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  1. I think it was also badged as a Remington 220?
  2. I may get the chance to buy one of these. I believe they are supposed to be one of the best pumps about. Can anyone give me feedback if they have used or owned one? As it is a bottom loader I guess you have to pull the barrel of to clean it, not as easy as a standard pump? How do they handle and what’s the weight? cheers flippers
  3. I am a bit puzzled as to why you want to steel proof it? The gun as it is will shoot standard steel without the need for any re proof. Also if you do want to go ahead and steel proof it I think the only proof for steel is for hp steel? Nice looking gun.
  4. I have never been there but watching Chris greens videos of the area he decoys the Chanel that runs along the marsh and shoots the tide up?
  5. Just catching up with this thread. Like Boyds attempt at super proofing his old AYA sxs, brilliant and he and the gun lived to tell the tale. Can I send my AYA 2.75 chambered Yeoman to you Boyd for proofing for 3 inch!☺️ Just to show you that many of the Spanish made SxS can take a good beating, so to speak, with no harm done, I was on the foreshore and came across a member decoying duck. We were chatting away and as he had a SxS I asked what carts he was using. He produced a 3 inch Lyvale Steel cart, I passed comment that I didn't realise that he had a 3 inch magnum SxS. He looked at me in a puzzled way and said he didn't! I explained the issues of running a 3 inch cart through a 2.75 inch gun and it turned out he had already run a box through to no ill affect to man or gun! I vote for Motty!
  6. The Yeoman is an interesting version! Looks like it should be a 3 inch mag but it's only chambered for 2.75 inch and is stamped as a Yeoman on the barrels. Don't think I have seen another like it, not sure what they thought when they put that one together!
  7. Finished a rare night shift and went straight down the foreshore. Took the old AYA Yeoman and it didn't let me down, a greylag, a pink and a pigeon. Geese were shot with very expensive 36grm No 3 bismuth, the pigeon Eley eco wad No 3 steel 32grm. Taw (my Dog) did a good job finding the grey and pigeon in thick cover. Pigeon wraps for tea and the geese will be burgers, chilli and spag bol! Not long left now. Cheers flipper
  8. Classic stuff Jim and great pic from Edenman
  9. Hi Boyd, would love an AYA No 3 mag but the only one at the local gun shop is very rough and £395! Ladds in Devon have a Berri lux but £450, local guy has a Yiliditz 3.5 wildfowler SxS but asking £600! I am just too tight! Can get the above guns on Holts unsold lots for pennies and they are coming up here in the next few weeks for a valuation day so would have no RFD transfer charges. Haven't seen many of your posts this season. I hope you and Connor have been out and about a bit and no doubt with some success? Cheers Mark
  10. I have been looking on line at these two but can't find much info about the models. I know some of the Zabalas were quite heavy, 8 pounds plus but I don't know if that applies to this model? Any one own one or had one in the past? ZABALA HERMANOS 12-BORE (3IN.) 'MERCURY MAGNUM MODEL 6-1228' BOXLOCK NON-EJECTOR, serial no. 60076, The other one is this LAURONA 12-BORE (3IN.) BOXLOCK NON-EJECTOR, serial no. 165271 any idea on its weight or what they are like? Cheers Mark
  11. Cheers Edenman doubt I will be down your way but if I am I will let you know Thanks
  12. RC are the only ones I know who do a 70mm 36grm steel load, any one know of others?
  13. Thanks for the replies, I didn't realise clay and game did 1KG packages, will contact them tomorrow. Had seen another place supplying but it was a 5kg tub which is way over what I need! Cheers
  14. I posted this in the wanted section a few weeks back but got no response, this is probably the best place for it but admins may move it! Has anyone got half a kilo of no 2 steel shot they could sell me? Tanks Mark
  15. Has anyone got a half kilo of no 2 3.81mm steel shot that they could sell me as I want to pattern a couple of loads? Cheers Mark
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