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  1. Farmer combined some of his fields at the weekend so as I am off for the next few weeks thought I'd get some sport in. Set up at 6 this morning, first rook came in at 6:30, they came in pretty steady until 8am then they disappeared. Finished at 8:30 with 10 rooks and 2 jackdaws. Will leave it a few days then have another go.
  2. PM me please I will give you some details.
  3. Blade-tech, excellent if your knife blade is thin. If it's thick - Forget it.
  4. I'll have one please. PM me the payment details. Thanks.
  5. Excellent job - Get a patent registered for the covers so none of the sellers on the big sites can make them.
  6. I wish I was there to Buy him a pint or 10. Hereos' the lot of them.
  7. Hi Guy's My mate has a BSA supersport, it's just over 2 years old. He would like to buy a new mainspring but is unsure on which make to buy. Ox or Titan. Also can anyone suggest any aftermarket parts to replace while he has the rifle in bits. It's a standard 12 ftLbs Supersport. Many thanks.
  8. seisobs


    Thanks to the guy's who went out of their way to meet me at the gate of Scone palace to give me a free ticket for the game fair.
  9. looks really good Greenhunter, on par with your pigeon floaters, if they work as good as them you are going to hammer the crows. I like the wings and tail, how did you make them and what paint did you use? Well done again. Jake.
  10. Yes, I must admit it is pretty heavy, I've not even got a bipod for it yet! As I only use it for lowland stalking for Roe I'm not too bothered about the weight.
  11. Mr Nitpicker: If you look at the original post he is asking for a .243 and a moderator, scope is mentioned seperately. I did not mention prices. looking to spend about £1500 with moderator also which scope looking to do some foxing and deer
  12. Sound good Guy's Many thanks for the quick replies
  13. Check this out: Sako 85 SS Laminate in .243 T8 Moderator. Swarovski Z6i 2 X 12 X 50
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