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  1. i will give these guys a go, just noticed you are from my Home town of Bristol, born and bread in Staple Hill. where you located ?
  2. I agree with you on my favorite gun and cal Air Arms build a great platform in the S510 extra FAC, only fault i have is not regulated (yet) and power selection is dial up, the Ultimate is power level positive click giving perfect consistent selection. backyard friendly, powerful, accurate and energy retention. on your recommendations i will purchase a few lighter pells, do you have a favorite ?
  3. as previous posts states i have the ultimate sporter R s510 in .22 and the Daystate wolverine in .25 bases are covered. also have an older HW80 in 22 in case i run out of gas 😃😃
  4. my ballistics may not be as accurate as yours my friend, i go on my actual results, the area i shoot has varying terrain where winds cross both ways. i can control the heavy pellets better than the lighter, to many varying factors that stop me pulling the trigger, get closer i hear,,,, could do but open to elements more, i shoot from my deck. it would be accuracy i need, not sure how much energy a lighter pellet would hold, i don't have many in stock for that reason, hope you understand my situation.
  5. running 8.4's is not an option, i need to drop crows and maggies at 60/70 meters effectively with no error. the 22 s510 ultra sporter is no issue, she is dialed in running 30+fpe running heavies the Wolverine is lethal @70 fpe. its streching the boundries of the 177 with the beasts giving me heartburn, may need to drop back to heavies only
  6. absolutely, the heavies run at 981-976 fps for 22.0/22.25 FPE seem to run best at 922/914 fps & 19.6/19.3 fpe not chronograph-ed the beast yet but expect lower velocities and similar energy at higher speed/power
  7. A question on consistency. i have been running a number of pellets through my AA S510 .177" with very good results. favorite right now seems to be the JSB Heavy 10.34gr actually put three on top at 66M. tried the Beasts at 16.2gr, get 4 or 5 good shots and then they start shotgunning and spraying all over. anyone had this experience? or know why this would happen? going to clean the barrel this weekend and start again with the heavies and see that all is working correctly, then select a few beasts of a glass plate. not sure where to look so open to suggestions if any. thanks in advance. T.L.E.
  8. will do mate, thanks for the info and advise.
  9. have a local shop Hi-Tech seals looking at the material for exact composite type. machining it i have no issue, i have a machine or two at my disposal... https://www.apollomachine.com/machining-services/machining/ can look at the additive manufacture side of things at my Laser shop too, good idea. thanks for the link Gggclark
  10. tried Speith, no response on two occasions, wont give a third strike. there's an idea on 3D printing, material is Urethane not rubber. had a response from Howell trap USA, will see how that pans out. thanks for the responses, the serious ones anyway. didn't think it would be an easy fix. martin.
  11. Hi Guys, it's a long shot but i am asking for help here. I have 30 working &15 more for spares) Speith International Trap target throwers that are in need of a little T.L.C. There are two grippers that hold the target in the stack while waiting for next drop. Then the Throwing arm has a channeled pc running the length of the arm. you can see in the picture attached. I am looking for replacements, or a Contact i can talk to to get Spares. believe it or not the machines were built in 1976/7 for the 1978 Commonwealth Games here in Edmonton AB, CA. Lasted well but have perished beyond consistent use now. thanks for reading and maybe helping an Ex-Pat out here, Don't want to get thrown to the Bears for failing to deliver. appreciate any help. Martin.
  12. could do, i don't use them anymore 😂 very frowned upon here unfortunately Figgy, too much at stake to risk.
  13. all my PCP's have shrouds, they remove any baffles from them prior to importing, the "AIR-STRIPPER" is still on the muzzle helping to remove some of the blast but that's it. taking a shroud off and firing is very noticeable from a volume point of view, weird thing is i tried to purchase a shroud from the U.S. for my Marauder, no can do... no one will ship it to me.
  14. Just wondering of the restrictions we face both sides of the pond with Rifles/handguns Etc, obviously no handguns but what of airgun pistols? I'm sure the majority of shooters in the UK prefer the sub 12 ft lb gun to stay within the rule and regulation, less hassle for one thing but with more legislation coming in and even sub rifles becoming more controlled would the hoops be less of a pain? I am not 100 % up on the UK legal side but hear enough to know things are becoming more restrictive, and with the more powerful PCP's do people cross over from rim/centerfire to these. The U.S. have come on leaps over the last five plus years and big bore Airgun use is soaring, plus the ability to use Moderators without special license requirements. I think they have it right where an Airgun is not a Firearm... one major difference here is Moderators, we (Canadians) are not permitted the use of period..... beats the hell out of me for Airguns as backyard friendly guns can be made even more friendly. And all you PCP guys, what equipment do you rely on for filling, Tanks or Compressors ? how many fit guys still use hand pumps ? curious is me TLE
  15. usually use a coarse scotch brite cloth and elbow grease, then finer to smooth out. tung oil to finish. lots of elbow grease Mossy.
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