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  1. The Burpster


    I have the .300 WinMag AI mags in mine as if you use a full length 6.5x55 round it’s too long for a .308 mag.... and yes I have .308 mags for my .22-250 and it’s right.....😉
  2. These are easy enough to work on if you have the correct tools or ability to make them. I have rebuilt two for the same chap at my club. one sub 12 and one FAC. The leaking will be cured by new orings but the indexing is a bit fiddly and faffy, but rewarding when you get it right.
  3. Sizes explained https://www.rem870.com/2016/01/25/shotgun-shells-explained-types-of-ammo-birdshot-buckshot-slugs/ RC sizes in mm below so yes I’d say UK 6 and I’d be happy using them against pigeon or low Pheasant.
  4. Badly affected by wind..... can get them going really quick but they get blown about too easily IMHO. I have settled with 53/55 gr Sierras and mine is as good as it will get with this barrel.
  5. Top job on the Gasser Gordon. Brilliant bikes when they are top form! Always preferred the Betas but still in the right hands - awesome! 👍
  6. Depends which one you are looking at.??? The standard 16.5” barrels are OK but not seen a particular accurate one. The Performance Center model that I have played with is very good. Not quite as accurate as my SIG 522 (but I do believe that one is a freak!) but certainly very good for a semi auto. As long as you are not using sub sonics they tend to cycle pretty much everything. So to answer you question, if you can find one that is as accurate as you need for ‘short range bunny bashing’ then it makes no difference what the delivery system is IMO. I have taken rabbits with my SIG but I have to say that is the exception to the generalisation of semi auto rf rifles.
  7. I guess I mostly shoot targets now. Still do odd vermin jobs but mostly target sports. Odd bit of clay pigeon but mostly PSG and Target with the shotguns. Mostly practical rifle and target with the rim fires. Almost entirely target with the cf rifles.
  8. It is a Dolphin stock. 😋
  9. Here’s mine although it has a Nightforce Unimount instead of the Burris rings now and a Hogue AR grip...
  10. Nice one and join the club. I bought mine with a tired barrel and shot it out with a couple of thousand rounds. Then I used the action to build my target rifle with a Lilia barrel. Excellent rifle!
  11. Mk1 FinnFire is arguably the best VFM hunting .22lr rifle ever. Simple.
  12. Yup guess you are right- have shot a .338Lap Sako TRG with one on seemed sweet but wasn’t stood alongside it! 😂
  13. Think of the comments I get with my 6.5x55.......😂
  14. In simple terms yes a muzzle brake deflects the gasses and flame front from pushing passed the projectile to reduce both felt recoil and muzzle flip. In reality it is more effective on artillery as the pressures are considerably higher, and depending on how far the shell is being lobbed there maybe still a considerable amount of burning and expanding left in the charge once it has left the barrel. The ideal for rifles is that the powder is fully burnt before it has left the barrel but this is not always the case so, the expanded gasses and resultant pressure needs to exit the barrel. It is believed that not unlike a jet engine this release of gases contributes to felt recoil, although other arguments I have seen would suggest the most of it has already been produced by accelerating the projectile up to its velocity upon leaving the barrel. As you have observed and felt a good muzzle brake does deflect a considerable amount of energy sideways (and even back with some) and with larger faster rifle rounds every bit can help if target shooting.....
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