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  1. Thanks for sharing. Once the world get back to some sort of normal NZ is a place I am going to spend some time.
  2. Yes please, can you send me payment details.
  3. I had my Planet Ocean done by Luxury Watch Repairs. i was pleased with the service and the work they done.
  4. That is sad news. My condolences to all his friends and family.
  5. I have a set of Wheeler Gunsmith's Screwdriver Set, not the cheapest but have got everything that I need.
  6. A real shame, loved his sense of humour.
  7. Motorway have emailed me several times and called. I guess some cars are wanted more than others on any particular day.
  8. I just put my car details into We Buy Any Car and Motorway for a comparison. WBAC £19000 Motorway £20800. That's very close to 10% more.
  9. Horrible moment for you. I manged to corner my Daughters cat that is staying with us with my Daughter for a few weeks in our summerhouse after it escaped the house. I had to wait for her to get home as it does not like me. When she came home she found her cat was asleep on her bed upstairs, I had cornered one of the farm strays we have around the place is was fairly unhappy. In my defence it was the nearly the same colour.
  10. I don't know the company you talk about, but I have used watchfinder a few times and have always been happy with the deal I have done including PX.
  11. I love the idea of one, but not sure I can be bothered with pizza more than once a week. Are they versatile? could I cook anything else on them. I BBQ once or twice a week and can cook so many different things.
  12. Done my course yesterday as well, we were told that you do not need to inform your insurance company that you have attended the course and that one company asks the question (Admiral) but it is a voluntary question. This was what the guy said which is completely different from what you have in print.
  13. Could I have some photos please if its still for sale. I will send email address.
  14. At the moment our birds are quite active from about 5 am. I think its fairly important to have one or two early mornings at a distance to see what your birds are doing. One morning a few seasons ago a could see the birds dropping out the pen to a fox waiting in that area of long grass, I guess we would of spotted it but my early morning saved a few birds. I certainly would not be too close to the pens at dusk.
  15. I had a email from Gun Trader as below: Dear Kevin,This is to advise you that guntrader is investigating a security breech involving its user database that we became aware of yesterday. This information was stolen from guntrader.uk and has been put on the dark web. At this point we believe that the only data taken was personal contact details. No password, credit cards details or any references you might have to any guns. If we get any further information that needs to be conveyed we will update you further. As the passwords were all encrypted in the database they have not been revealed however you might want to change your password for peace of mind.We apologise sincerely for this breach.Alexander AndoverMD guntrader.uk
  16. I am looking at buying a projector to use at home, in the garden, on holiday etc. I have no idea what to buy and what I should look for. Don't want top spend hundreds, are the cheaper under £100 worth it? Help would be appreciated.
  17. Don't worry they are only for some spares. Thanks anyway.
  18. I could always use spare poles, but as always too far, fancy posting?
  19. Great write up. I was also out with a friend yesterday after Corvids early morning as I had stuff to do during the day and the farmer was very keen for us to get on them and we must keep him happy. We were set up at 5 am at the edge of a barley field that had about half an acre flattened. We used a combination of about 10 defrosted birds and a few plastic thrown in. Big numbers had been seen the previous day but did not really show up, we done alright they came in ones and twos no wind at all so shooting not that difficult but it gave them plenty of time to study our set up but most that committed did not leave. I left at 8 am and we had shot about 44 by then, my friend had another 12 by the time he left at 9:30am. Equals happy farmer.
  20. It is always so sad and painful. I feel for you. I have to say at that age you should contact Guinness records.
  21. I have quite liked it being down here, maybe because I am far enough away from it in Perranporth. Its been very interesting the fast jets, attack helicopters, Red Arrows as well as an aircraft carrier you could sea from the beach. Also more Police about has stopped some of the normal drunk tourists fighting in the street at night.
  22. After keeping pigs for some years all of them rare breed my favourite is probably the Middle White for flavour and the best crackling followed by Large Black. Gloucester Old Spot are nice pigs but can run to fat very quickly, to be honest any of the old breeds will beat the massed produced rubbish hand down. If you want decent pork find a local guy who raise a few for the table and buy half a pig from him. He can tell you the breed, feed, age etc.
  23. We raise our own pigs, proper free range. I refuse to eat pork when we are out as I am always disappointed.
  24. As soon as my share of the money arrives I will book Brigands or somewhere similar for a day or two.
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