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  1. Hi Ross, what you doing with the old M2? Is it a Camo finish? cheers
  2. Plenty of geese this year, best season I have had for geese in the freezer and most shot with an old side by side! Had some ducks but harder to get close to them on the shore. Had a pink this morning down the bay, bloody freezing! Didn't know there were greys down the dump,, I knew there were some local as they have been up behind my house on the grass fields at Leys. Glad to know you have continued with the fowlin! Cheers
  3. The DJ Pinkfoot call is great, get one at Grahams when they open up again. Easy to blow as well.
  4. The SX4 has a known problem of the cocking lever falling out. 1) Are there any fixes? 2) If you buy a new one today has this problem been fixed at source or is it still there? Cheers
  5. This may seem a daft question but how do you tell the difference between a No3 Magnum and a Super Solway? I ask as I have what I thought was a No 3 mag but on looking on the web at images of Super Solways they all have sling studs fitted and my gun also has these so I am questioning my belief that it is a No 3!
  6. Been freezing in Inverness since 30th Dec I think, bar one day. We also have the snow back, 3 or 4 inches covering the fields. Saw a bunch of pinks in a snow covered field, looked a tough job getting much to eat. Shot my last pink on Saturday just gone and it was fit enough as were a few pigeons but will probably leave them alone until a thaw now. Tonight I have a woodcock on the front lawn, it’s trying to dig worms on the green strips that have been revealed where the kids rolled up big snowballs to build a snowman. Would love to feed it something as it looked like it was strugg
  7. A girl who works for me has an Audi Q3. A warning about a bulb out come up on the dash and it was a headlight that had blown so she took it to her local (very good) back street garage and he said he couldn't touch it and it would have to go to the Audi dealer. They took it there today and had to pay £60 just for them to look at the problem and have now been quoted £350 to get the bulb replaced. Apparently it is so expensive as the headlight has to be re coded??? Is this the norm for Audi? Seems absolute madness
  8. Apart from the Zabala which I don’t think is now available new none of the recommended new guns, including the Yildiz Wildfowler has a beaver tail fore end which I think the OP specified as required?
  9. Millrace, I hold it just as you do, there is no other way really! There are no fingers inside the guard. My finger knocks up against the back of the trigger guard.
  10. My AYA mag has the standard bakealite (?) butt plate which is nigh on useless so that certainly doesn't help things. I had a recoil pad fitted to the 2.75 inch AYA some years back and it makes some difference though not a huge amount. The recoil from 36 grm of steel is fairly significant in the magnum but as I don't shoot more than 6 or so in a session then I can live with it. Once the season has finished the plan is to get the gun into a gunsmith and get a decent pad fitted. I assume that a decent smith will remove some wood from the stock so that the stock length remains the sam
  11. They are both semi pistol grips, standard AYA style with beaver tail fore ends, just my loose use of terminology in my last post. They fit well, i am average build and a 14.5 inch stock suits and the cast and drop on the standard stock is good for me, get a good picture straight down the rib and slightly above it, shoots where I point it on paper, clays or birds. If I miss it's me and not the gun!
  12. Thanks for all the replies, I will look up one of the trigger guards on eBay. The gun fit is fine, same as my 2.75 inch AYA Yeoman side by side and I don't have a problem with that gun but then again the loads are a little lighter. What some above have identified and I believe is part of the problem is that the semi pistol grip is definitely slimmer in radius than the pistol grip on the non mag gun. The slimmer grip I think means that it is slipping a little in my hand on the heavier loads and or I need to hold it tighter! Shot a good pink with it this morning so I won't be sto
  13. I have a side by side double trigger and struggle with the heavier loads as my right hand second finger (longest finger) inside knuckle often gets painfully knocked against the trigger guard on firing. I know that this is a fairly common complaint against double trigger side by sides but are there any fixes or work arounds? I have tried a little foam pad on the trigger guard but that seemed to make little difference. Cheers
  14. I like to leave as little plastic on the fore shore as possible, that's why Iike to find the empties. If you look at it logically there is not a great deal of sense to my quest to find the empties as unless I am using a cart with a bio degradable wad then I am leaving a 3 inch plastic wad on the shore anyway so what real difference is it if i leave the case as well. The other silly point is that even if I do find them or take them home if using a non ejector, all I do is put them in the bin and they then go to land fill. If I had "lost" them on the shore then effectively all they
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