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  1. We used Hastings direct for our daughter earlier this year. Has black box and app and was quite a bit cheaper than some of the others. Be wary of the ‘i’ll Give them my old car’ thought, we did that with our son about 6 years ago. He couldn’t afford the insurance the first year so it sat around doing nothing whilst he bought a 125 to gain a year in age and a years NCB. We were much more savvy with daughters car, a Sköda Citigo - group 1 ins and 55 MPG.
  2. Will you be there? 😉
  3. My only gripe of owning a Hatsan Escort was the quality of the design and finishing. In reality it did what it was supposed to, was cheap and EB back up was as good as any others in fact better than some! (2 minor parts needed replacing, replacements sent by next day post FOC) did have a tendency to dislike some carts but once a good one was found just kept doing what it should. They represent great VFM, just mind your fingers when stripping and cleaning there are a lot of sharp edges. Other than that - no brainer! 👍
  4. Yes they do... absolutely! If you wish to PM me maybe we can meet up and you can see for yourself. I see you are south Lincs ? Can’t be that far away! 😉
  5. I’m not getting drawn into the argument going on above as I’ve seen it all before and undoubtedly will again... So to answer your question constructively to the best of my experience and knowledge......... it all depends....! Hmmm on what? Well I had tried FAC back in the early 2000s when in all honesty everybody and his dog were making PCPs and with probably the exception of the Theoben Rapid none of them tamed big pressures and outputs. Design, machining, tolerances and, more importantly pellets have moved on producing some rifles that are solid performers up those grey areas. I have found with my recently acquired FAC HW100 that power output is all relative if you want accuracy. So to quantify that it came with the 600mm barrel and was producing (all tested with the same JSB 18.3gn pellet) 25ft/lbs but should’ve been up nearer 30, so apart it came and all the balancing and tweaking that I could do were done. Got it up nearer 29 but accuracy was not what I wanted and expected. It was also making the valve burp and using too much air. Convinced it should be better I swapped the barrel for 410mm barrel from a sub 12 that I had (and I know was incredibly accurate) and backed everything off and low and behold it now produces a healthy 24.8ft/lbs and 1/2MOA groups outdoor at 50m, which it was nowhere near with the longer barrel. I am very happy with it. So in my conclusion, there is every chance a .22 rifle producing 40ft/lbs can be good (if it has a good barrel and you can find a pellet that is happy being propelled at that speed) producing the kind of results you might expect. If either of these two conditions are not in place then I suspect you will be disappointed. Heavier pellets did not produce accurate results in either of my barrels. I will use my rf rifles if I need more terminal energy but I do understand some have uses for higher powers of air for specific persmissions. Should I have a need for ‘air only’ higher outputs I would personally investigate .25 as a caliber as I understand the pellets are more robust due to their physical size. My own findings and opinions FWIW, 👍
  6. I have had an S410 now have an S510 carbine, if I’m honest it’s a lump alongside my 100SK although I have an A&M cylinder on the K which makes it completely different. If I could only keep one of my air rifles it would be that karbine. 😍
  7. Of the 2 I would go for the .308. Mainly as said above much larger range of rifles and reloading components and easier to get (at the moment!). 6.5cr uses a lot more powder and the cases are very expensive to buy at the moment so reloading is considerably more expensive than for the venerable .308. I have shot 3 different 6.5cr rifles and yes they are good but no better than my 6.5x55 (which might be a caliber you could consider as an alternative to the Creedmoor). If you are not intending shooting out beyond 600 then the .308 will give you a lot of fun and at a reasonable budget, there is also a huge amount of info around about loads and different components which at this time is a bit scarce for the cr. just given up my .308 slot as there was nothing it could do that my 6.5x55 can’t. Hope that helps?
  8. Fortunately that is not up to him, and he cannot falsify things like PNC, custody records and, intelligence reports as he wouldn’t have access to them so you can rest assured the answer to that is none! Quite right, as above comments attest to, one bad apple.......🤬
  9. Just going through this with bikes again. Even my 7 year old Triumph Explorer is seeming long in the tooth compared with some of the ‘19 models.... *** .... Bluetooth, programmable GPS and remote off bike functions..... are they all necessary? Of course not but are they useful and they do enhance the riding experience allowing more of the brain to do important things like bend assessment and anticipation. The bikes we have today were only things of science fiction in my spotty youth days!
  10. I once had to take a stuck choke out of my mates Beretta as he wanted to p/ex it an knew if he took it to the shop with a stuck choke he wouldn’t get jack **** for it. Repeatedly warmed it (heat gun) and sprayed ACF 50 into the bore for it to soak in. Then having made a choke key from a cheap socket (as you have done), held the bottom tube in a golf shaft clamp and warmed the barrel again I then wiggled the choke with the socket and as yours it came free. Where the luck came in was that the bore and threads were undamaged and all the corrosion was on the choke tube which was duly thrown away.
  11. I am pretty sure from a licensing perspective it needs to running Less than 12 ft/lbs before it comes into the country as it will be deemed an FAC rifle. Once an air rifle is deemed FAC it’s almost an impossibility to get it licensed as sub 12. I would check through your local Friendly RFD and ask if they might get it for you but I am pretty sure I know what the response will be.
  12. Yeah I’ve got a tip (bearing in mind I have now been working full Time with horses for the last 7 years)...... The only way to make a million out of horses is...... spend two million! 🤣
  13. The Burpster

    Clear out

    CanI have the hip flask and Pampaeno belt please? PM sent.
  14. I should’ve thought using Viagra as an example of blood vessel dilation would be more appropriate on this forum.......😂
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