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  1. I feel this is kind of a postcode lottery question in essence. What you are asking for is a 141 variation and will be free. The one stumbling block is (certainly in our county) that unless it’s for target only (and I have even heard of specific requirements off that recently) then you will need to specify which exact caliber as it may need to be cleared on specific permissions. I.e. you cannot just ask for .22rf and get a .22WMR. If you want 6.5CM BA then ask for it. Saves lots of silly phone calls and them thinking you are trying to get one over on them.
  2. Ring Edgar Bros, they will send bits like orings and springs direct. Major parts they will seen to you4 nearest RFD if needed. When I had a Hatstand and it broke I found them very helpful!
  3. As any other firearm on your FAC it depends what you have a need for it for. Personally I wanted something in between sub 12 and rf so am perfectly happy with the 24ft/lbs in .22 that I have. Anything beyond that I would use rf.
  4. Springs will deform over a period of time but this is mostly through use and not being stored in any particularly way (ie compressed or decompressed). My preference is to clear mine and drop the hammer on the closing block as it closes, as GC rightly says above the first thing a that happens when they come out their PJs is to cycle and clear them so it’s kinda pointless leaving it open and has the potential to slam shut on fingers if you fumble when putting in/out the cabinet (if not in a sleeve as mine are!).
  5. There you go again, quoting current policy and reality.... be careful it may become a habit! 😉 Spot-on post BTW...👍
  6. Depends In my experience! some of the Warrant cards I have seen look they were made in Disneyworld and Are easily forged my last one before I retired was so battered you could hardly make out any of the writing on it. If someone is going to go to the trouble of trying to dupe you they will have that angle covered. In today’s world printers that print on plastic are cheap and easily obtainable....
  7. What makes you think a) that an AFO knows anything about sporting firearms? (Believe me they do not! I was on earlies at Newark many years ago when 2 AFOs bought several sporting guns in from a house following the arrest of the owner for Assault, they had no idea one of these shotguns was a Browning grade 5 and one a Perazzi. They also didn’t know how to take them apart so I did it for them). And b) adopting a stance that “you are an incompetent officer, call someone who knows what they are doing” will gain you anything other than a world of pain.... he radios in stating “there is a man here that will not hand his firearm over and I don’t know if it’s loaded!” Will get you a really impressive response I can assure you. Nearly every officer I have known and worked with knows better than to try and do something they are not trained or competent at and if they aren’t confident handling a sporting gun they will request someone who does if it’s needed. As stated above it is well within any Constable’s powers to ask you to hand over your guns, I would seriously suggest you comply otherwise you will be committing an offence. That said in this day and age the only cautionary tale I will add to this is DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES hand over a gun to anyone who is not CLEARLY NOT a Police Officer or has NOT shown you a credible ID (bearing in mind that impersonating Officers is a well known tactic of organised criminals and terrorist sympathisers), if it is a plain clothes officer politely ask them to get a uniformed officer to join them.
  8. Hmmmm it’s not quite as simple as that as cars, people and property are on 3 different databases all within PNC. A vehicle check will give the registered keeper and its current document situation (MOT tax and who is insured to drive it with the cautionary tale that some insurance companies are slow to update some information). People being on a separate DB requires either an educated guess by the inputter or the Officer to provide the persons date of birth to confirm the search (although it’s been a few years since I retired so this may be more efficient now!). It has to be like this as some people are recorded but have no vehicle and not all vehicles have someone driving them that has a record. Even if you have NEVER been in trouble with law enforcement then as soon as you have an SGC/FAC you are given a PNC ID number which shows you as a current licensed holder. The maxim here is simple always be polite and comply if you have done nothing wrong and your interaction will be short and sweet. Give the officers some reasonable suspicion and it will all go tits up very quickly. FYI a normal patrol officer is HIGHLY unlikely to be interested in the fact that you are lawfully carrying firearms if you are. If it’s suspected you are carrying firearms and you are intending to or have done something other than lawful you will be subjected to a ‘hard stop’ involving armed officers. Any officer can ask you what you have with you and what you are using it for, hence I always have a photocopy of my SGC/FAC with me when I am out with them.
  9. The Burpster


    I have the .300 WinMag AI mags in mine as if you use a full length 6.5x55 round it’s too long for a .308 mag.... and yes I have .308 mags for my .22-250 and it’s right.....😉
  10. These are easy enough to work on if you have the correct tools or ability to make them. I have rebuilt two for the same chap at my club. one sub 12 and one FAC. The leaking will be cured by new orings but the indexing is a bit fiddly and faffy, but rewarding when you get it right.
  11. Sizes explained https://www.rem870.com/2016/01/25/shotgun-shells-explained-types-of-ammo-birdshot-buckshot-slugs/ RC sizes in mm below so yes I’d say UK 6 and I’d be happy using them against pigeon or low Pheasant.
  12. Badly affected by wind..... can get them going really quick but they get blown about too easily IMHO. I have settled with 53/55 gr Sierras and mine is as good as it will get with this barrel.
  13. Top job on the Gasser Gordon. Brilliant bikes when they are top form! Always preferred the Betas but still in the right hands - awesome! 👍
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