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  1. Do you have anymore photos of the Stuart Mitchell, condition etc.
  2. Looking at buying a newish motor really like the look of CLA 220 Shooting Brake and its got a cool name, anyone had or got one give me a honest review please. i would be looking at the bigger engine version not the 1.6.
  3. Someone I know was selling his Lab pups for his usual price about £1000 good working stock and kc reg. He had phone calls asking whats wrong with them as they are so cheap! even messages saying they were stolen.
  4. I beat at a few shoots, so spread the word it i am looking for a dog and normally get told of decent litters fairly quickly. You can't beat recommendations.
  5. Enjoy your retirement Steve. See you on the other side.
  6. That seems a keen price. I learnt in a Topper and a mirror, alway preferred the Topper. Fantastic fun and a skill that gets rusty over the years but not forgotten. Good luck with the sale.
  7. When my bank informed me of the new interest rate in my bonus savings account a few months ago I moved a lot of money into my premium bonds account.
  8. If it was for me then Croots might be ok but it’s a gift and I don’t like them that much.
  9. rimfire4969


    Thank you for the offer. I have now got a FF6 on order. Takes me back, no idea what happened to my Manuel flapper.
  10. I am looking for a company / person who can supply me a leather shotgun slip that can have initials embossed or pressed into it as a gift for someone. Or I guess I buy a slip and have the initials done elsewhere. Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks
  11. Hennie Haynes stock every knife you would ever need from legal UK carry to large parangs and machetes.
  12. Be interested in the code. I can’t remember it. Want to order a few bits.
  13. Thanks for the photos. I will take the musto breeks please. Can you pm me payment details
  14. rimfire4969


    I am after a Flapper if anyone has one they no longer want. Ideally I would like a FF6 with timer remote. But I am open to other options. Thanks
  15. rimfire4969


    Thanks for that. Is this done through the phone app? i can’t find manage my devices in settings.
  16. rimfire4969


    Quick question. When I have bought a book on my Kindle App on my phone can I share the book. So if my wife want to read it a could send it to her. Anyone know?
  17. When you find one I have done Teague chokes I no longer need.
  18. We had a couple on our ponds on our syndicate. Not seen them for about a year, so hopefully dead.
  19. Hi, I have a gun who has volunteered to make some wooden tunnels for Fenn mk6 traps. He is locked down many miles away and bored. Does anyone have any or know where I can find some plans to send him. thanks.
  20. I would go for Cens passive. The big advantage is if you want to go electronic Is you can upgrade And use the same plugs.
  21. https://www.heinnie.com/ Pure knife porn.
  22. I hate taking a smock off when they are wet.
  23. I have no problem, 2 dogs pets and workers, grown up with the kids. But the thing they love the most is coming beating about 50-60 days a season.
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