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  1. flippermaj

    AyA Yeoman sbs

    Excellent guns, I have a slightly different model , has a semi pistol grip and beaver tail fore end, shot all sorts with it from Canada’s to woodcock.
  2. flippermaj

    wooden priests

    Hi there, are these weighted with lead or something similar or is it just wood? also can you give me an idea of their length? looking for something as have been priest less since I lost a treasured stag horn priest that was lead filled and great for knocking the geese on the head as well as the fish. cheers flipper
  3. flippermaj

    Love the fog

    Not sure what caused the issue but stripped everything and gave the bore a good scrub with the bronze jag thingy in the gun cleaning kit. Normally just run a bore snake through it twice after every outing and that’s all it gets as it’s a pump!
  4. flippermaj

    Love the fog

    Not very often I post on here but regularly read everyone elses post so about time I put something back I was greeted by a nice thick fog this morning so off to a spot that shoots well for the geese under such rare conditions. I was also keen to see how the SXP pump fared after my last outing when it locked solid, (see my thread in the Guns and Equipment section). Settled in behind the seawall and could hear the geese close by and far off on the mud and when the fog lifted a little I could see 100 or so about 150 yards out, the rest where still hidden by the fog that then dropped back down again. 20 mins latter a bunch of pinks lift from the mud to circle back into the bay and crossed the seawall in their arc back to the mud offering a nice easy chance. As is the way with an easy chance I missed fist bird, missed second one, but thankfully dropped he 3rd one. What an amateur! Years since I have had to fire 3 shots at anything. Things settled down and some 15 mins later the birds start to flight. I can hear them coming but can't see them, closer and closer the sound of flighting geese gets until finally there they are 25yrds up and looming out of the fog right on my line. A nice left and right and before I have time to pick the two birds I can hear the next lot coming. Tuck down into the cover again and it's a repeat performance with another left and right. 5 geese down which is plenty enough for me so sleeved the gun even though there were plenty of geese still to come off the mud, back at the car by 0815! As for the pump, performed flawlessly with the shells from the same box as the other day when it all locked up which is good as I do like it!
  5. flippermaj

    SXP pump jammed up

    It was fairly clean but the outing two days before had been out on the mud so harsh conditions. On looking at the chamber it had a few dirty patches so gave it a run through with a (bronze?) jag so will see how it goes from there. Was going over to Gamebores soon anyway once the Lighting No 1's are finished Cheers for the replies
  6. flippermaj

    SXP pump jammed up

    Kraai, how bad did it get with yours? Is this the start of a slippery slope?
  7. flippermaj

    SXP pump jammed up

    Can't believe it but managed to jam my SXP pump solid this morning, locked up solid after firing. I have just started using Eley Lighting shells and am half way through the box with no issues until this morning. First shot first pink, went to cycle it and it was locked solid, had to strip it completely in the mud and out dropped the spent cartridge from the chamber where it was fired. Put in some 32grm gamebore carts and cycled fine, put in another Eley and after firing it racked back but fired cart was still in the chamber! Pointed the gun upright and out it dropped. I have fired all sorts through this gun with no issues until this morning. The second cart that didn't come out of the chamber properley but allowed me to rack the pump back had the brass ripped as in the picture. Has anyone had any issues like this or know whats going on? Cheers
  8. flippermaj

    Removing Winchester SXP stock

    Thanks for all the help everyone. cheers
  9. flippermaj

    Removing Winchester SXP stock

    The stock on my SXP is getting slightly loose so I took the but pad off and expected to find a bolt head that I could tighten. Instead it is held on with a bolt that has an allen key type head. How do you get to this with an allen key as it is way down in the stock? Is there some long extension allen key that I can buy or do I need to make something up? Any one know what size the allen key is? Cheers
  10. flippermaj

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    I can sell you a nice AYA Yeoman with a pistol grip☺️!!!!
  11. flippermaj

    36 grm steel recipe for 70mm case

    Hi there, Does anyone have a recipe for a 36 grm steel load in a 70 mm case? cheers
  12. flippermaj

    How reliable are cvt boxes

    Title says it all, driven a few but don’t like the driving experience. Dodgy left knee means I may now have to buy one so how reliable are cvt boxes as the internet gives mixed info. cheers
  13. flippermaj

    3” chambers for fowling?

    Hi Hal, where was the aya you were looking at? Cheers. Mark
  14. flippermaj

    Forres, Nairn & District Wildfowling Association

    Try basc if no one gets back to you.
  15. flippermaj

    Driving under domestic rules. Info needed

    Think u are still covered by eu working time regs, ie 6 hrs and you must have at least 15 min break and 30 min of break in total. Work more than 9 hrs and breaks must come to 45 min but can be taken in 15 min blocks unlike driving breaks.