodness out of dry food. I know dogs are considered to be omnivores by many, including TV vets!! but they are, in fact, carnivores and the ratio of raw meat etc as already quoted is absolutely correct. There are several firms who produce and deliver raw, frozen dog food. Just google 'raw food suppliers', you are bound to find one who delivers in your area. Feeding raw you will see a difference in the dogs energy levels, look healthier and will produce less mess which does not smell as much and is firmer(except on offal days). It also works out cheaper I you can buy in bulk. We have six dogs on it at the mo and with a dedicated chest freezer it's really easy to manage. Try it, you won't look back! GH
  23. Can anyone tell me if the new legislation affects the 'allowance' as stated on a certificate? i.e. is it scrapped or have we still got to abide by it? Thanks GH
  24. I've got a couple lying around somewhere. You are welcome to one for the price of the postage. GH
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