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  1. Dogs fighting

    Ok Cheers for that
  2. Dogs fighting

    Hi Percee, Whats the specific issue with cockers? Cheers
  3. Dogs fighting

    Ok so it's getting worse now! The older dog had a go at the young one in the car on the way back from roost shooting. The younger one put a small cut above the older dogs eye but it seemed ok so left it. Today old one was in the house while young one went out with the kids in the garden. They all came in and old one had another go at young one, result is that original cut is now bigger and swollen so of to the vets and £200 lighter for it. Old dog comes back from the vet and starts growling and having a go at young one again. Young one scared and trying to keep out of the way. Can't see any more options than trying the castration route for the older one.
  4. Hay or straw

    The straw was rubbish. Hay binds together nicely, straw was far too loose so didn’t use it.
  5. Dogs fighting

    They still go at it but I am trying to let the older dog know he is in the wrong. The young one is still scared of the older one half the time then they play half the time! I think the older dog is also just hacked off with the younger bouncy dog in his space plus his eyesight is not what it was and we do wonder if he has a bit of dementia. Cheers for asking
  6. Todays Roost Shooting

    Two pinks this morning and 5 pigeons for 5 shots in the wood this evening so I am well pleased. I hardly get any pigeons this far north, 8 is the best I have ever had on a roost shoot so 5 is a great bag and far better than last week when I never even got a shot
  7. Hay or straw

    I have always used hay in the duck nesting tubes we have. However I have been given some straw, is it any good for the tubes? cheers flipper
  8. Dogs fighting

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks like he will keep his nuts which is a good thing as he is 13 and I didn't want to put him through that! Interesting what Walker570 says, implying that basically I have not been dominant enough. There may be some mileage in this as I have let the dogs have a go at each other in the hope that they would sort out some dominance order themselves but this hasn't happened. Maybe I should wade in now and lay down the law 100% Thanks for the advice Cheers Flipper
  9. Dogs fighting

    I have two cocker dogs, one is 2yrs old and the other 13yrs. The older dog has started growling and intimidating the younger dog, the younger dog will try and avoid the conflict but if picked on will fight back and beats the older dog, they are now drawing blood when they fight but 5 mins later will be best buddies.. The older dog continues to act aggresively to the younger one. It appears to be jealousy based fighting. I am thinking that I might have to castrate the older one to stop the fighting? Does anyone have any other options and would castration be of any benefit? Cheers Flipper
  10. Rucksack or gamebag.

    I use both, if I want to go light and am not expecting much of a bag the game bag is taken. If I am expecting a few geese or several duck then the rucksack as the weight is more evenly distributed so doesn't do my back in and it's just easier all round if you have any weight to carry back.
  11. Benelli nova or supa nova v win sxp

    I was a bit worried about the extra weight of the Nova but I guess you get used to it? Thanks for the feedback so far.
  12. I have a win sxp but fancy trying a benelli nova. has any one used both and if so what’s the feed back comparing them? cheers mark
  13. Problem with a Mazda diesel

    I had a similar fuel starvation years back on an old petrol engine Renault 5. Took ages to track the problem down but it turned out to be the petrol cap to the fuel tank. The vent hole had become blocked so after some miles of running the vacuum built up in the tank as there was no air flowing in to replace the used fuel. Cheap replacement fuel cap fixed it.
  14. Chris green and his pump gun

    Hi Motty, only watched it it once so far but liked it all bar the naff bit on Canada’s inland over the pond where the Welsh guy was how would you say, not a natural for the camera and the guns involved were very poor shots from what I could see. the stuff on the Tay has been done before on his other dvds but I like to see the Tay any time, good replay of him missing the greylag with the 8 bore, useful for new shoots as it shows the need to pull through an on coming bird. poole harbour canoe boat stuff all done before but as it’s an area I don’t know and a style of shooting I don’t do happy to see it again. Interesting observation on the crop content of one of the ducks he shot. your ground featured well, shame the very first flight it was too dark to see the action with the pinks. Good to see the mud and gutters of the foreshore for real as opposed to just reading about it. The trailer for the dvd showed you, Chris and another walking back along the sea wall with some birds, the other had a side by side over his shoulder, I think, but didn’t appear in the dvd if I remember rightly, would have liked to have seen him in action with the sxs. The section with you jules and some others at the end again showed shooting the like of which doesn’t exist in my area so it was good to see it for real and the action and filming was very good. the bit on reloading by jules was a sort of hit and miss, it showed the reloading process in action but didn’t go into any detail, it may warrant a more detailed section on any future dvd. a couple of questions for you! Out on the foreshore you where using your ou but on the flooded washes your semi, my guess is that the ou is more reliable in the mud? chris didn’t shoot on your epic flight, is that coz he was fed up with the pump? I noticed in the final frames where you have the bag laid out he is holding a gun but it looks like the triple he used on the last dvd? Cheers
  15. Chris green and his pump gun

    Hey Boyd, I recon you should make a dvd or two!!! cheers flipper