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    Flyfishing, shooting, and in a distant past terriers.
  1. 75% Panoma1?? Should that have been applied to the Brexit vote too... Pernod...
  2. Hi mate can you email pics to kitchendavie@yahoo.co.uk. it's for a mate who isn't on the site. Cheers Martin...
  3. That looks a good chair mate. Could you put up details of where you bought it. Cheers..
  4. pernod

    National lottery

    When my old man was alive he described it as an idiot tax. Just his opinion of course. Pernod
  5. Soft mouthed is a good trait in a running dog.(within reason)I'd be more concerned if it was the opposite... just my opinion of course. Pernod
  6. Air rifles are great sport. If you have a perm with some good sitty trees on it, then good bags can easily be had. Its sometimes just a nice peaceful way to spend a morning/afternoon.... pernod
  7. Surely if they want the 'honest' airgun users to comply with this new law, then there would have to be some sort of grace period before gaining a licence. Its just a little bit unjust to inform the public that in a few months they will need a licence, when the application and approval of said licence will take more than a few months. I suggest if the want folk to comply then they make the paperwork and process available.. pernod
  8. I was up visiting family in nairn yesterday. Driving from nairn to inverness there was plenty of pigeon and crows hammering the fields. Might be worth chapping some doors............
  9. pernod

    Is This True

    Great to see those involved in fieldsports sticking together. Not.... the my fieldsport is less cruel than yours brigade are just as bad as antis. Divide and conquer.. lets try not to do the antis job for them. Just my opinion of course. pernod.
  10. Kiteandy stop the guesswork and bull****. Chrono the gun and put results up. shoot a few groups with your accupels at 80ftlb. pernod.
  11. Come on turbo33 give the guy some credit. He has an S10 firing accupels accurately at 80ft lb. im sure he will be along soon with chrono results and groupings.. aye right...... pernod
  12. Kiteandy. Shut up all the doubters. Put up the chrono results and groups you are getting. Im sure it will be a great read....................... pernod
  13. Im sure it wont be his dogs. That ostrich video has been doing the rounds on FB fir ages. Its fimed overseas....
  14. Yes fenboy i dont post much. but i certainly felt the "urge" to respond to your post. i am at present off work, diagnosed with anxiety/depression. Im not going to go into too much detail here but sufficient to say although not a visible ailment it costs me £400 for every week i am unable to work. Unfortunately my employers share the same views as yourself. Perhaps i should give myself a shake and get back to work........ mind you with all my freetime perhaps i can up my post count. pernod
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