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  1. I have never drilled a field before but with all the modern technology etc how did the tractor driver get a result like this with several missed passes?
  2. It’s full in one barrel and the previous owner had the other barrel opened up to about quarter. The full barrel patterns any steel I have tested really well. The other opened barrel gives patchy patterns. I would much have preferred that it had not been opened up! In fact I would take full and full any day. If you are looking for info to help make a decision on your own gun my advice is leave the chokes alone, load it with steel and have some fun! Shot plenty of gamebore no 4 steel through mine plus at least a box of no 2 steel, hevi shot 4 and 5 all with no harm to the gun or me!
  3. It was at the back of the engine beneath the starter motor. Watched a few you tube vids as u recommended. One guy did it from the top of the motor blind so to speak. Other did it from underneath so he could see it. I jacked it up and rested it on a large chunk of tree and crawled in under to do it. Not much space. The Hardest part was actually pulling the old one out after releasing the bolt. It had been there 15 years and wasn’t keen to move with out a screw driver to lever loosen it up. Job done though!
  4. Well put a new crank sensor, pain in the butt that job, but all seems to be running sweet😀
  5. I have an old Nissan Almere tino and about 5000 miles ago while in 2 nd gear at low speed it cut out and the engine management light came on. Got a code reader and it said crankshaft sensor fault. Cleared it and it all ran fine until today when at 70 mph it did the same thing. Cleared it and all is fine again. It has done 134000 and had regular oil changes. No rattles from the engine. Is it the sensor or is the cam chain likely to be end of life and stretched? If the latter it’s done for but I rather like it😀
  6. Gentlemen, thank you for the education and advice😃 Off it will remain! cheers Mark
  7. The part in question fell of my rusty Nissan Almera Tino today🤔 it it is a piece of metal that sits on the inner side of the rear disc brake and seems to be some sort of cover over the inside of the disc? The brakes seem to work fine with it gone but what does this “ disc cover” do and do I need to replace it? cheers mark
  8. Shot a crow on Saturday so thought what the heck, better try it! I flash fried a breast and cut a couple of thin slices off. It tasted very nice, not as strong as pigeon but very tasty. However, I don't think I will be eating a pile of them yet as although the taste was fine I could not for the life of me get the image of a stinky crow out of my mind as I ate it! As others have said, I am sure some have eaten it in the past in game pies and stews and not even known it was crow. Give it a try! Cheers Flipper
  9. So there are a few recipes on the internet, but no one on this forum has actually eaten crow? No one owning up yet😀
  10. Does any one eat crow? If so any recipes?
  11. Look at the thread a little down on keeping the SxS going. I am verging toward No3 for the side by side but would use No 2 if available. Of the last two geese I shot on the foreshore last day of the season with No 3 32grm load the first was dead in the air with neck and heart shots. The second came down 100 yards away mortally wounded. The no 3 shot were at their limit. Not all the pellets penetrated all the way through the breast, some did go all the way through and punched through the breast bone into the body cavity, not sure how much energy they had left after that though. On mincing the meat I had several pellets left in the mincer indicating penetration was an issue ? With steel No 1 I would hardly ever get a pellet in the mincer, all pellets would penetrate the body cavity. Cheers
  12. Hi Boyd, Sound advice I think and thanks for that. I was out this morning and only having one expensive Bismuth cartridge left I decided to try a flight with the Eley eco wad 32 grm No 3 steel. I thought the morning was going to be a waste of time as most of the geese were on the other side of the firth in flooded fields and lifted really early and went off upstream rather than crossing over to my side. Anyway I stuck it out and was rewarded with a few skeins heading my way. They were a good height and I dropped the first one dead in the air (much to my surprise and delight!) I let a few marginal ones pass over and had another chance at a good high one just in range, this one planned on a a little before coming down to be retrieved by the dog and knocked on the head. I have yet to process the geese so can't say where I hit either but I suspect with the second bird I was slightly off line as it was sliding side ways a bit in the wind. There was another guy out who is a very good shot (won our club clay comp two years on the trot) and he always shoots 42 grm No 3 steel through his auto, now that's a lot of pellets! and he downs plenty of geese and high geese over the season. So it appears that No 3 does seem to do the job so I may carry on with these. I had seen the RC 34grm No1s and may yet try them but the delivery charge to the Highlands is extortionate! Thanks for all the input every one. Cheers Mark
  13. As some of you may know I have been using the AYA Yeoman 2.75 inch chamber for the last month or so for all of my foreshore wildfowling. The goose cartridge has been a very very expensive No 3 36 gm bismuth at £57 per box. I can't go on with that next season and I would like to keep going with the AYA rather than go back to the pump. My findings with the bismuth are that most of the geese have needed a knock on the head and were not dead in the air as I would have expected using the pump and No1 steel. Now this may not be the cartridges fault but could be my accuracy with the SxS so the jury is out at the moment So if I keep going with the AYA for next season I need to use a more affordable cartridge so I may need to home load. I can get 32grm No 3 steel eley carts at the local gun shop but I am thinking these may be a little light in shot size for fore shore geese so I may have to homeload? Having said that I pick up enough 3 inch No 3 steel empty carts from the foreshore and I know they have been used on geese! What would anyone recommend in homeland or factory cartridges to keep the AYA going without costing an arm and a leg? Cheers Flipper
  14. I think it was also badged as a Remington 220?
  15. I may get the chance to buy one of these. I believe they are supposed to be one of the best pumps about. Can anyone give me feedback if they have used or owned one? As it is a bottom loader I guess you have to pull the barrel of to clean it, not as easy as a standard pump? How do they handle and what’s the weight? cheers flippers
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