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  1. Hi Folks, I bought this and I have never used it other than once or twice for census work at night. Its had virtually no use. I wrecked the previous battery by leaving it fully discharged. Today a new battery has arrived from Cluson (see attached invoice) and it is as blinding as ever. Bumf is below and it is supplied with everything as new but much cheaper !! Grab a bargain ...... 70.00 The 1/2 million candle power economy gun kit is lightweight with a penetrating white beam. Supplied complete with head assembly, canvas 6v 10amp shoulder pack, adjustable shoulder strap, 6
  2. They are also High , I found the dimensions online. 15.00
  3. Gents, having googled Millet Angle Loks, that's what they are !! Thank you .... I still need to sell them
  4. I believe these are Leupold looking at the machining - They came on a scope I bought. Of no use. Any reasonable offer accepted .
  5. Spare Decapping Unit and lots of pins for RCBS Sizing Dies - 6mm ( 240, 243, etc 8.00 delivered.
  6. Eye - Item #:MO20200 - Size 20 Obj - Item # 30440 - Size 44 8.00 each posted or combine price 15.00 delivered.
  7. Includes 2 action screws. Swapped out for after market DM many moons ago and this has been gathering dust. 20.00 posted.
  8. Remington 700 Floorplate Magazine and Trigger Assembly for SA. Trigger pull adjust to 4 lbs if my memory serves me correctly. Replaced by HS precision stock and DM some tseven years ago and this has been collecting dust.....so new. Trigger was replaced by Timmey so all virtually new. 20.00 complete
  9. 200.00 Delivered. Viewing welcome. Butler creeks included also. 7A Reticle. This is fantastic quality glass. 30mm tube and superb low level light and clarity (google for reviews). Selling due to sale of rifle. Supplied with scope covers, box, original sales receipt, Recently refurbished by IOR as the first time I mounted it I left ring marks. Whilst in the factory , they gave a 100 check and topped up the gasses. I have the documentation to support this. Some blurb below. Each Valdada Rifle Scope has an extensive list of features that make them perfect for a wide variety of applications
  10. Boxed with receipts and test certificate. Immaculate. Bikini and butter creek covers provided. 7a reticle superb lowlight - read reviews , viewers welcome. 300.00
  11. Black - new, packaged. Would like to swap for padded leather sling. FYB
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