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  1. n8ess

    .22lr match rounds

    Where. About sin Derby are you? N8ess
  2. n8ess

    Accushot mono pod

    This model has the quick knob for easy adjustment. Hardly used as new. £65 posted. SOLD pending the usual
  3. n8ess

    Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 BT

    Don't do it
  4. n8ess

    Ridgeline Monsoon Smock

    Is this the mark 1 or mark 2 version. Regards Neil
  5. n8ess

    Torque wrench

    I will take this. Please forward your Paypal details Neil
  6. n8ess

    MSA sordin supeem digital

    I have a pair of theses and they are by far the most comfortable defenders on the market, these are a snip, someone will get a bargain.
  7. Books as per titles, £12 each posted. The fell terrier (sold to the crowman) The World of the working terrier (sold to Trap1)
  8. n8ess

    Seeland fleece boys size 10

    Seeland fleece boys size 10, size wise, suit 6 to 8 year old. £10 posted Sold to AdamW
  9. n8ess

    Running dog books

    As per titles, £12 posted for the two. Sold to browning123
  10. Shooting/bench rest bag. Filled with polymer beads. Could also be used as a camera rest. Quite heavy hence £15 posted of £10 collected. Sold to dingdong
  11. n8ess

    Reloading/rifle books

    As per the titles £15 posted for all three. Sold to Bryan3
  12. Great wellies for kids, easy to pull on made by Tugzi, paid £22 for them, really comfy and warm with neoprene tops. £10 posted Sold to statts
  13. n8ess

    Boys Seeland fleece

    Sold to AdamW
  14. n8ess

    Boys Seeland fleece

    Boys Seeland fleece. Size 14, size wise age 8-10 year old £8 posted
  15. n8ess

    Hunt and Working Terriers - Brian Plummer

    I was just testing to see who was paying attention