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  1. could do, i don't use them anymore 😂 very frowned upon here unfortunately Figgy, too much at stake to risk.
  2. all my PCP's have shrouds, they remove any baffles from them prior to importing, the "AIR-STRIPPER" is still on the muzzle helping to remove some of the blast but that's it. taking a shroud off and firing is very noticeable from a volume point of view, weird thing is i tried to purchase a shroud from the U.S. for my Marauder, no can do... no one will ship it to me.
  3. Just wondering of the restrictions we face both sides of the pond with Rifles/handguns Etc, obviously no handguns but what of airgun pistols? I'm sure the majority of shooters in the UK prefer the sub 12 ft lb gun to stay within the rule and regulation, less hassle for one thing but with more legislation coming in and even sub rifles becoming more controlled would the hoops be less of a pain? I am not 100 % up on the UK legal side but hear enough to know things are becoming more restrictive, and with the more powerful PCP's do people cross over from rim/centerfire to these. The U.S. have come on leaps over the last five plus years and big bore Airgun use is soaring, plus the ability to use Moderators without special license requirements. I think they have it right where an Airgun is not a Firearm... one major difference here is Moderators, we (Canadians) are not permitted the use of period..... beats the hell out of me for Airguns as backyard friendly guns can be made even more friendly. And all you PCP guys, what equipment do you rely on for filling, Tanks or Compressors ? how many fit guys still use hand pumps ? curious is me TLE
  4. usually use a coarse scotch brite cloth and elbow grease, then finer to smooth out. tung oil to finish. lots of elbow grease Mossy.
  5. Not too sure it would be that exciting Mice. short version is i left Bristol in 93 to start fresh in Canada, shotgun and airguns left behind. started clay shooting in 99 and became competitive in 2000, shot up to master class and qualified instructor and enjoy that more than comps now. airguns here started with an old favorite HW80 I tuned to 830/840 FPS with Exact 18 grn Jumbo heavy .22" great pellet in all my guns for power and consistency. started into PCP two years back as an interested Engineer and wanting to pull apart and play, started with the Marauder then Daystate then AA , i fiddle and play, set up and take down, swap glass and put it back again, but pellet choice is constant in all cal's. i shoot vermin mainly in the back yard or out on the farms, Gophers cause all amounts of problems with livestock feet breaking in the holes, and as you guys i'm sure, i hate Crows and Maggies in my yard, a black and white free zone for the betterment of other birds and young. still shoot a lot of shotgun, handgun and rifle .338" lapua LR, down to .177", its all fun. the Engineering gets me all the time though, and my shop gives me ample playtime for modifications https://www.apollomachine.com/machining-services/machining/ hence the name. TLE
  6. not sure of access to all makes back in the UK, I run of PCP's here in Canada. Crossman Benjamin Marauders in .177" .22" & .25" all good and accurate guns ranging from 28 UP TO 52 FPE very reasonably priced guns with accuracy, tune-able Air Arms S510 xtra FAC .177" backyard friendly in low power 500 FPS and potent at high power 1040 FPS start paying more and worth it Day State Wolverine 2 in .25" set @ 70 FPE Heavy Hitter top priced but well worth quality walther lothar barrels are excellent on the AA & DS good glass on the rifle and you have a great combo, i use Hawke mostly. vermin comfortably taken up to 100 yds with the high power, further with the DayState .25" been a while since posting here, nice to see Teal doing well still. TLE
  7. Much appreciated PieBob, exactly what i was looking for. with Koning there was an entire hunt posted, unfortunately it has been removed at family request. thanks again. TLE
  8. was busy going through them on that search Zapp, unfortunately it looks like they have been removed. a great shame but respect to the family wishes. Martin.
  9. Zapp, old memory still working, close with the name. many thanks my friend, i shall read well again. as i previously stated, a good read for all on here. very sadly missed, he was a great guy to talk to forum too. thank you again. Martin.
