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  1. A daft question maybe but............ cleaning any pump or auto I would wrack it back and run a bore snake through the barrel. can you do this with a browning bps as it is bottom feed and not side feed or do you need to take the barrel off to clean it? cheers flipper
  2. Don’t get many pigeons up our way but two of us did manage 20 on rape stubble and it was shot the next day and the guy got 26 so in some circumstances they will come back to the field the next day.
  3. Still waiting for Cascamite to arrive so ended up using PVA. Its a bit of a rough repair but seems to have worked. Managed 13 pigeons today which is good going up here so can't complain. Dale at ASI was very good. If I had wanted to get a brand new foreand then that's £800 plus!!!!! so another gun would have been a cheaper option! Cheers for all the help.
  4. Gorilla grip. One part has to be damp is that pu?
  5. Toooooo late! Used gorilla glue before everyone said do not. Right balls up. Managed to undo the glue as not fully set so now waiting for cascamite. ☹️
  6. Stupidly I have dropped the beavertail forend of my AYA and knocked a splinter of wood off the end. I am currently trying a glue repair but if this fails what are my options? Can a new one be made? Can one from another gun be fettled to fit? Help needed!!!! Cheers Flipper
  7. Ditchman, if you are right the question is why would they eat that when there is plenty of barley wheat and rape seed to eat. Would seem a strange choice of diet?
  8. I was expecting a deep fried mars bar reply from at least some one😀
  9. Shot this pigeon today in the North of Scotland. It had access to barley, wheat and rape but it’s crop was full of this. Never seen this before and can’t work out what it is? Any ideas? It’s like the stalk of a plant all chopped into 1 inch lengths.
  10. Hi Ross, have you been up and down the a9 under the average speed cameras at more than 50 ish?
  11. Is the L200 classed as a LGV and subject to 50mph speed limit on A roads? Are all pick ups in the same position? Cheers Mark
  12. It is indeed interesting that other organisations can offer legal expenses insurance eg CPSA and CCC3. However what we don't know is how often or how much they paid out on these policies? Easy to take some ones money for legal expenses if at the end of the year you haven't paid out for a case or only a handful? Just a thought.
  13. Hi Connor, Look i I have always been and still am pro basc although you sure are making my job harder! I am the secretary of a wildfowling club that at the moment is basc affiliated and has been for decades. I now have emails from members demanding we part from basc over this. So at the moment that’s 80 plus membership fees that will go and my club can’t be the only one where members feel the same? You seem to be shooting yourselves in the foot here. Could cover be reinstated please? Could it be made an optional extra for those prepared to pay? Help me help
  14. I have never drilled a field before but with all the modern technology etc how did the tractor driver get a result like this with several missed passes?
  15. It’s full in one barrel and the previous owner had the other barrel opened up to about quarter. The full barrel patterns any steel I have tested really well. The other opened barrel gives patchy patterns. I would much have preferred that it had not been opened up! In fact I would take full and full any day. If you are looking for info to help make a decision on your own gun my advice is leave the chokes alone, load it with steel and have some fun! Shot plenty of gamebore no 4 steel through mine plus at least a box of no 2 steel, hevi shot 4 and 5 all with no harm to the gun or me!
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