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  1. It kinda disappears into irrelevance, as whatever the cartridge length the skirt of the wad has to expand to the size of the chamber before being funnelled into the forcing cone which sizes the whole load (pellets and wad) to the size of the bore. So think about the wad sat in the case and then the burn of the powder starts the push. It then pushes the crimp open and starts its journey, at the end of the case the skirt of the wad expands passed the diameter of the now open case and up to the chamber wall. Then it reduces as it travels along the forcing cone until it is the Size of the bore and then a perfect seal until it meets the choke.
  2. The Burpster

    17 hmr

    Yes of course but surely you are not comparing like for like? There are very accurate supersonic .22lr rounds that I would happily shoot in a good barrel up to 100-110yds. There are no .17HMR subsonic rounds of which I am aware so then it’s all about energy down range. I enjoy pest controlling with my mate and his .17HMR, but It is noisey and wind does effect it. I am thinking I may get a .22WMR from which the HMR emerged. One of my ‘keeper mates described it as “a solution to an unknown problem” which FOR ME sums it up. I know lots of folks swear by them and by god they are accurate when set up.
  3. The Burpster

    Now that's nice

    And it was until the advent of the 250LC together with the Aprillia 250 and the KR1S were pretty much responsible for changes in legislation in The UK......😏. 100mph 250s in the hands of learner riders was a recipe for disaster.
  4. The Burpster

    Now that's nice

    Wowser, even rarer......🤩
  5. The Burpster

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    I will Pm you.
  6. The Burpster

    Now that's nice

    Puch Maxi?
  7. The Burpster

    Now that's nice

    Hmmmm it was OK but it never got anywhere near the FS1E speed or handling wise. It was a bit of a wheezy asthmatic compared to the Fiz. There always used to be several kids that reckoned they could easily get 70 out of a fiz but for what I saw, tuning them just made the. Louder not faster! 🤣
  8. The Burpster

    Now that's nice

    There was the Suzuki ap50 and the Fantic caballero...... both Fizzer rivals. It might be a Xs650 engine but looks like a single to me so more likely an XT500 or 550?
  9. The Burpster

    Buying my First Rifle

    I know it’s newish but still make him an offer as I am sceptical he would get 500 on the open market for it. The soft touch is great for a while but be aware they look great when new but have a habit of looking shabby when they get chipped or scraped, just food for thought. Unless you intend to keep It for a long time don’t buy your your first one in haste. It’s not hard work but is a PITA swapping rifles on FAC.
  10. The Burpster

    Buying my First Rifle

    I roughly agree with the sentiment of the above posts. Learning set up and trigger technique with the .22lr is a great way to learn of its abilities and inabilities. Also a great way to learn that all is not as it may seem when it comes to Rimfire ammo. Some cheap units work very well and some expensive ones don’t in certain barrels. Don’t be lulled into the rhetoric of ‘Brand X is awesome in my rifle’ as all barrels are almost as individual as humans, it may be great in theirs rubbish in yours. Always be on the lookout for a new brand to knock the one you are using of its perch, you and your rifle’s accuracy are govened by the ammo you can buy as you cannot reload for rimfire. Ammo for the .17HMR is limited to a couple of bullet weights and a few (at most) makers so while it is a really good round there is nowhere near as much choice as there is for .22lr. Also remember that however good your suppressor is .17HMR still has a pronounced report and as such unless you at a club you could well quickly p!ss off those surrounding you shooting lots of rounds for fun which you need to with your first rifle. Also learn about and set yourself a good cleaning regime ( http://riflebarrels.com/support/22-rimfire-maintenance/ ). As to which rifle? This is a basic question to which there is only one answer..... How much are you willing to spend? CZ are great budget rifles and you can over time ramp them up with all sorts of upgrades that make a real difference there are also quite a few configurations to get your head around. Step up a bit in funds and you open up Tikka, Sako and Anschutz rifles which if looked after properly will outlive you, and perform very well indeed. Don’t forget you may want a scope and mounts and again with these you get what you pay for. Get yourself on Guntrader and spend time looking at the rifles for sale to give yourself a working knowledge of the different types and styles of each rifle and the variation of stocks available....... most of all, enjoy it!
  11. The Burpster

    Red dot/reflex sight

    Have had/used several different types over the years. Red dot go for one like the Burris fastfire (I have 3 of these on Picatinny mounts and happy to drop them on any rifle/shotgun. The down side of these is they depend on a battery to illuminate the dot and it’s a real PITA faff to try and Change one if t goes flat while you are out. Another less obvious downside is the size of the dot which you have to pay a good amount to get small brite crisp ones.🤔 That said I would recommend you look through a Vortex Spitfire x3. I have one of these on my SIG 522 but I use that for Target but also take rabbits and rats with it! It’s sort of like a scope but not. Also has a very useful reticle that would work well with the .308. It’s parallax free and fine enough reticle not to block out a target. you could cowitness mount it so that you could still use open sights/ bead for the 12, that said I have mine on an American defense pic mount to get it very low. Top piece of kit with a lifetime warranty! What’s not to like?
  12. I have .22-250 .308 and 6.5x55. I used to have .270 but since having 6.5x55 the .308 is hardly used and so pleased I changed the .270 to the 6.5. Softer shooting, just as or even more accurate. Larger range of bullets, and deer really don’t care what caliber it is, as long as they don’t hear or feel it and the 6.5 hasn’t left one standing.
  13. The Burpster

    Benelli M1 Super 90

    I have an M3 and know what you mean about the ‘front heavy’, I made a 8oz weight and put it in the stock. Yes it’s adds some weight but if you are shooting a lot quickly (as I do in PSG) then it helps counteract felt recoil. It’s also moves the balance point back toward the action when full and makes it swing much quicker as it empties..... just a thought that might help.
  14. The Burpster

    Treated wheat

    We tried some we were given on a shoot I was captain on quite a few years ago. Fed the squirrels and Corvids well but the birds hated it and I’m sure we lost a lot to a neighbouring shoot as a result. My advice based on experience..... avoid at all cost.
  15. The Burpster

    .17 hmr range

    Several times have set up my shooting mates Sako hmr (he is clumsy🙄). If not too windy, with a decent scope and ammo 150 should be easily achievable if off a bipod or rest. We regularly take them over 100 on his paddocks.