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  1. I will take a half if any is still available.
  2. Agree completely. Dynamite may be the only answer to get them in the air.
  3. With Cens you can buy passive and upgrade to digital later on if you wish. My only grip with Cens was the bad customer service I received when I send one back for repair.
  4. I have some 1oz coins and a few bars. I have given quite a few as presents to family members minted in their birth year.
  5. Merry Christmas and a happy new year
  6. rimfire4969

    Gary Rhodes

    He was the first tv chef my wife and I watched when we bought our first house back in about 1994.
  7. I have one in for repair at the moment, they have had it 2 weeks already and I have not heard from them. I chased it and was told they will contact me when they get around to it, possibly another week. No very impressed.
  8. Unfortunately without the shoot name we can’t know. We had a 100 bird day in Devon quite a few years ago, by lunch I had not fired a shot and we had 10 birds in the bag for about 20 shots. The keeper then took us to some ponds with some nice friendly duck that he would get up and we can shoot at as well as driving a small wood for pheasant. 8 ducks shot not one pheasant seen. Total bag 20 pheasants and 8 duck. We had only paid a deposit so renegotiated the price for the day that afternoon, which the keeper was not happy about. He had the choice of our price which was fair or nothing. He was going to take us to court but as you can imagine we heard nothing.
  9. Saw my first one on Wednesday morning while beating.
  10. I will take this please. Send me your payment details and I will transfer you the money. thanks Kevin
  11. A friend has a kofs he joked that he would be bringing back out once he has cleared his runner beans from it as he ran out of canes.
  12. I have rearranged our syndicate day. We start with an early breakfast at 8:00 - 8:30 at the farm then into a nearby (walking distance) syndicate members house and his cinema room (converted loft) 10’ screen incredible sound beaters and guns. Once the rugby has finished we will shoot through then have a buffet that the guns have supplied once we are finished. should be a day to remember.
  13. Not sure what you want to spend. I can recommend the Musto BR2 Fenman range. I have been shooting and beating in mine the last two season and it has yet to leak.
  14. I think England did not allow the All Blacks to play their normal game. Don’t think they were below par just not let in by a way better side today.
  15. No pipes near this part of the house. The old carpet has been down for 9 or 10 years so it’s not a major problem. I know replacing the floor would solve the problem but that ain’t happening. The 2 part epoxy seems to be the easiest way to help and for £100 I can do all I need.
  16. After a bit of advice: Our house is having some new carpet, lifting the old one which has been down about 9 years we have a damp area. The underlay has broken down and the carpet grippers rotted to powder. This part of the house dates back to about 1750 and it is only part of a large room 7 metres x 5 metres that has the issue. I have googled and found various things but first hand advise is usually better than google. Is there a paint maybe resin based they I can put on the floor to act as a damp barrier. I am not going to dig up the floor and relay it. Any help much appreciated.
  17. I would join the BASC or similar for your insurance side of stuff.
  18. Great game and a good result for rugby.
  19. Same as me, I have no complaints with Santander.
  20. No goods received and no communication.
  21. I had exactly the same with a Schoffel gilet I bought from him a couple of weeks ago. No goods, no communication and then a cheque in the post. I certainly would not attempt to buy from him again. Something not right. I have not said anything before as I did not want the cheque to turn to rubber. Reported this to Teal.
  22. I gladly let the world pass over me. 95% makes no difference to me, my family or my business.
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