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  1. flippermaj

    Forres, Nairn & District Wildfowling Association

    Try basc if no one gets back to you.
  2. flippermaj

    Driving under domestic rules. Info needed

    Think u are still covered by eu working time regs, ie 6 hrs and you must have at least 15 min break and 30 min of break in total. Work more than 9 hrs and breaks must come to 45 min but can be taken in 15 min blocks unlike driving breaks.
  3. flippermaj


    4 very small ones from the shore in skye on sunday
  4. flippermaj


    Kicks hiflyer extra full on a sxp and sx3. Great patterns
  5. flippermaj

    Lincoln Wildfowler chokes

    Does anyone know what make of after market chokes the Lincoln Wildfowler takes, I have Kicks Hi Flyer chokes already but will they fit the threads?
  6. flippermaj

    Lincoln Wildfowler chokes

    Does anyone know what make of after market chokes the Lincoln Wildfowler takes, I have Kicks Hi Flyer chokes already but will they fit the threads?
  7. flippermaj

    Lincoln Wildfowler 12 gauge

    Oooops..........tanks for pointing that out!
  8. flippermaj

    Lincoln Wildfowler 12 gauge

    Is this a camo model 3.5 inch chambers?
  9. flippermaj

    Bank Holiday Double Ton

    I don’t even get that number in a season! Not many birds in inverness Shire!!! quick question on why you now use steel shot, is it because you supply the pigeons to falconers? I would be happy to use steel but I don’t think there is a fibre wad steel cart and I am not keen to leave plastic wads scattered about the field. I have heard stories of stock eating them and coming to harm but how truthfull these events are I am not sure. your weekly updates are a great read for the pigeon less north so thanks for your weekly instalments.
  10. flippermaj

    Dogs fighting

    At the moment we are managing the situ. Any time the older dog starts to growl he gets told off and sent back to his bed in the utility room, younger dog stays in the kitchen out of the way of his own accord. They now get fed separately, older one outside younger one inside. The growling still occurs but is when they both come into the utility room from being out and about. Usually settles down and they are then happy together, even playing at times. If the older one starts to growl again the young one always tries to escape the situ by hiding under the kitchen table or moving to the other end of the room. The vet gave advice and said that we should still try and treat the older dog as the top dog as that is what he wants to be and the young one is happy to defer to the older one so we are doing that, she also said to make sure the older one gets plenty of attention as he is probably feeling left out. Cone off and stitches out so we will see where it goes from here!
  11. flippermaj

    Dogs fighting

    Ok Cheers for that
  12. flippermaj

    Dogs fighting

    Hi Percee, Whats the specific issue with cockers? Cheers
  13. flippermaj

    Dogs fighting

    Ok so it's getting worse now! The older dog had a go at the young one in the car on the way back from roost shooting. The younger one put a small cut above the older dogs eye but it seemed ok so left it. Today old one was in the house while young one went out with the kids in the garden. They all came in and old one had another go at young one, result is that original cut is now bigger and swollen so of to the vets and £200 lighter for it. Old dog comes back from the vet and starts growling and having a go at young one again. Young one scared and trying to keep out of the way. Can't see any more options than trying the castration route for the older one.
  14. flippermaj

    Hay or straw

    The straw was rubbish. Hay binds together nicely, straw was far too loose so didn’t use it.
  15. flippermaj

    Dogs fighting

    They still go at it but I am trying to let the older dog know he is in the wrong. The young one is still scared of the older one half the time then they play half the time! I think the older dog is also just hacked off with the younger bouncy dog in his space plus his eyesight is not what it was and we do wonder if he has a bit of dementia. Cheers for asking