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  1. lol they should do an 8 year stretch for the inhumanity of boning her
  2. you couldnt guess the sentence but i will have a crack at 8 hope for more though cow bag
  3. at the end of the day i always think if you dont know !! ASK !! other wise how do you learn, the guy could of got his shoutgun licence then gone out and learned all he needed to know,whilst practicing at the clay ground and testing different guns out. some people say people should go out and learn before asking what SEEMS like daft questions but after they have been slated on here they will not bother asking about the sport because they feel silly and go out without any knowledge at all and give the sport a bad name then you will slag them off for not bothering to learn lol i say well done
  4. as said driven means that the beaters drive the birds towards the guns and rough shooting is just walking about shooting things lol
  5. as said its never to late and at only 18 months shes still a pup mate so get cracking with her and she will come up a treat also dont let her keep practicing mistakes
  6. hi mate ive got a lincoln no2 and it has a different side plate on it did that one come as standard
  7. thanks for the reply how old are the pups and where abouts in south wales are ya mate thanks chris
  8. are they from working stock if so have do you know the blood line mate
  9. i personally wouldnt mate or youll have a nightmare with the male dogs and dont want any accidents to happen while your not looking
  10. he wont let me touch it he can walk ok doesnt seem to be in pain just keeps licking it all day but he yelps if i touch it
  11. theres no blood dont know weather to wait a few days to see if it looks any better
  12. my staffy jump off the seatee and has snapped his dew claw it is now bent to the side need some advise on what to do if i bandage it up will it be ok or will it need to come off at the vets he seems to be ok with it hes not limping or touching it
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