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    shooting, cars, computers, target shooting, fishing, going out,<br /><br /><br />hates - smoking, drinking, pubs, give me the fresh air anyday

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  1. Hi I have a firearms ticket do u need a air gun licence to buy .22 pellets?
  2. His does anyone on here shoot rabbits on a golf coursee ifor so pls pm me with how much you get per year as I have aquire a golf course and there asking me what is my fee and I don' know where to start help
  3. Hi guys need advice from someons that's fitted a t bar to a jimny where to drill the hole plz
  4. i'll take the full if u will split plz oops need to know what my shotgun takes its a baretta 686 is that mobil or optima
  5. want the timing light plz need that been looking for one for ages and will you split the flaring tools as i have a sykes pickavant flaring tool but my on car one is usless that one u have looks quite sturdy and easy to use
  6. hi guys how do i know if my chokes are mobil or optima i have a 686 baretta
  7. hi guys im looking for a full choke for a 686 plz any out there im sure it has the number 1 on it
  8. this gun is still for sale i messed it up started again now it seems to be listed on see other items grrrrrrr
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