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  1. The Burpster


    You can check basic load data of N135 by going onto Viht’s website and looking through resources, used to have some real useful stuff in there.....
  2. The Burpster

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    Mmmmmmm ....🤔
  3. The Burpster

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    Thanks guys, getting others experiences hasn’t really helped make me make a decision but is certainly interesting. The AR that has wear on it wasn’t done by Tec coatings I have subsequently found out. It was a done by a ‘mate’ that had the kits and a spray booth so may explain its lack of endurance. I have pre iuosly had whole shotguns dipped in real tree by hydro graphics and they were extremely durable and effective. I am not after the whole lot to be done this time just a matte durable finish on a blued SA barrel..... I would be tempted to have a go myself but it’s not my day job so don’t have practice pieces or an oven......😒
  4. The Burpster

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    Is it? (Serious question) I have seen an AR15 that was cerakoted and after a year it was wearing off.....🤔
  5. The Burpster

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    Anyone done this research to save me doing it? Recently bought a SA for pigeon bashing and occasional claying but despite being in mint condition the barrel is blued which is sweet but very reflective. I would historically have it hydro dipped by hydrographics but wondering if anyone has opted for cerakote in preference?????
  6. The Burpster


    Not used this one but have shot a .22 Satan which is ******* awesome. Again another little known round but incredibly accurate.
  7. The Burpster

    Anyone use a 20b semi.

    Tried most but Benelli M2 and Beretta 391 are my personal faves. Just scored a mint v.low use 391 with all its original bits for £600. Utter bargain. Will handle 24gm loads all day long (if kept clean) and a sweeter handling gun you will struggle to find. If you want quick handling (as I prefer) go for 26” and the 28” is a little slower. The M2 I had was also a peach but was sensitive with some 24gm loads 28gm were a cert tho.
  8. The Burpster

    Benelli mag tube

    Certainly in our county there are conditions on S1 shotguns. Mine is only for Vermin, PSG and target competitions. Pretty sure wildfowl are not vermin 🤣 Also our authority is a stickler for once S1 always S1, reasoning being that if it’s capable of being S1 then it can be changed if it is a S2. Kind of odd logic but that’s what they say. As said above it is easier, and less stressful to get a S2 for wildfowling than to mess with the Benelli.
  9. The Burpster

    falcon prarie

    Get a TR ROBB dvd, I have rebuilt 2 Falcons from our club using his instructions. His presentation technique is not exactly dynamic but it shows the correct way around the rifle. They are actually quite well made and engineered so a full set of orings some silicon grease, a bit of time and some tolls will have it well on its way.....
  10. The Burpster

    Carrying .22lr

    Use a mag fed rifle and get enough mags to do what you need and then keep them in a pouch!
  11. The Burpster

    My 1/6 scale RC Challenger 2 tank

    Wow, just wow. 😍Have you built it from scratch or is there a kit? It looks very accurate and as Dunks says (his sons make very large r/c planes) it takes a lot of commitment to model at that scale! 👍
  12. The Burpster


    I pretty much agree with the above. Once you have made it FAC it cannot be converted back. It is easy enough to declare it on your FAC but as said above is it worth it? Questionable.
  13. The Burpster

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    Be upfront and honest. You were a juvenile for most of those offences so under ‘rehabilitation of offenders’ guidelines they should be discounted. That said owning firearms is not a prerogative so it’s up to the licensing authority.
  14. The Burpster

    Gun Sale/Snobbery ?

    Most folks that will buy a Beretta are well aware what ‘Extra Wood’ is or was and either like or don’t. I had a 391 with and was always scared of dinging it, but it looks nice. as to your question, it is worth what it’s worth due to condition. Most SPs are known quantity and there are plenty out there so values are pretty solid.