  10. good morning all, been a while since i have been on the site, nice to see the hive of activity still. i have a question more suited to the older (time served not age) members of the forum. a number of years ago there was a German fella who had posted a fantastic report of a hunt in the forest (possible black forest area) boar and stag/deer. well documented and pictured, the rite of passage of the animals taken very seriously, all cleaned and laid to rest on evergreen type branches. as i recall this fella passed away a year or so later, i really want to find this post and re-read its content, even show a number of guys i shoot with here the respect he and his co shooters had for the kill. i can only recall part of the name which is something like Koneg or similar. if any of the older members or even Teal can recall, would you please send me the link to review the post once more. i would greatly appreciate the gesture. it would be a good read for any new members here also i'm sure. thanks for your help guys. Martin Usher.
  11. just received V-Mach tune kit so looking to strip and rebuild Friday for the weekend. definitely changes to existing equipment, though spring sleeve is smaller wall thickness .020" new one is .008" new slips inside old as diameter in free state is 1.015" as opposed to .926" not sure if this will allow spring slap or not..... I can see this rifle being stripped and rebuilt a number of times over the next few weeks for continuous improvement. little mod here and there. also looked at remanufacturing the piston itself, anyone done this? a better material with less galling properties and denser mass e.g. Be-Cu. incorporate a few ring grooves for centralizing the piston to the bore...... talk about a make work project, will run the chrono on rebuild and put up results. T.L.E.
  12. when I was in the UK (Bristolian born and bred) I used many airguns as I grew up, my two favorites were the BSA Airsporter under lever.22" and my Weihrauch HW35E which I loved. back then it was all about power, our ignorance as kids to rules with airguns, always looking for better. as a young Engineer in training I researched every spring I could get my hands on for more umph...... only later in life you understand limitations and catastrophic failure with metal fatigue amongst other constraints. running a drop of Diethyl Ether in the tube is bloody dangerous. here the law of 500 fps and below is considered ok to shoot without license, above requires a PAL (possession acquisition license as the law recognizes it to be a firearms) though I feel this is very vague as different pellets travel at varying speeds, the trap here is the RCMP doing checks with airsoft pellets that can travel at 650 fps 18" from muzzle then fall on the floor 25 ft away, rule of thumb would be get it checked and be sure, ignorance is not an excuse. we cannot run moderators here unfortunately so sound is a problem, I am looking for every conceivable method of dampening the gun, all parts including the cocking arm assembly, we will see how this goes, I have time to invest and am really enjoying the return to air-gunning. I have the V-mach tuning kit coming in this week, will see how this works and go from there. thanks for the response all. T.L.E.
  13. so what power was your 80 running with this pellet, the Premier is a Crossman pellet I think we use the same 14.3 gr slug. what was done for the stage one tune up? parts, spring, dampener sleeve etc. I am looking to get the old tired spring out and replace with the V-Mach tuning kit which will keep it running around the 21 ft lb mark, my old piston has had a few mods and is showing its age, I have built a .02" brass sleeve to reduce the spring slap noise but don't know how long it will last, or if there is material transfer going to take place. I stopped the use of plastic skirted pells as I hate cleaning the gun every time I shoot it. thanks for the feedback, good to hear from another 80 fan. TLE
  14. just finished rebuilding my HW80 as it has been lying in the basement for over a year now, pulled out a bunch of pellets to try her out with and found these bad boys, any of you guys still run these pellets ?? right now the gun runs approx. 825 fps giving a 21.6ft lb (before the law Nazis get involved and shout me down as an irresponsible air-gunner, location location ) running Premier .22 hollow points @ 14.3 gr (cleaned and lubed) running the promethius I recall plastic build up in the barrel over a few as 20 pellets, constant cleaning needed. killer pellets though, hell of a penetrating tool for sure. just curious about your usage and what anyone with an HW 80 uses. TLE
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